The Record-Journal is an American daily newspaper based in Meriden, Connecticut, that dates back to the years immediately following the American Civil War. It is owned by the Record-Journal Publishing Company, a family-owned business entity that also owns Westerly, Rhode Island's The Westerly Sun and other interests in Florida. Eliot C. White is the publisher.

The Record-Journal dates back to a weekly newspaper called the Weekly Visitor established in 1867. In 1892, E.E. Smith and Thomas Warnock bought it and converted it to a daily. Co-founder Thomas Warnock was editor of the paper for almost half a century. E.E. Smith was the first of four generations to lead the Record-Journal as publisher. E.E. Smith was followed by his son, Wayne C. Smith, who served as publisher until his death in 1966. Carter White took over for his stepfather and was publisher until his retirement in 1988. Carter's son Eliot is the current Record-Journal publisher, and Elizabeth White, a member of the family's fifth generation, is new media director.


During the first decade of the 21st century, the Record-Journal company has doubled in size with seven acquisitions and seventeen start-ups, expanding into new markets and adding 100 people to its Rhode Island and Florida operations. By the middle of the decade, the Record-Journal's daily publication comprised 45 percent of total business of the company. The year 2006 marked the company's 140th birthday, and found itself shifting again, this time embracing its online presence as Elizabeth White became new media director and led the launch of, the Record-Journal's community news and advertising web site. The number of site visits subsequently became over 700,000 per month.

Its circulation was 16,711 daily, 17,896 Sundays in 2011.

In 2013–2014, circulation was 14,662 daily (last quarter, 2014) and 17,065 Sundays (2013).

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