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Rock Sound is a British magazine which covers rock music. The magazine aims at being more "underground" and less commercial, while also giving coverage to more well-known acts. It generally focuses on pop punk, post-hardcore, metalcore, punk, emo, hardcore, heavy metal and extreme metal genres of rock music, rarely covering indie rock music at all. The tag-line "For those who like their music loud, extreme and non-conformist" is sometimes used. Although primarily aimed at the British market, the magazine is also sold in Australia, Canada and the United States.


The British edition of Rock Sound was launched in March 1999 by the French publisher Editions Freeway. The magazine was bought out by its director, Patrick Napier, in December 2004. The magazines offices are in London. Separate titles with the same name have been published under the same umbrella company in France since 1993,[67][4][5] and in Spain since 1998.[68][69]

The magazine is known for including a free CD in most issues, which has tracks from bands' new albums that have not been released as singles. These are now normally called '100% Volume' or 'The Volumes', but in the past compilations were also called 'Music With Attitude', 'Bugging Your Ears!', 'Sound Check' and 'Punk Rawk Explosion'.[8] Buyer reaction has been very negative when there has been talk of turning the CD compilation into a digital compilation. Sometimes whole albums are included with the magazine, particularly from bands wanting to gain exposure, including Futures' debut album The Holiday in March 2010, and Burn The Fleet's debut album The Modern Shape in May 2012.[9]

The first issue was published in April 1999. Issue 2 featured British band Reef on the front cover, and later issues 3 and 8 featured Terrorvision and Foo Fighters respectively. In July 2011 a host of "Through The Years" articles were written to celebrate the 150th issue of the magazine.[10]



The magazine had a circulation figure of 15,005 from January to December 2010 auditored by ABC. This includes 10,162 sales in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and 4,843 from Other Countries.[12] The same auditing body said the magazine had a slightly lower circulation figure of 14,227 from January to December 2011, with sales of 10,053 from the United Kingdom and Ireland, and 4,174 from Other Countries.[13] The majority of sales come from newstrade, with some coming from subscriptions.

The main rival to the magazine in Britain is Kerrang! because of the similar types of music both magazines cover. However, Kerrang! is released weekly and does not usually provide as much coverage to more alternative bands, to new and upcoming bands, nor to the British rock scene.

Album of the Year

At the end of every year the magazine lists their favourite 75 albums released in the previous twelve months.

Hall of Fame/Throwback

Occasionally Rock Sound adds a new album to its Hall of Fame. The main criteria is thought to be influence - even within a particular genre - and for that reason many of the albums have been commercially successful as well as critically successful because they have then gone on to influence large numbers of bands or the music scene. Thus this differs from the Yearly Top Albums lists which do not take influence into account. In each article there is normally an interview with band members, a commentary on the album's release, a look at its initial success, and reaction from other musicians as well. In some of the newer issues this section had been renamed to "Throwback".

Cells left-aligned, table centered
AlbumArtistNationalityYearIssueGuest Writer
The Shape of Punk to ComeRefused
27 October 1998#136, June 2010[67]
JupiterCave In
8 August 2000#138, August 2010[67]Jacob Bannon of Converge
10 May 1994#139, September 2010[67][67]Gustav Woods of Young Guns
SmashThe Offspring
8 April 1994#140, October 2010[67]Frank Turner
White PonyDeftones
20 June 2000#142, December 2010[4]
Jane DoeConverge
4 September 2001#145, March 2011[4][4]Winston McCall of Parkway Drive
Queens of the Stone AgeQueens of the Stone Age
22 September 1998#146, April 2011[4]
Hello RockviewLess Than Jake
6 October 1998#149, July 2011[4]
Casually Dressed & Deep in ConversationFuneral for a Friend
20 October 2003#151, Summer 2011[4]
Tell All Your FriendsTaking Back Sunday
26 March 2002#152, September 2011[4]
Relationship of CommandAt the Drive-In
12 September 2000#153, October 2011[4]
From Under the Cork TreeFall Out Boy
3 May 2005#155, December 2011[4]
New Found GloryNew Found Glory
26 September 2000#158, March 2012[4]
The Artist in the AmbulanceThrice
22 July 2003#159, April 2012[5]
Good MourningAlkaline Trio
13 May 2003#160, May 2012[5]
Start SomethingLostprophets
2 February 2004#161, June 2012[5][5]Aled Phillips of Kids In Glass Houses
Ideas Above Our StationHundred Reasons
20 May 2002#162, July 2012[5][5]Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari, Frank Turner
Suicide SeasonBring Me the Horizon
29 September 2008#164, Summer 2012[5]Sam Carter of Architects
A Fever You Can't Sweat OutPanic! at the Disco
27 September 2005#165, September 2012[5]Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy
Mike Ferri of We Are the In Crowd
The UsedThe Used
25 June 2002#166, October 2012[5]Chris Pennells of Deaf Havana
The Young and the HopelessGood Charlotte
30 September 2002#167, November 2012[5]
Alive or Just BreathingKillswitch Engage
21 May 2002#168, December 2012[68]Matt Heafy of Trivium
15 March 2005#171, March 2013[68]
What It Is to BurnFinch
12 March 2002#172, April 2013[68]
The BronxThe Bronx
26 August 2003#173, May 2013[68]
Love MetalHIM
14 April 2003#174, June 2013[68]
InfestPapa Roach
25 April 2000#175, July 2013[68]
Tomorrow Come TodayBoysetsfire
1 April 2003#176, August 2013[68]
As the Palaces BurnLamb of God
6 May 2003#177, Summer 2013[68]
Bleed AmericanJimmy Eat World
24 July 2001#178, September 2013[68]
Take to the SkiesEnter Shikari
19 March 2007#179, October 2013[68]
Miss MachineThe Dillinger Escape Plan
20 July 2004#180, November 2013[69]
Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of MadnessCoheed and Cambria
20 September 2005#181, December 2013[69]
Gutter PhenomenonEvery Time I Die
23 August 2005#184, March 2014[69]
12 March 2002#185, April 2014[69]
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored WaterLimp Bizkit
17 October 2000#186, May 2014[69]
A Place in the SunLit
23 February 1999#187, June 2014[69]
The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait for Something WildSikth
18 August 2003#188, July 2014[69]
8 March 1994#189, August 2014[69]
Punk in DrublicNOFX
19 July 1994#191, September 2014[69]
Hollow CrownArchitects
26 January 2009#192, October 2014[69]
Slaughter of the SoulAt the Gates
14 November 1995#193, November 2014[8]
Get SomeSnot
27 May 1997#197, March 2015[8]
Follow the LeaderKoЯn
18 August 1998#198, April 2015[8]
22 August 2006#202, August 2015[8]
Nothing PersonalAll Time Low
7 July 2009#203, Summer 2015
The Gift of GameCrazy Town
9 November 1999#204, September 2015
Menace to SobrietyOPM
15 August 2000#205, October 2015
This War Is OursEscape the Fate
21 October 2008#206, November 2015
AnthologyAlien Ant Farm
6 March 2001#207, December 2015
The Best in TownThe Blackout
25 May 2009#210, March 2016
Nightmare AnatomyAiden
4 October 2005#211, April 2016
26 September 2006#212, May 2016
Ocean AvenueYellowcard
22 July 2003#213, June 2016
Billy TalentBilly Talent
16 September 2003#214, July 2016

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