The sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race began airing February 24, 2014. Like the fifth season, the season featured 14 contestants competing for the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar". For the first time in the show's history, the season premiere was split into two episodes; the fourteen queens are split into two groups and the seven queens into each group compete against each other before being united as one group for the third episode. The winner of this season was Bianca Del Rio.

Santino Rice and Michelle Visage are back as judges at the panel. Two new pit crew members, Miles Moody and Simon Sherry-Wood, joined Jason Carter and Shawn Morales.[2] The winner of this season won a prize package that included a supply from Colorevolution Cosmetics and a cash prize of $100,000.[3] This was also the first season where Absolut Vodka and Interior Illusions, Inc. were not sponsors for the show, more specifically for the Untucked episodes. The Interior Illusions Lounge is now simply known as the Silver Lounge or FormDecor Lounge. The theme song played during the runway segment every episode was "Sissy That Walk" while the song playing during the credits is "Dance With U", both from the album Born Naked.


The drag queens who competed to be "America's Next Drag Superstar" for season six of RuPaul's Drag Race are:

(ages and names stated are at time of contest)

Trinity K. BonetJoshua Jones22Atlanta, GAHIGHHIGHBTM2SAFEBTM2HIGHHIGHELIMGuest
Laganja EstranjaJay Jackson24Van Nuys, CASAFESAFESAFEBTM2SAFEWINELIMGuest
Gia GunnScotty Ichikawa23Chicago, ILSAFESAFESAFEELIMGuest
April CarriónJason Carrión24Guaynabo, PRHIGHBTM2ELIMGuest
VivaciousOsmond Vacious40New York, NYBTM2ELIMGuest
Magnolia CrawfordReynolds Engelhart28Seattle, WAELIMGuest
Kelly MantleKelly Mantle37Los Angeles, CAELIMGuest
     The contestant won RuPaul's Drag Race.
     The contestants were the runners-up.
     The contestant was voted Miss Congeniality by viewers.
     The contestant won a challenge.
     The contestant was one of the best but did not win the challenge.
     The contestant was one of the worst but was not in the bottom two.
     The contestant was in the bottom two.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant did not participate in this episode.
     The contestant returned as a guest for the finale episode, but was not in the running for the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar".


  • Episode 7 featured the show's third non-elimination.
  • Bianca Del Rio & Courtney Act were the fourth and fifth contestants in the show's history to reach the finale without being in the bottom two.
  • Bianca Del Rio is the first and only contestant to date to make it through the season without ending up in the bottom two or receiving a low score in any of the main challenges, and the second to win the overall season without being in the bottom two.
  • Episode 13 featured highlights and unseen footage from the previous 12 episodes.


EpisodeBottom TwoSongEliminated
1Kelly Mantlevs.Vivacious"Express Yourself"
Kelly Mantle
2Darienne Lakevs.Magnolia Crawford"Turn The Beat Around"
(Vicki Sue Robinson)
Magnolia Crawford
3April Carriónvs.Vivacious"Shake It Up"
(Selena Gomez)
4April Carriónvs.Trinity K. Bonet"I'm Every Woman"
(Chaka Khan)
April Carrión
5Gia Gunnvs.Laganja Estranja"Head to Toe"
(Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)
Gia Gunn
6Milkvs.Trinity K. Bonet"Whatta Man"
(Salt-n-Pepa with En Vogue)
7BenDeLaCremevs.Darienne Lake"Point of No Return"
8Joslyn Foxvs.Laganja Estranja"Stupid Girls"
Laganja Estranja
9Adore Delanovs.Trinity K. Bonet"Vibeology"
(Paula Abdul)
Trinity K. Bonet
10Adore Delanovs.Joslyn Fox"Think"
(Aretha Franklin)
Joslyn Fox
11BenDeLaCremevs.Darienne Lake"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
(Kelly Clarkson)
12All remaining contestants:
Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake
"Sissy That Walk"
Darienne Lake
     The contestant was eliminated after their first time in the bottom two.
     The contestant was eliminated after their second time in the bottom two.
     The contestant was eliminated after their third time in the bottom two.
     The contestant was eliminated after the final lip-sync of the season, involving all remaining competitors.


  • Bianca del Río and Courtney Act became the fourth and fifth contestants in the series to never be in the Bottom 2 [alongside Nina Flowers (Season 1), Tyra Sánchez (Season 2) and Alaska Thunderfuck (Season 5)].
  • Bianca del Río became the second contestant in the history of the series to win it without having to lipsync for her life in any episode previous to the finale (as Tyra Sánchez did in Season 2).
  • Darienne Lake and BenDeLaCrème became the only case in the series when two queens lipsync for their lives against each other two times (episodes 7 and 11).
  • Episode 7 resulted in a non-elimination.
  • Darienne Lake is the second contestant in the shows history to be eliminated after lip-syncing four times (a previous feat by Coco Montrese in Season 5). She was on the bottom three times, and was eliminated in a final four lip sync against Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, and Courtney Act.

Guest Judges

(In alphabetical order by stage name and/or last name)[3]

Additional guest appearances this season include


Episode One: RuPaul's Big Opening

Airdate: February 24, 2014

At the beginning of the episode, seven contestants are introduced: Adore Delano, April Carrión, BenDeLaCreme, Gia Gunn, Kelly Mantle, Laganja Estranja and Vivacious. RuPaul then announces to the queens that the season premiere will be split into two episodes; those first seven queens will compete against each other in the first part, and the remaining seven will compete against each other in the second part. The mini-challenge for this week was a photoshoot that consisted of jumping off a small platform into a foam-filled container and taking a picture mid-air. Laganja Estranja was declared the winner. This week's main challenge was to design a high-fashion outfit using materials inspired by a TV show. As the winner of the mini-challenge, Laganja Estranja could assign the TV show:

ContestantTV show
Adore DelanoHere Comes Honey Boo Boo
April CarriónDuck Dynasty
BenDeLaCremeThe Golden Girls
Gia GunnKeeping Up with the Kardashians
Kelly MantleDownton Abbey
Laganja EstranjaDancing with the Stars
VivaciousGame of Thrones

During the runway critique, BenDeLaCreme is praised for her outfit and her look. April Carrión is also given good critiques for her outfit and RuPaul is glad that she decided to not wear pants as she originally intended. Kelly Mantle, Vivacious and Adore Delano are all critiqued for their lackluster outfits, but only Kelly Mantle and Vivacious land in the bottom two. BenDeLaCreme was declared winner of the main challenge. Before announcing the winner, RuPaul specified that there would be no immunity granted throughout the season, unlike previous seasons. After the lipsync, Vivacious stayed, and Kelly Mantle was asked to sashay away.

  • Guest Judges: Adam Lambert & Mike Ruiz
  • Mini-Challenge: Jumping off a platform photoshoot
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Laganja Estranja
  • Main Challenge: Designing an outfit inspired by a TV show
  • Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme
  • Main Challenge Prize: Custom jewel package by Fierce Drag Jewels
  • Bottom Two: Kelly Mantle & Vivacious
  • Lip Synch Song: "Express Yourself" by Madonna
  • Eliminated: Kelly Mantle
  • Farewell message: "Love u girlz! Rock your Pussies! XOXO Kelly Mantle P.S. Eat my Bacon!"

Episode Two: RuPaul's Big Opening Part 2

Airdate: March 3, 2014

At the beginning of the episode, the remaining seven contestants are introduced: Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, Joslyn Fox, Magnolia Crawford, Milk, and Trinity K. Bonet. RuPaul then reveals that the first half of the queens have already competed against each other, and one has already gone home. The mini-challenge for this week was a photoshoot that consisted of a boudoir pillow fight with each queen and the Pit Crew. Trinity K. Bonet was declared the winner. This week's main challenge was to design a high-fashion couture outfit using materials inspired by party supplies. As the winner of the mini-challenge, Trinity K. Bonet assigned each girl one of the party supply boxes:

ContestantParty Supplies
Bianca Del RioLuau Party
Courtney ActRepublican Party
Darienne LakeSt. Patrick's Day Party
Joslyn FoxQuinceañera
Magnolia CrawfordHoedown
MilkToga Party
Trinity K. BonetPrincess Party

During the runway critique, Bianca Del Rio and Milk are praised for their outfits. Milk took a risk by wearing a goatee but was commended for her boldness. Trinity K. Bonet was praised for her outfit after removing a cardboard shoulder piece referred to as a pizza-box by the judges, and Courtney Act was critiqued for a simple outfit. Joslyn Fox is encouraged to edit her styling choices. During her critique, Magnolia Crawford is defensive to all of the judges and complains about the supplies she was assigned to create her look. Darienne Lake joins Magnolia Crawford in the bottom two. Bianca Del Rio was declared winner of the main challenge. After the lipsync, Darienne Lake stayed, and Magnolia Crawford was asked to sashay away.

  • Guest Judge: Khloe Kardashian
  • Mini-Challenge: Boudoir pillow fight with the Pit Crew
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Trinity K. Bonet
  • Main Challenge: Designing an outfit inspired by party supplies
  • Challenge Winner: Bianca Del Rio
  • Main Challenge Prize: $2,500 Shopping Spree from Fabric Planet
  • Bottom Two: Darienne Lake & Magnolia Crawford
  • Lip Synch Song: "Turn the Beat Around" by Vicki Sue Robinson
  • Eliminated: Magnolia Crawford
  • Farewell message: "ZOMG! Love you girlie girls! xoxo - Magnolia"

Episode Three: Scream Queens

Airdate: March 10, 2014

At the beginning of this episode, the queens from last week are introduced to the contestants from week one, before all 12 queens participate in this week's mini-challenge; to pair up with a queen not in their original group and perform a beach-themed lip-sync in pairs, with one queen as the top half and the other as the bottom. Adore and Milk win the challenge and are made team captains for this week's main challenge - to star in two scenes influenced by horror movies; one from the 1960s and one from the 1980s. Both Adore and Milk pick the queens from their original groups and whilst Team Milk is given the 1960s movie, Team Adore is given the 1980s. During the main challenge, although Trinity has some shaky moments, all of Team Milk perform well. On the other hand, Team Adore has several problems, with April coming off as "boy" as opposed to butch, Adore and Vivacious stumbling over their lines and DeLa accidentally talking over some of the other queens during their lines.

Team Milk
in "Drag Race Me to Hell"
Team Adore
in "Drag Race Me to Hell 5"
Bianca Del RioMrs. BatesApril CarriónButch Real Estate Agent
Courtney ActMrs. HitchcockLaganja EstranjaYoga Instructor
Joslyn FoxBettyGia GunnBecky
Trinity K. BonetSlutty SallyAdore DelanoHeather
MilkCrazy MotherBenDeLaCremeCrazy Mother
Darienne LakeScary Head in a BoxVivaciousScary Head in a Box

On the main stage, the queens are asked to "slay the runway" in their best drag. Team Milk won the challenge, with Darienne being named the overall winner for her hilarious performance. During the judges critiques, whilst DeLa and Laganja are commended for being the better parts of Team Adore, April, Vivacious and Adore are all criticised for their performances. Santino noted that DeLa would have potentially won the challenge had she been on the winning team. In the end, despite poor leadership, Adore's star quality, potential and funny 1980s-themed performance (despite not knowing all of her lines) saves her from the bottom two which leaves April and Vivacious to lip-sync. After a high-energy performance by both queens, Ru asks April to stay and Vivacious to sashay away.

  • Guest Judges: Lena Headey & Linda Blair
  • Mini-Challenge: Create a beach themed lip sync in pairs
  • Mini-Challenge Winners: Adore Delano and Milk
  • Main Challenge: Star in horror film trailers for "Drag Race Me to Hell"
  • Runway Theme: Best Drag
  • Challenge Winner: Darienne Lake
  • Main Challenge Prize: 5-night stay at Island House Key West Resort
  • Bottom Two: April Carrión & Vivacious
  • Lip Synch Song: "Shake It Up" by Selena Gomez
  • Eliminated: Vivacious
  • Farewell message: "Girls you will be missed. Take the world by storm, educate the masses. Get it, rearrange it, internalize it. Turn it. - Vivacious"

Episode Four: Shade: The Rusical

Airdate: March 17, 2014

In this week's episode, the Queens are challenged to sing, dance and act in a performance of Shade - the Rusical. For the mini-challenge, the Queens are shown pictures of various body parts and asked if they are from a "biological" or "psychological" woman (a drag queen). Adore and DeLa win the challenge and are made team captains for the main challenge. During rehearsal, several of the queens encounter problems, notably Trinity, who panics over her performance and becomes annoyed with both the choreographer and Bianca. Several of the other queens also have problems with their singing.

Act One
Team BenDeLaCreme
BenDeLaCremeShady Lady
Courtney ActGood Penny
Bianca Del RioPageant Queen
Trinity K. BonetPageant Queen
Gia GunnComedy Queen
Darienne LakeComedy Queen
Act Two
Team Adore Delano
MilkLes Mizabella
Adore DelanoBad Penny
April CarriónBertha
Laganja EstranjaSamantha
Joslyn FoxAmanda
Listed in order of the competitor's first line in Shade: The Rusical.[4][5]

On the main stage, the queens perform Shade - the Rusical and then come decked out in their best Tony Awards glamour. This week, although the queens performed in teams, they are critiqued as individuals. Adore receives praise for her performance although her dress is criticised by Santino, while Michelle comments negatively on her silhouette (not cinching). Courtney Act is also praised for her performance and star quality, along with DeLa. On the other hand, Trinity is criticised for not enunciating properly and getting her lines lost, Darienne is accused of fading into the background and April is told that she did not embody her "big girl" role, which was meant to be a showgirl and not just about padding. Courtney Act wins the challenge and Trinity and April lip-sync. Ru compliments both queens on their strong performance before saving Trinity and asking April to sashay away.

  • Guest Judges: Lucian Piane & Sheryl Lee Ralph
  • Mini-Challenge: Female or She-male?
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Adore Delano and BenDeLaCreme
  • Main Challenge: Performing live in the original production of Shade: The Rusical!
  • Runway Theme: Tony Award Realness
  • Challenge Winner: Courtney Act
  • Main Challenge Prize: 2 VIP packages to the Broadway musical Kinky Boots
  • Bottom Two: April Carrión & Trinity K. Bonet
  • Lip Synch Song: "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan
  • Eliminated: April Carrión
  • Farewell message: "Love you girls, Echa' pa' lante, See you soon ♡ April"

Episode Five: Snatch Game

Airdate: March 24, 2014

The queens compete in a star-studded TV game show that showcases their celebrity impersonations. With guest judges comedian Heather McDonald and actress Gillian Jacobs.

QueenCelebrity Impersonation
Adore DelanoAnna Nicole Smith
BenDeLaCremeMaggie Smith
Bianca Del RioJudge Judy
Courtney ActFran Drescher
Darienne LakePaula Deen
Gia GunnKim Kardashian
Joslyn FoxTeresa Giudice
Laganja EstranjaRachel Zoe
MilkJulia Child
Trinity K. BonetNicki Minaj

This week saw the return of the fan-favorite "Snatch Game" challenge, and on the runway, the queens wore their best 'RuPaul' inspired looks. In the workroom, BenDelaCreme's choice to portray actress Maggie Smith is met with skepticism from RuPaul, while Ru is unimpressed by Gia's initial choice to portray singer Selena. Realizing the choice could land her in the bottom, Gia made a last-minute change to portray Kim Kardashian instead. On the main stage, Courtney, Darienne, Joslyn and Trinity were all declared safe. Within the top three, Adore and Bianca were both praised for their strong performances in the Snatch Game, and Adore was complimented for her silhouette (cinching), however, both queens were criticised for their looks, which the judge's felt failed to embody the "RuPaul" theme. DeLa's portrayal of Maggie Smith, along with her RuPaul dress were deemed the best and she was declared the winner of the challenge. Gia, Laganja and Milk were all criticized for their poor impersonations in the Snatch Game. Gia was accused of not being funny, while Milk's decision to portray "Male RuPaul" on the runway received very mixed feedback. However, Milk was declared safe, leaving Laganja and Gia in the bottom two. During the lip synch, although both queens put in a strong performance, Laganja's unique style kept her in the competition, and Gia sashayed away.

  • Guest Judges: Gillian Jacobs & Heather McDonald
  • Main Challenge: Snatch Game
  • Runway Theme: "A Night of a Thousand Ru's"
  • Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme
  • Main Challenge Prize: 2 Couture outfits from Syren Latex
  • Bottom Two: Gia Gunn & Laganja Estranja
  • Lip Synch Song: "Head to Toe" by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
  • Eliminated: Gia Gunn
  • Farewell message: "Bring out the big Gunns dudes. xoxo Gia Gunn"

Episode Six: Oh No She Betta Don't!

Airdate: March 31, 2014

This week, the Queens were challenged to channel their inner 1990s rap goddess in a performance of "Oh No She Betta Don't". The mini-challenge saw the queens "read" (or insult) their fellow competitors. Ru names Darienne the winner and she picks Laganja, Adore, Bianca and Courtney to form her team, confusing and annoying DeLa, who wondered as to why she wasn't picked. The queens then are challenged to dress in their best 1990s rapper realness and write their own verse to perform in the "Oh No She Betta Don't" music video, watched over by rappers Trina and Eve. Several of the queens struggle during the shoot and stumble over their raps, and although many end up giving a good performance, Trinity and Darienne notably struggle the most.

Ru-Tang Clan
(No team captain)
Joslyn Fox
Trinity K. Bonet
The Panty Hos
Team Darienne Lake
Laganja Estranja
Darienne Lake
Bianca Del Rio
Adore Delano
Courtney Act
Listed in order of appearance in Oh No She Better Don't music video.[6]

For this week's runway, the Queens walk in their best "CrazySexyCool" outfits showing off their favourite body part. Courtney, Laganja and DeLa are all called safe, although Ru warns Courtney that she is resting on being pretty and needs to step it up. During the judges critiques, Joslyn is praised for her improvement and giving an impressive rap but her look is criticized for being too busy. Adore's performance is also praised but Michelle comments again on the length of her skirt. Bianca is complimented on both her pretty look and rap performance. On the other hand, Trinity is criticized for letting the challenge get the best of her, while Darienne's simple runway look also attracted negative reviews. Though Milk is complimented on her unique style and energy, both her runway look and look for the challenge are criticized for being unpolished and inaccurate. Adore is named the winner of the challenge, while Trinty is left to lip-sync against Milk. Although Milk brings some unique features to her performance, Ru saves Trinity again and asks Milk to sashay away.

  • Guest Judges: Eve & Trina
  • Mini-Challenge: "Reading is Fundamental"
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Darienne Lake
  • Main Challenge: Rap battle in teams to "Oh No She Betta Don't"
  • Challenge Winner: Adore Delano
  • Runway Theme: Crazy, Sexy, Cool
  • Main Challenge Prize: Collection of custom-made jewelry
  • Bottom Two: Milk & Trinity K. Bonet
  • Lip Synch Song: "Whatta Man" by Salt-n-Pepa with En Vogue
  • Eliminated: Milk
  • Farewell message: "It's Milkin' time! ♡ you girls! Big + scary forever (drawing of cow udders)"

Episode Seven: Glamazon by Colorevolution

Airdate: April 7, 2014

For this week's mini challenge, the girls were tasked with bedazzling their hands and modelling fruits and vegetables, with Laganja being named the winner. Ru then placed the girls into groups for this week's main challenge: to come up with commercials for Ru's new cosmetic line, "Glamazon", which targeted specific demographics. During the main challenge, all of the groups suffered some problems. Adore and Laganja performed well but had trouble keeping in sync. Bianca struggled trying to bring the confidence out of Trinity, but in the end both queens performed well. Darienne and DeLa struggled with the tension between them as well as with their unusual concept based around plastic surgery. Courtney and Joslyn also had problems with their cues.

Adore Delano & Laganja Estranja
Mean Girls
BenDeLaCreme &
Darienne Lake
Cougars, Mature Ladies
Bianca Del Rio &
Trinity K. Bonet
Glamorous Working Girls
Courtney Act &
Joslyn Fox
Hot Mamas

For their main stage presentation, the queens were asked to dress in their best black and white outfits. During the judges critiques, Adore and Laganja were praised for their funny commercial but Laganja's outfit was criticised. Trinity and Bianca's commercial also was well received and their synergy as team members was also praised. On the other hand, DeLa and Darienne's concept was seen as confusing and distracting from the product, whereas Courtney and Joslyn were criticised for not identifying the product quickly enough. Joslyn's look was also criticised for being too similar to her outfit last week which was not well received and DeLa was accused of hiding behind a "showgirl" character. Adore and Laganja won the challenge and Darienne and DeLa were asked to lip-sync. After a strong performance, Ru initially saves Darienne, before shocking everyone and also saving DeLa, declaring that she wanted to give DeLa the opportunity to show more.

  • Guest Judges: Leah Remini & Lainie Kazan
  • Mini-Challenge: Designing nails and hand modeling fruits and vegetables
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Laganja Estranja
  • Main Challenge: Record an infomercial for Rupaul's Glamazon cosmetics
  • Runway Theme: Black & White Drama
  • Challenge Winners: Adore Delano & Laganja Estranja
  • Main Challenge Prize: Skincare products from Lather
  • Bottom Two: BenDeLaCreme & Darienne Lake
  • Lip Synch Song: "Point of No Return" by Exposé
  • Eliminated: No one
  • Farewell message: None

Episode Eight: Drag Queens of Comedy

Airdate: April 7, 2014

The mini-challenge this week involved the queens decorating their chins to perform a lip-sync number upside down. Joslyn wins the challenge and is given the task of deciding the order that the queens will perform in this week's main challenge; to write and perform a stand-up comedy routine in front of a live audience of mostly senior citizens. Darienne Lake goes first and impresses the judges with her funny routine. She is followed by Courtney Act, whose routine is described as average but she is complimented for playing to her strengths and including a song. Adore Delano goes next and is critiqued for her routine having too much swearing in it as well as being accused of letting her personality carry her through another challenge, which causes her to break down and express her desire to be in the competition and show the judges what she is made of. The next queen to perform is BenDeLaCreme, whose jokes are described as intelligent but is criticised for her speedy delivery, her "showgirl" runway look and reliance on a character. Laganja Estranja receives very negative critiques, with her routine being described as dull and hidden behind an emotionless façade. Ru also takes her to task for not believing in her own star power and letting helpful critique get the best of her when she becomes defensive. Ru gets emotional when praising Trinity for finally standing up to her insecurities and delivering a strong, funny performance without letting self-doubt get the best of her. Joslyn performs next and is criticised for her routine starting strong but dramatically fading as well as for putting herself before Bianca, a comedian. Bianca is last on stage and receives glowing critiques, with all the judges agreeing that she excelled all aspects of the challenge. This leads Bianca be named the winner whilst Joslyn and Laganja are asked to lip-sync. After a high-energy performance, Ru saves Joslyn whilst reminding Laganja to own her stardom before asking her to sashay away.

  • Guest Judges: Bruce Vilanch & Jaime Pressly
  • Mini-Challenge: Lip-synching to a RuPaul song upside down
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Joslyn Fox
  • Main Challenge: Performing a stand-up comedy act in front of a live audience
  • Challenge Winner: Bianca Del Rio
  • Main Challenge Prize: A one-of-a-kind gown designed by Marco Marco
  • Bottom Two: Joslyn Fox & Laganja Estranja
  • Lip Synch Song: "Stupid Girls" by Pink
  • Eliminated: Laganja Estranja
  • Farewell message: "xoxo, Ganja"

Episode Nine: Drag Queens of Talk

Airdate: April 14, 2014

This week's challenge involved the queens channelling their inner talk show host by guest-hosting The RuPaul Show and interviewing Chaz Bono and Georgia Holt. During the main challenge, Adore's nerves got the better of her and she stumbled over her questions several times. Bianca gave a good interview but focussed solely on Chaz and ran out of time before she could ask Georgia any questions. Trinity interviewed next and also struggled, forgetting Chaz Bono's name and asking irrelevant questions. On the other hand, after asking Ru for advice earlier in the workroom, Courtney focussed on being friendly and approachable which led her to give a charming and well done interview. Darienne also struggled with nerves but her fun personality carried her through. Like Courtney, DeLa performed well in the interview, notably by combining both parts of her character and her own personality and doing her research. Joslyn was the last to interview and started strong before making Georgia uncomfortable by asking a very personal question (abortion views). For their main stage presentation, the queens were asked to channel their inner "animal". During the judges critiques, both Adore's outfit and her interview were criticised. Trinity also was called out for being nervous and calling Chaz the wrong name, when she was calling him Chad, but her outfit received acclaim. Joslyn became emotional when being confronted about her inappropriate questions and her heartfelt apology was appreciated by Georgia, who praised her performance before then. However, the judges criticised her outfit choice again. Both Darienne and Bianca received mixed feedback, with Bianca noting her problems with time-keeping and Darienne being surprised when called out for her nerves during the challenge. On the other hand, whilst DeLa was praised for stepping away from her character, becoming more endearing and doing her research, Ru declared Courtney the winner of the challenge for her strong performance. Adore and Trinity were named as the bottom two and performed a high-energy lip-sync to "Vibeology" by Paula Abdul. Although both queens performed well, Ru saved Adore whilst asking Trinity to sashay away, but not before praising her for her progress during the competition.

  • Guest Judges: Chaz Bono, Georgia Holt & Paula Abdul
  • Mini-Challenge: "Hung Men" hangman challenge
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme
  • Main Challenge: Guest hosting The RuPaul Show and interviewing celebrity guests
  • Runway Theme: Animal Kingdom Couture
  • Challenge Winner: Courtney Act
  • Main Challenge Prize: Wig wardrobe from Outfiters Wig and a one-year haircare supply from Aquage
  • Bottom Two: Adore Delano & Trinity K. Bonet
  • Lip Synch Song: "Vibeology" by Paula Abdul
  • Eliminated: Trinity K. Bonet
  • Farewell message: "Be cool, Be nice, Be you. xoxo TKB"

Episode Ten: Drag My Wedding

Airdate: April 21, 2014

For this week's mini-challenge, the queens were challenged to use their bodies to create abstract paintings representing marriage equality. Bianca wins and is given the task of assigning each queen a bride-to-be for this week's makeover challenge. However, in a twist, it is revealed that the queens will be making over the grooms into blushing brides, not the brides themselves. In the workroom, Adore panics about not being able to sew and Joslyn struggles with her brides aversion to doing drag because of his profession. Darienne also encounters problems when her couple decide they want a gothic-themed wedding and she cannot find any appropriate material.

QueenDrag Daughter/Bride
Joslyn FoxBradonna Fox
Courtney ActRien Act
Bianca Del RioFifi Del Rio
Darienne LakeAnn Drogyny
Adore DelanoHoney Bun Delano
BenDeLaCremeSuzette à la Mode

On the main stage, the queens walk the runway dressed as their brides' mothers. During the critiques, Joslyn is criticized for the proportions of her bride's dress as well as his metallic-looking makeup. Both Adore's personal look and her bride are also heavily criticized. Courtney is accused of upstaging her bride with her personal look while Darienne's goth-themed bride did not land with all the judges who also criticize her personal look. On the other hand, both Bianca and DeLa receive positive critiques for their makeovers. In the end, Ru names Bianca the winner of the challenge and asks Joslyn and Adore to lip-sync. Adore gives an impassioned performance and she is saved again while Joslyn sashays away.

  • Guest Judges: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
  • Mini-Challenge: Do abstract paintings using their bodies in honor of marriage equality
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Bianca Del Rio
  • Main Challenge: Transform grooms into brides for a wedding
  • Challenge Winner: Bianca Del Rio
  • Main Challenge Prize: Trip for two to Hawaii
  • Bottom Two: Joslyn Fox & Adore Delano
  • Lip-Sync Song: "Think" by Aretha Franklin
  • Eliminated: Joslyn Fox
  • Farewell message: "Forever Sisters: Keep It Foxy! Love Your Guts! Joslyn ♡"

Episode Eleven: Glitter Ball

Airdate: April 28, 2014

For this week's mini challenge, the queens make puppets of each other and parody their behavior. DeLa is named the winner and gets to assign each queen a jewelry color for this week's main challenge, a pageant of jewelry inspired couture where the queens must pull out three looks:

  • Banjee Girl Bling
  • Platinum Card Executive Realness
  • Dripping in Jewels Eleganza themed around their jewelry color.
Courtney ActRuby/Red
Bianca Del RioSapphire/Blue
Darienne LakeTopaz/Yellow
Adore DelanoDiamond/White
BenDeLaCremeRose Quartz/Pink

During the workroom visit, Ru questions Darienne on how she's going to step it up and voices his concerns to DeLa about the fact that she hasn't won a challenge since the Snatch Game. Adore becomes emotional when questioned by Ru, voicing her frustrations with her lack of sewing ability along with her determination to surprise the judges and make the top three. RuPaul then adds a twist to the challenge; the queens must also perform a lip-sync opening number with DeLa (the mini-challenge winner) as the choreographer. On the main stage, the queens walk the runway in their three outfits. During the judges critiques, Adore is the only queen to receive universally positive reviews, with the judges praising her performances during her runway presentations. DeLa's executive look is criticised for not fitting the challenge specification whilst her eleganza look is accused of being too similar to her past looks. Bianca is also criticised for her eleganza look being too similar to previous looks as well as for not surprising the judges, although Bob Mackie praises her polish. Courtney Act is, once again, accused of resting on pretty and needing more shape to her body and Darienne is criticised for her looks not fitting the brief and the fit of her eleganza gown. After the critiques, Ru asks each queens who should be eliminated. All the queens name Darienne, including herself whilst getting emotional and accepting that she missed the mark on this week's challenge. Courtney names both Adore for falling down in recent challenges as well as Darienne. After the judges deliberation, Ru names Adore the winner and asks DeLa and Darienne to lip-sync. Darienne's emotional connection to the song causes Ru to save her for the third time and DeLa sashays away.

  • Guest Judges: Bob Mackie & Khloe Kardashian
  • Mini-Challenge: Make a caricature of their own peers with a puppet
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme
  • Main Challenge: Design three outfits for the Glitter Ball: Banjee Girl Bling, Platinum Card Executive Realness, and Dripping in Jewels Eleganza
  • Challenge Winner: Adore Delano
  • Main Challenge Prize: A costume from Kicka Custom Design
  • Bottom Two: BenDeLaCreme & Darienne Lake
  • Lip-Sync Song: "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" by Kelly Clarkson
  • Eliminated: BenDeLaCreme
  • Farewell message: "Dear top 4- howz it going? I'm doing pretty good. Sometimes you have to have Mama Ru yell atcha a bunch of times before it sinks in. I guess I never reached that number of times, Darian. I knew the second I was up against you i waz out the door. You get it lady. I wish you all the luck in the world and only harbor enough resentment to write a long pointless message that you will have to clean and clean and clean and clean. But fo real tho you girlz are my heroes. XX BDLC"

Episode Twelve: Sissy That Walk!

Airdate: May 5, 2014

For this week's main challenge, Michelle Visage comes in the work room announcing to the remaining contestants that the final challenge will be in two parts. First, they will star in RuPaul's music video Sissy That Walk, and then act in two acting scenes. Choreographer Jamal Sims makes a guest appearance for this week's episode, teaching the contestants the choreography for the music video. As in each Drag Race series finale, RuPaul also sat down with each queens for a kiki about the competition. Mathu Andersen also makes a guest appearance for this week's episode, directing the contestants in the acting scenes. On the runway presentation and during the critiques, each queens receive mostly good feedback for their presentation on the runway and during the music video as well as in the acting scenes. As a result, for the first time in Drag Race history, RuPaul asks the remaining four contestants to lip-synch on Sissy That Walk at the same time. At the end of the lip-synch, RuPaul asks Darienne Lake to sashay away. The final three is announced, consisting of Adore Delano, Bianca Del Rio and Courtney Act. Similar to what happened for the previous two seasons, RuPaul asks the public to decide who "America's Next Drag Superstar" should be, and that the winner will be announced during the reunion episode. Bianca Del Rio marks the first contestant in Drag Race history to reach the finale without being one of the worst or being in the bottom two throughout the competition.

  • Special Guests: Mathu Andersen and Jamal Sims
  • Main Challenge: Starring in RuPaul's music video Sissy That Walk as well as in two acting scenes
  • Lip Synch Song: "Sissy That Walk" by RuPaul
  • Eliminated: Darienne Lake

Episode Thirteen: Countdown To The Crown

Airdate: May 12, 2014

This week's episode takes a look back on the highlights, low-lights, and previously unseen footage from the season using various countdowns. In addition, past contestants Alaska, Jinkx Monsoon, Jujubee, Latrice Royale, Manila Luzon, Raja, Raven, Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Sharon Needles (impersonating Michelle Visage), and Tammie Brown also appeared, giving their opinions on the season and the contestants.

Episode Fourteen: The Finale

Airdate: May 19, 2014

Wigs fly as the queens discuss the drama of the season. Plus, both "America's Next Drag Superstar" and "Miss Congeniality" are crowned.

  • Miss Congeniality: BenDeLaCreme
  • Runners Up: Adore Delano & Courtney Act
  • Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season Six: Bianca Del Rio


After use of the term "Shemale" in the "Female or She-male?" challenge of episode 4 led to complaints over transphobic slang, Logo temporarily removed the episode from all platforms and will no longer use "You've got she-mail" as the mini-challenge intro.[2] Episode 4 was eventually put back up on streaming services without the "Female or She-Male?" mini-challenge segment.


In this season the theme song for the series remains unchanged from the original season, only being condensed to a shorter length to allow for more show time. As in previous seasons, while RuPaul enters walking the runway before the judging each episode his song "Cover Girl" plays; an instrumental version of the song continues to play while he introduces the judges and celebrity guests. The main musical change-up of the season comes during the runway while each contestant struts, modeling their looks. As in each previous season the song changes to promote more album and/or single sales for RuPaul. The song this season played during the segment is "Sissy That Walk", from RuPaul's album Born Naked. Also from the album "Dance with U" plays at the end of each episode while the remaining queens dance on the runway, exiting the stage.

Born Naked essentially serves as a soundtrack for the season. Its release coincided with the season premiere, primarily for promotional reasons. However in the time just after Logo's release of the season 6 "Meet the Queens" interviews, which announced and introduced the season's cast, an album entitled The CoverGurlz was released digitally presented by RuPaul, meant to promote the upcoming season. The single "Oh No She Better Don't" was also released during the season.

"Oh No She Better Don't"

Following the airing of episode six, RuPaul & DJ ShyBoy released the single "Oh No She Better Don't," along with its music video made during the episode's main challenge, online. The song and video feature RuPaul and all of the queens still standing as of episode six.


In episode six, the cast was broken up to form two rap groups. Darienne Lake won the mini challenge, so she was given the ability to choose four contestants to form her group. For her own group she chose Laganja Estranja, Bianca Del Rio, and Adore Delano and Courtney Act as they appeared on "American Idol" and "Australian Idol" respectively. Leaving BenDeLaCreme, Joslyn Fox, Milk, and Trinity K. Bonet to form the opposing group. Darienne, Laganja, Bianca, Adore, and Courtney formed the group "The Panty Hos." BenDeLaCreme, Joslyn, Milk, and Trinity named their group "Ru-Tang Clan," a play on words referencing the Wu-Tang Clan. For the challenge, BenDeLaCreme took on the stage name "Creminem" after rapper Eminem. The queens were directed by guest judges Eve and Trina.

It was announced in the episode that DJ ShyBoy would produce the song. The queens were responsible for writing their own lyrics. Though the queens filmed their music video for the episode, their vocals were recorded in an unknown studio off camera. It is unknown who wrote RuPaul's part in the song.[8]

Music video

The music video was filmed and produced during the episode. It was at least partially directed by female rappers Eve and Trina as they advised the queens during the filming.[8] However the video was primarily directed and produced by World of Wonder, the same company that produces "Rupaul's Drag Race". The video was released to YouTube on World of Wonder's account on April 2, 2014, two days after the single's release,[2] but was aired on Logo during the episode before the episode's judging portion.[8]

Release and track listing

On March 31, 2014, the song became available on iTunes.[2]

  • iTunes single
  1. "Oh No She Better Don't" (featuring The Cast of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6) – 2:42

RuPaul Presents: The CoverGurlz

RuPaul Presents: The CoverGurlz is a 2014 compilation album by entertainer RuPaul, featuring the season 6 cast of his show RuPaul's Drag Race. The album was released on January 28, 2014.[10][2] The album was only released digitally to iTunes and Amazon.[10][12]


This album marks the first time in RuPaul's Drag Race history that an album has been produced with all the contestants of the season featured in it. Though winners and top-three contestants have been given the chance to collaborate with RuPaul either on a song[a] or by performing in one of the artist's music videos, respectively.

The compilation consists of 14 covers of songs previously released by RuPaul, performed by all of the RuPaul's Drag Race season 6 contestants. It features tracks originally from RuPaul's albums Champion and Glamazon, as well as his extended play SuperGlam DQ, and the 2013 non-album single "Lick It Lollipop". The album also features an outtake from Champion entitled "Let's Turn the Night", reproduced with new vocals by Jason Carter and Miles Davis Moody of the RuPaul's Drag Race pit crew. April Carrión's cover of "Sexy Drag Queen" also features Jipsta from the original version of the song.[b][12]

As promotion for both the season's contestants and the, then, upcoming season, each contestant is also featured in a short music video for their cover ending with a montage of clips from their respective audition tapes.[2] World of Wonder also produced a music video for the pit crew's song "Let's Turn the Night",[2] which also promoted RuPaul's, then, recently released fragrance Glamazon, released as part of a limited edition make-up line with Colorevolution Cosmetics.[2]

Release history

Before the compilation's release, RuPaul confirmed on Twitter that a new album, in which each of the Season 6 contestants covered a song from his catalog, would be coming out.


The week of release the compilation album debuted at number 6 on the iTunes Dance album chart.[16]

Track listing

(All writing credits adapted from the liner notes of the albums the songs originally appeared.)

1."Let's Turn the Night" (featuring The Pit Crew)3:40
2."Ladyboy" (featuring Gia Gunn)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
3."Tranny Chaser" (featuring Joslyn Fox)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
4."I Bring the Beat" (featuring Vivacious)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
5."Superstar" (featuring Adore Delano)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
6."Click Clack (Make Dat Money)" (featuring Bianca Del Rio)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
7."Destiny Is Mine" (featuring Milk)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
8."Devil Made Me Do It" (featuring BenDeLaCreme)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
9."Lick It Lollipop" (featuring Darienne Lake)
10."Glamazon" (featuring Magnolia Crawford)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
11."Main Event" (featuring Kelly Mantle)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
12."Champion" (featuring Courtney Act)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
13."Jealous of My Boogie" (featuring Laganja Estranja)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
14."Cover Girl" (featuring Trinity K. Bonet)
  • RuPaul Charles
  • Lucian Piane
15."Sexy Drag Queen" (featuring April Carrión with Jipsta)
  • RuPaul Charles
Total length: