Puffy can refer to one of the following:

  • Puffy or Puffy AmiYumi (as they are known in the United States), sometimes stylized as "PUFFY", a Japanese pop duo
  • Puffy, a nickname of Sean Combs, American record producer, music industry executive, and part-time performing artist
  • Puffy (mascot), the mascot of the free operating system OpenBSD
  • Puffy, a nickname of Mike Bordin, an American drummer from the rock band Faith No More
  • Puffy, a shortened name of Charles Puffy, a Hungarian film actor, to promote his films in the United States.
  • Puffy, a nickname of Jeff Dubay, a Minnesota sports talk radio personality on the radio station, KFAN
  • Puffy planet, a class of gas giant planets that have a low density

Puffy a Character