Pausha (Sanskrit: पौष Pauṣa, Hindi: पूस Pus, Tamil: தை Tai) is a month of the Hindu calendar in the Indian national calendar, and the tenth month of the year, corresponding with December/January in the Gregorian calendar.

In lunar Hindu calendars, Pausha (also called Paush or Poush maas) begins with either the full or new moon in December and is the ninth month of the year. Since it follows the lunar cycle, its start and end varies year by year unlike the solar cycle Hindu calendars. Pausha is a winter (Hemanta Ritu) month.[3] The Hindu lunar month Pausha overlaps with its solar month Dhanu in the Hindu lunisolar calendars.[135][3]

Pausa Bahula Amavasya day is celebrated Theppotsavam (Float festival) at Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamyvari Temple in Simhachalam. The ‘Utsava idols’ are taken in a palanquin to ‘Varaha Pushkarini’.[2]

Shukla PakshaKrishna Paksha
1. Prathama1. Prathama
2. Dwitiya2. Dwitiya
3. Tritiya3. Tritiya
4. Chaturthi4. Chaturthi
5. Panchami5. Panchami
6. Shashti6. Shashti
7. Saptami7. Saptami
8. Ashtami8. Ashtami
9. Navami9. Navami
15.Purnima15. Amavasya

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