Real Simple is a monthly women's interest magazine launched by Time Inc. in 2000.[4] The magazine features articles and information related to homekeeping, childcare, cooking and emotional wellbeing. The magazine is distinguished by its clean, uncluttered style of layout and photos. Out of the 7.6 million readers, 90% are women.[4] Headquartered in New York City, the magazine is currently edited by Sarah Collins,[5] who began serving as interim editor-in-chief in September 2016 after the departure of previous editor Kristin van Ogtrop.[12]

Real Simple made its television debut in 2006, with a half-hour segment airing on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). It also launched a show on TLC entitled Real Simple Real Life in 2008.

Real Simple in other media


In December 2010, Real Simple launched its first application on the iTunes Store sponsored by Sara Lee's Hillshire Farms. "No Time to Cook?", targeted iPhone, Android and iPad users, it features over 850 step-by-step recipes.[6]

In 2010, another app titled Real Simple To-Do Lists was added to Real Simple's array of apps. To-Do Lists helps users organize their lives into lists.[7]

Additionally, in Mother's Day 2012, Real Simple created a Gift Guide app available on the Apple App Store that had a selection of items for people to buy. Users also had the option to donate to the launch partner, March of Dimes.[8]


  • Sarah Collins


  • Heather Muir—Beauty Director
  • Victoria Sanchez-Lincoln—Fashion Director
  • Sarah Copeland—Food Director
  • Betsy Goldberg—Home Director