Radio Maria (Spanish: Radio María, Portuguese: Rádio Maria, Croatian: Radio Marija, Maltese: Radju Marija, Lithuanian: Marijos Radijas, Hungarian: Mária Rádió, Russian: Радио Мария, Ukrainian: Радіо Марія, known in Germany as Radio Horeb) is an international Catholic radio broadcasting service founded in Erba, province of Como, in the diocese of Milan in 1982. The World Family of Radio Maria was formed in 1998 and today has branches in 55 countries around the world. Its mission includes Liturgy, Catechesis, Spirituality, Spiritual assistance with everyday issues, Information, Music, and Culture.


Its first broadcast facility was originally parish operated, but was later re-formed as a separate entity outside its home parish as an association of lay people and priests in 1987 as Radio Maria Italia. In less than five years, it grew into a national Catholic radio network throughout Italy. Though not directly connected with the Roman Catholic Church, it was founded as an instrument of the Church, and as a tool for evangelization, implementing and adhering to the teachings of the Church. It was inspired by the Marian apparitions at Fátima, Portugal (and in more recent years in Medjugorje), pleading for worldwide conversion. As such, Radio Maria is not subsidized or funded by the Roman Catholic Church; instead it is underwritten by listener contributions.

The World Family of Radio Maria was formed in 1998 out of its subsequent international growth in the 1990s, and following the 1987 speech by Pope John Paul II in St Peter's Square addressing the need for a new evangelization. Emanuele Ferrario (inspired by the Pope's words to form that new evangelization) is the founder and president of Radio Maria Inc., which has since grown into an association of 40 multilingual broadcast operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Overall, Radio Maria operates approximately 1,500 terrestrial radio transmitters worldwide.

Radio Maria USA

Its USA operations is one of the newest joining the World Family in May 2000 with KJMJ (AM) in Alexandria, Louisiana being the originating English-language station, together with a network of several FM and AM repeaters in Louisiana, an AM station in Port Arthur, Texas on 1250 AM (KDEI), and an FM repeater in Anna, Ohio. An AM repeater in Springfield, Ohio east of Dayton commenced broadcasting in June 2008 with new FM repeaters in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania coming on the air in June 2009, D'Iberville, Mississippi and Peshtigo, Wisconsin both in May 2010. Spanish-language programming is heard on FM subcarrier frequencies in , , , and . Italian-language programming can also be heard on FM subcarrier as well as French Canadian and English speaking services on FM subcarriers in Toronto, Ontario. Audiostreaming is available from most of these stations.

World Family of Radio Maria

Radio stations in Europe

CountryStation name (language)AvailabilityWebsite
 AlbaniaRadio Maria Shqiptare (Albanian)FM coverage in major cities of Albania
 AustriaRadio Maria Österreich (German)FM in selected cities; digital and cable nationwide
 BelgiumRadio Maria België (Dutch)FM coverage of Flanders (Belgium)
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaRadio Marija BiH (Croatian)FM in Sarajevo and Banja Luka
 CroatiaRadio Marija Hrvatska (Croatian)FM in Zagreb, Split and Virovitica[2]
 FranceRadio Maria France (French)1467 AM in Southern France, 95.4 FM in Monaco
 GermanyRadio Horeb (German)Affiliate station.
FM in selected areas; digital and cable nationwide;
FM in Maspalomas, Canary Islands
 HungaryMária Rádió Magyarország (Hungarian)FM national coverage
 IrelandRadio Maria Ireland (English)
 ItalyRadio Maria (Italian)FM national coverage in Italy, San Marino, Monaco,
parts of Switzerland and Austria;
FM coverage in major cities of Albania.
DAB+ and DVB-T coverage in selected areas in Italy.
Radio Maria Südtirol (German)FM coverage in South Tyrol (Italy) and Tyrol (Austria)
 KosovoRadio Maria Kosovë (Albanian)
 LatviaRadio Marija Latvija (Latvian)
 LithuaniaMarijos Radijas Lietuva (Lithuanian)FM national coverage
 MacedoniaРадио Марија Македонија (Macedonian)
Radio Marija Makedonija (Croatian)
Radio Maria Maqedonia (Albanian)
 MaltaRadju Marija Malta (Maltese)FM national coverage
 NetherlandsRadio Maria Nederland (Dutch)DAB+ national coverage, and internet
 RomaniaRadio Maria România (Romanian)FM in Transylvania: Oradea, Zalău, Blaj and Baia Mare
Mária Rádió Erdély (Hungarian)FM in Transylvania: Oradea, Hargita and Tășnad
 RussiaРадио Мария (Russian)1053 AM in Saint Petersburg

92.6 FM in Vyborg

 SerbiaRadio Marija Srbija (Serbian)
Mária Rádió Szerbia (Hungarian)
FM in some cities, mainly in Vojvodina, but also in the south and southeast of the country
 SlovakiaMária Rádió Felvidék (Hungarian)Digital and cable in the German-speaking part of Switzerland
 SpainRadio María España (Spanish)DAB+ and FM national coverage in Spain and Andorra
  SwitzerlandRadio Maria Deutschschweiz (German)DAB+ and cable in the German-speaking part of Switzerland
 UkraineРадіо Марія (Ukrainian)69.68 FM (OIRT band) in Kiev

Radio stations in the Middle East, Asia and Oceania

CountryStation name (language)AvailabilityWebsite
 IndiaRadio Maria India (English)FM coverage in Kerala
 IndonesiaRadio Maria Indonesia (Indonesian)104.2 FM in Medan, North Sumatra
 Lebanonاذاعة صوت المحبة (Arabic)
La Voix de la Charité (French)
The Voice of Charity (English)
Ձայնը Բարեգործության (Armenian)
Affiliate station.
FM national coverage of Lebanon and some parts of Syria including Damascus
 Papua New GuineaRadio Maria Papua New Guinea (English)FM national coverage [3] and Shortwave [4]
 PhilippinesRadio Maria Philippines (English)
Radio Maria Pilipinas (Tagalog)
FM in some cities, mainly on Luzon Island; cable coverage in selected areas

Radio stations in Africa

CountryStation name (language)AvailabilityWebsite
 Burkina FasoRadio Maria Burkina Faso (French)91.6 FM in Ouagadougou, 96.9 FM in Koupéla
 BurundiRadio Maria Burundi (French)FM in major cities
 Central African RepublicRadio Maria Centrafrique (French)FM in major cities
 Republic of the CongoRadio Maria Congo (French)FM in major cities
 Congo DRRadio Maria RDC (French)
 Equatorial GuineaRadio María Guinea Ecuatorial (Spanish)
 GabonRadio Maria Gabon (French)FM in major cities
 Ivory CoastRadio Maria Côte d'Ivoire (French)FM in major cities
 KenyaRadio Maria Kenya (English)88.1 FM in Murang'a
 MalawiRadio Maria Malawi (Chichewa)FM national coverage, covering also areas of Mozambique
 MozambiqueRádio Maria Moçambique (Portuguese)FM in major cities
 RwandaRadio Maria Rwanda (Kinyarwanda)
Radio Maria Rwanda (French)
Radio Maria Rwanda (English)
FM national coverage
 Sierra LeoneRadio Maria Sierra Leone (English)FM in major cities[5]
 South AfricaRadio Veritas (English)Affiliate station.
576 AM in Meyerton
 TanzaniaRadio Maria Tanzania (English)
Radio Maria Tanzania (Swahili)
FM in major cities
 TogoRádio Maria Togo (French)FM in major cities
 UgandaRadio Maria Uganda (English)FM in major cities
 ZambiaRadio Maria Zambia (English)FM in major cities, covering also areas of Malawi and Mozambique

Radio stations in America

CountryStation name (language)AvailabilityWebsite
 ArgentinaRadio María Argentina (Spanish)AM and FM national coverage
 BoliviaRadio María Bolivia (Spanish)FM national coverage
 BrazilRádio Maria Brasil (Portuguese)107.9 FM in Brasília
 CanadaRadio Maria Canada (Italian)
Radio Maria Canada (French)
FM subcarriers in Montréal (CIRA-FM 91.3) and Toronto (CHIN-FM 100.7)
HMWN Radio Maria (English)FM subcarrier in Toronto (CFNY-FM 102.1)
 ChileRadio María Chile (Spanish)FM national coverage
 ColombiaRadio María Colombia (Spanish)AM in major cities
 Costa RicaRadio María Costa Rica (Spanish)610 AM in San José
 Dominican RepublicRadio María República Dominicana (Spanish)1240 AM in Santo Domingo
 EcuadorRadio María Ecuador (Spanish)FM national coverage
 El SalvadorRadio María El Salvador (Spanish)810 AM nationwide and 107.3 FM in San Salvador
 GuatemalaRadio María Guatemala (Spanish)FM national coverage
 MexicoRadio María México (Spanish)Multiple stations, most owned by Fundación Cultural para la Sociedad Mexicana
 NicaraguaRadio María Nicaragua (Spanish)1400 AM Managua, FM in major cities
 PanamaRadio María Panamá (Spanish)FM national coverage
 ParaguayRadio María Paraguay (Spanish)107.3 FM in Asunción
 PeruRadio María Perú (Spanish)FM national coverage
 UruguayRadio María Uruguay (Spanish)FM in major cities, 1470 AM in Melo
 USARadio Maria United States (English)AM and FM in Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin; AM affiliate in New York City
Radio Maria Stati Uniti (Italian)FM subcarriers in NYC, Chicago and Bridgeport
Radio María Estados Unidos (Spanish)FM subcarriers in Boston, NYC, Washington, Chicago and Houston

 VenezuelaRadio María Venezuela (Spanish)1450 AM in Caracas


Programming mostly consists of traditional Catholic worship music, but some stations also air a mix of traditional and Contemporary Catholic music, along with various talk and teaching programs discussing the Catholic faith, frequent recitals of the Holy Rosary, novenas and Masses.


Radio Maria's programming mostly emanates from one centrally located studio or station in a given region or country, and is then re-broadcast (or "simulcast") on a network of repeater transmitters on the AM and FM bands. Some employ the use of a subcarrier, also known as SCA (for "Subsidiary Communications Authority") facilities of FM stations, requiring the use of a receiver designed to receive SCA signals. Since the emergence of the internet, audiostreaming has been used extensively as a means to help fill-in gaps left by the unavailability of AM or FM frequencies in metropolitan areas already taken up by commercial, public, or other religious broadcasters.

Beginning in June 2008, there are now shortwave transmissions originating from Italy at 26,000 kHz and at 26,010 kHz DRM making it the only (and last) shortwave service originating in Italy besides Vatican Radio.[6] There are presently no commercial satellite radio subscription services (such as Sky Digital, Sirius or XM) of Radio Maria. However its Spanish-language, Italian-language and Polish-language stations may be available in some areas served by the Dish Pronto division of Dish Network, a satellite television subscription service.