Rachel Kramer Bussel (born 1975) is an author, columnist, and editor, specializing in erotica. [2] She previously studied at the New York University School of Law [12] and earned her bachelor's degree in political science and women's studies from the University of California, Berkeley.


Bussel has been a Senior Editor at Penthouse Variations , a Contributing Editor to Penthouse , and a blogger for The Huffington Post . [13]

She has authored many erotic short stories and has collected her own works, as well as others', in dozens of published collections, including specialized volumes on BDSM (two volumes of Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z and the He's On Top & She's On Top collections) and lesbian erotica ( Glamour Girls & First-Timers ).

She has also co-edited a number of collections with other editors and writers, including Eliza Castle, Alison Tyler, Stacy Bias, Wendy Caster, Julie May, and Christopher Pierce.

In addition, she is a rotating interviewer for the Gothamist, a columnist for SexIs Magazine [14] and was the curator for a monthly erotic reading series In the Flesh in New York City, a series that ended in December 2010.

She identifies as bisexual, saying, "I think ideally I'd like to have a male lover and a female lover, either a triad situation or one on one." [15]

Kramer has been a resident of Teaneck, New Jersey. [16]