Precious may refer to the following:

Arts and entertainment


  • Precious Bryant (born 1942), American country blues, gospel and folk guitarist
  • Precious Dede (born 1980), Nigerian female football goalkeeper
  • Precious Emuejeraye (born 1983), Singaporean footballer
  • Precious McKenzie (born 1936), South African-born weightlifter
  • Precious Sekibo (born 1958), Nigerian doctor and former Federal Minister of Transportation
  • Precious Wilson (born 1957), Jamaican soul singer
  • Precious Doe, pseudonym given to the corpse of an initially unidentified female child
  • Precious (wrestling) (born 1955), Canadian professional wrestling valet
  • Precious Thandile Matovheke (born 2002), South African dancer, singer, businesswoman and actress.

Other uses


  • Precious (band), a British female pop group
  • Precious (artist), an American hip-house artist who recorded for Big Beat/Atlantic Records