is a science, research and technology news website specializing in the hard science subjects of physics, space and earth science, biology, chemistry, electronics, nanotechnology and technology in general. It is known for timely updates of scientific breakthroughs and press releases from major research labs and universities across the world. The site also publishes daily reports,[3] blogs and exclusive comprehensive articles[4] on new peer reviewed scientific papers. also runs the websites MedicalxPress and TechXplore, which feature medical and technological news stories, respectively.


The site was founded in March 2004, by two Ph.D. students who wanted a science news service for informed and educated readers. In 2005 it was purchased by, and as of 2008 is the registered property of, Omicron Technology Limited, Douglas, Isle Of Man.[5]

It has a full-time staff of 16, including 11 contributing authors. Its editor-in-chief is John Benson (UK) and managing editors are Andrew Zinin and Alexander Pol.[6][7]

In 2008, it published 75-100 news stories per day and hosted about 100,000 daily readers. It had 25,000 registered members.[7]

In April 2012, (formerly known as) moved to its current domain,

In 2015, Quantcast listed it as a top 851 site with 2,6M U.S. people visiting per month and this being 62% of all visitors.[8]'s global audience is 4.3M per month. It said the site is popular among a more educated, older, male audience.[8] Trends Updates named amongst the Top 25 Technology Blogs for 2008.[9]