Oded Sharon (born in Tel-aviv, Israel, April 10, 1977) is an Israeli game developer and CEO of Corbomite Games and Adventure Mob game development companies, and the head of the Israeli chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

Oded worked on several Computer games, including Ballerium (while at Majorem) one of the world's first MMORTS's, several Adventure games and Mobile Games. Oded is a Game Design mentor at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Oded holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both Physics and Computer science from Tel Aviv University, and an MBA degree from the Technion. Oded Has a Private Pilot's License, and he is an Amateur radio operator with Call sign 4X6NB, and a fireworks and Pyrotechnics detonator license.


Early career

In his youth, produced, directed, and edited the show Eich Laharos Shaa, which was on the public access channel in Israeli cable.

Oded served in the Israeli Air Force.

Oded was a management member of Starbase 972, and voluntary organizer in Icon (Israeli Sci-fi Convention), and Olamot, Israeli sci-fi conventions.


Oded was part of the team at Majorem, one of the first game development companies in Israel, working on the MMORTS Balleium.

Buy a Car for Ron Gilbert

In 2005 he founded Buy A Car For Ron Gilbert , a fan website for Ron Gilbert, which sole purpose was to raise money to donate a car to Ron Gilbert, legendary Monkey Island game designer. It was created after Ron Gilbert posted in his Blog [2] complaining no one has bought him a holiday present like a car with a note saying : "Thanks for Monkey Island ".

Corbomite Games

In 2007 Oded founded Corbomite Games, released two games with Israeli comic book creator Uri Fink: Zbeng! and Pizza Morgana. [3]

in 2008 Oded ran Lehakat Rock, a portal for creation of Rock Band Network songs for Israeli bands. [4] Oded continued to produce and design several other games including Star Shipping Inc. which was released in November 2010 . [5]

Adventure Mob

In 2011 Oded founded Adventure Mob, a game development company focused on mobile games and adventure games.

Oded and the company have developed a demo for a remake for the classic game Leisure Suit Larry [6] and ran a Kickstarter campaign along with Replay games called "Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!" which finished funding on May 2, 2012 and secured a total of $674,598 ($655,182 via Kickstarter and $19,416 via PayPal).

Oded was also involved in several other Kickstarter campaigns such as the Nancy Drew mobile game campaign and the Freshbiz campaign.


  • Ballerium (2004), designer, programmer ( Majorem)
  • Zbang (2007), designer, programmer (Corbomite Games)
  • Pizza Morgana (2009), designer, director, producer, programmer (Corbomite Games)
  • Star Shipping Inc. (2010), designer, director, producer, programmer (Corbomite Games)
  • Leisure Suit Larry Remake Demo (2010), producer, designer, director, programmer (Adventure Mob)
  • Cocktail Run (2012), executive producer, designer (Adventure Mob)