Olga Alexandrovna Budina (Russian: О́льга Алекса́ндровна Бу́дина, born 22 February 1975) is a Russian theatre and film actress.


Olga Budina began life in Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. She studied history and literature at the Lyceum college. She had been actively involved in social work and was a creative student in her school years. She learned to play accordion and piano. The Lyceum Theatre created its own musical "The Princess and the Pea" in which she had been a soloist of the school choir and orchestra. She performed at a school dance as a part of amateur vocal and instrumental ensemble, where she had been invited as a soloist. After the ninth grade of high school she tried to enter the State School of Music Gnesin. Having failed, she returned to school to obtain secondary (full) general education. While in high school, she graduated from the School of Olga Budina young philology at Moscow State University. Qualified as a category 3 guide, she conducted tours of the Pushkin village Zakharovo located near Odintsova.

A year after graduation, Olga Budina planned to re-enter the Gnessin School, but then changed her mind in favour of the Supreme Shchukin Drama School. Having obtained the maximum score in the entrance test, Olga became a student of the 'University Theater Examination Commission' lead by Vladimir Etush.

Artistic Director Olga Budina the Shchukin School became Marina Panteleyeva. The first time was given to Olga Study hard. At the first session, it had suspended all offsets, and even the question was about her dismissal. With a great effort, Olga managed to catch up in their studies, and in the second year, she received the highest score on the actor's skill.

While studying in her second year, Olga Budina received an offer from "Mosfilm" to work in the short film "Game „The Little Prince“". Notwithstanding the tape didn't come out in the rental.

Olga Budina secured her first role as a movie actresss in Gleb Panfilov's film "The Romanovs: An Imperial Family", portraying the professional Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna as a student of the fourth course.

In 2000, Olga Budina gained national popularity in the movie by Alexander Mitta "Border: Taiga Novel". In the same year, the film was played at the opening of the Moscow Film Festival XXII.

Personal life

Olga Budina was married to businessman Alexander Naumov now divorced. They had a son named Naum.


1996Game „The Little Prince“actressShort film
1998Ne poslat' ly nam gontsa?Vika
1999Dosye detektiva DubrovskogoLeraTV series
1999Tsvety ot pobediteleyLiza
2000The Romanovs: A Royal FamilyGrand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia
2000His Wife's DiaryGalina Plotnikova
2000Empire under StrikeOlga
2000Border: Taiga NovelMarina GoloschekinaTV series
2001Down HouseMaria
2001SalomeSalomeTV series
2002Railroad RomanceVeraTV
2003The IdiotAglaia YepanchinaTV
2003Joys and Sorrows of a Little LordNora
2003BajazetOlga KhvoshchinskayaTV series
2004Moscow SagaNina Gradova-KitaigorodskayaTV series
2006Stalin's WifeNadezhda AlliluyevaMini-series
2007Private Life of Dr. SelivanovaElena Selivanova, gynecologistTV series
2007Necklaces for Snow WomanKatyaTV
2008Heavy SandElena Moiseyevna, Levii's wifeTV series
2008Equation without unknown variablesAnna SamoylovaTV
2008Phoenix SyndromeTatianaMini-series
2010Dr. ZemskyDr. Olga SamoylovaTV series
2010Mother's HeartVera Guryanova, criminal prosecutorTV series
2013Einstein. Theory of loveMargaritaMini-series
2014Mystery idolTV series