The Robb Report is an American, English-language, luxury-lifestyle magazine featuring products — including automobiles, real estate and watches — for affluent buyers.


The Robb Report, originally titled Twentieth Century Confederates, was founded in 1976[2] by Robert L "Rusty" White as a newsletter to sell his personal collection of Civil War memorabilia and Rolls-Royce automobiles.[3] White distributed his newsletter to members of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club as mimeographed loose-leaf pages, and he provided a suede three-ring binder to paying subscribers. The publication matured into an advertorial, one of the first of its kind, catering to affluent clientele. The blend of advertising and editorial was broadcast to high-end, affluent consumers via advertisements in Architectural Digest.[3]

In 2002, the "Robb Report" brand was sold for US$150 million to CurtCo Media, after which CurtCo was renamed Curtco Robb Media LLC; TD Capital financed part of the acquisition. The Robb Report has partnered with Bespoke Collection to develop auction items for Auction Napa Valley.[4] In 2014, Robb Report was acquired by Rockbridge for $60 million.[5]


In addition to featuring luxury products, the magazine also suggests travel plans, routinely mentioning many wealthy communities including Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, and La Jolla, California, along with Scottsdale, Arizona; Palm Beach, Florida; and Greenwich, Connecticut.

International editions

International editions include the Robb Report Arabia, Robb Report Russia,[6] Robb Report Kazakhstan, Robb Report Turkey,[6] Robb Report China,[6] Robb Report Brazil,[7] Robb Report Spain, Robb Report India, Robb Report Vietnam, Robb Report Singapore, Robb Report Thailand, Robb Report Malaysia, Robb Report Korea, Robb Report Mexico. In April 2016 UK edition of Robb Report was launched.,[2] and for October 2016 Robb Report Germany has been announced.

Management and headquarters

Brett Anderson is the magazine's editor in chief and a senior vice president. David Arnold is the magazine's group publisher and a senior vice president.

Its headquarters are located Malibu, California.

Other publications

A number of other magazines are also published under the Robb Report brand including Collection and Home & Style.

Investments product

On July 30, 2007, the magazine, through Claymore Securities, introduced an exchange-traded fund (ETF), the Claymore/Robb Report Global Luxury Index ETF (NYSE: ).[8] Claymore closed the fund and liquidated its assets in September 2010.[9] The fund tracked a stock-market index that was designed to capture the opportunity created by companies whose primary business is the provision of global luxury goods and services. The designation of such firms as "luxury" was determined by the publisher of the magazine. The fund's investment adviser was Claymore Advisors, LLC.

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