Rhode Island Monthly is a glossy monthly magazine about life in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. It was first published in 1988. From 1990 to 1992, Rhode Island Monthly was owned by Communications International, the parent of Connecticut magazine; it was then sold back to its founders. In 1997, the magazine was acquired by The Providence Journal. In 2009, it was sold to its publisher, John J. Palumbo.[2] It is a member of the City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA).[3] The editorial offices are located in Providence.[4]

Best of Rhode Island

The "Best of Rhode Island" is a group of awards given by Rhode Island Magazine in an annual issue. These awards are akin to the "Best of Boston" but are not nearly as numerous.

The awards are given in a wide range of categories that vary from year-to-year ad hoc. Recent awards include best batik linens, best no-pain elopement, best reiki master, best roast chicken, best children's theatre, and best tequila.[5]

Rhode Island Red Awards

A recent addition to the magazine, these now-yearly awards recognize "the weirdest, dumbest, most outrageous" moments of the preceding year.[6]

Ancillary publications

Rhode Island Monthly produces several ancillary publications:

  • Menu Guide is an annual restaurant directory
  • Rhode Island Bride is an annual publication for wedding planners and brides-to-be.
  • Rhode Island Monthly’s Insider's Guide to Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts is an annual publication targeting out-of-state visitors.
  • Rhode Island Group Package Planner is published once every 18 months, is done in conjunction wthe Rhode Island Tourism Division, and is aimed at the group travel market.
  • Rhode Island Official Travel Guide is an annual publication which is also done in conjunction with the state tourism agency and is designed for out-of-state readers.
  • Rhode Island Philanthropic Events Calendar is an annual directory of charity events.