Sadie may refer to:

Given name


  • Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander (1898-1989), second African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in the United States and first African-American woman to practice law in Pennsylvania
  • Sadie Ama (born 1987), English R&B singer born Mersadie Louise Hall
  • Sadie Benning (born 1973), American video maker, visual artist and musician
  • Sadie Bjornsen (born 1989), American cross-country skier
  • Sadie Bonnell (1888-1993), British ambulance driver and winner of the Military Medal
  • Sadie Coles (born 1963), British art dealer
  • Sadie Peterson Delaney (1889–1958), American librarian who pioneered bibliotherapy
  • Sarah Louise Delany (1889-1999), American author, educator and civil rights pioneer
  • Josephine Earp (1860-1944), common-law wife of American Old West lawman Wyatt Earp
  • Sadie Farrell (fl. 1869), American criminal, gang leader and river pirate also known as "Sadie the Goat"
  • Sadie Frost (born 1965), English actress, producer and fashion designer
  • Sarah Sadie Irvine (1885-1970), American artist and educator
  • Sadie Jones (born 1967), English writer and novelist
  • Elizabeth Holloway Marston (1893-1993), American psychologist
  • Sadie Miller (born 1985), English actress
  • Sadie Kneller Miller (1867-1920), early American woman sports journalist
  • Sadie Grant Pack (1877-1960), first counselor in the general presidency of the Primary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Sadie Plant (born 1964), British philosopher, cultural theorist and author
  • Sadie Robertson (born 1997), Duck Dynasty reality television star


  • Sargent Perry Sadie Houck (1856-1919), American Major League Baseball player
  • John Joseph Sadie McMahon (1867-1954), American Major League Baseball pitcher


Fictional characters


Other uses

  • Sadie (dog), a Laborador Retriever that received the Dickin Medal in 2007
  • SADIe, a statistical method for spatial analysis: Spatial Analysis by Distance IndicEs