The Olney Daily Mail is an American daily newspaper published in Olney, Illinois, and covering Richland County.[3] The newspaper does not publish a Sunday edition.[3] The current title began publication in 1910, at which time it supplanted or absorbed parts of four other newspapers.[3] As of September 1999, the paper had a circulation of 4,330.[4]

In 1998, then owner Hollinger International sold the newspaper to Leonard Green & Partners as part of a 40% overall divestment of Hollinger's United States newspaper holdings;[6][7] the newspaper was published through Leonard Green's Liberty Group Publishing.[4][8] Liberty Group Publishing was subsequently sold in 2005 to Fortress Investment Group and renamed to GateHouse Media.[7]

Among newspapers noted as predecessors to the Daily Mail is Olney Times, which was published weekly on Fridays and began circulation c. 1856.[3][9] In November 1857, a note to readers of the Olney Republican indicated that they would henceforth receive Olney Times instead, indicating the termination of the former periodical.[10] The slogan for Olney Times was "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."[9]