Rosy is a given name or nickname and, more rarely, a surname. It may refer to:


Given name

  • Rosy Afsari (1946?–2007), actress in the Bangladeshi film industry
  • Rosy Akbar, Fijian politician who assumed office in 2014
  • Rosy Armen (born 1923), French singer of Armenian descent
  • Rosy Lamb (born 1973), expatriate American sculptor and painter
  • Rosy Parlane, male electronic musician from New Zealand
  • Rosy Pereira (born 1951), Indonesian-Dutch pop singer, half of the duo Rosy & Andres

Nickname or stage name

  • Maria Rosaria Rosy Bindi (born 1951), Italian politician and current President of the Antimafia Commission
  • Rosalyn Rosy Buchanan (born 1961), Australian politician
  • James Rosy McHargue (1902–1999), American jazz clarinetist
  • Rosa Rosy Ocampo (born 1959), Mexican television producer and director
  • James Roosevelt Roosevelt (1854-1927), American diplomat and half-brother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Rudy Rosatti (1895-1975), American National Football League player
  • William Rosy Ryan (1898-1980), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Bernadine Rose Rosy Senanayake (born 1958), Sri Lankan politician, activist and beauty queen
  • Rosy Varte (1923-2012), French actress born Nevarte Manouelian
  • Rosalie Rosy Wertheim (1888–1949), Dutch pianist, music educator and composer


  • Maurice Rosy (1927-2013), Belgian comics writer and artistic director of Spirou
  • P K Rosy (1903-1988), Indian Malayalam actress

Fictional characters