The Nexstar Media Group is a publicly traded American telecommunications company headquartered in Irving, Texas. The company's portfolio consists of 171 television stations across the U.S., most of whom are affiliates with the four "major" U.S. television networks located in small to medium-sized markets. It also operates all of the stations owned by an affiliated company, Mission Broadcasting, under local marketing agreements.[2]


1996–2010: Formation

Nexstar Broadcasting Group logo (1996–2006)
Nexstar Broadcasting Group logo (2006–2017)

The Nexstar Media Group was founded as the Nexstar Broadcasting Group on June 17, 1996. The first television station bought by Nexstar was WYOU in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Nexstar bought WYOU from Diversified Communications. The sale was completed on September 28 of that year.[47] Nexstar promptly fired two beloved anchors and laid-off several long-term staff-members.[48] Nexstar founder Perry Sook said that WYOU would be Nexstar's flagship station, keeping an office off the newsroom for years. In 1998, Nexstar purchased WBRE-TV in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Because this was in the same market as WYOU, WYOU was 'sold' to Mission Broadcasting. This began the first ever 'shared-services' agreement between stations. WYOU's sales staff was kept in Scranton while the production and news operations were moved to WBRE's offices in Wilkes-Barre. WYOU's staff who were not laid-off were fired by Nexstar, hired by Mission and eventually re-hired by Nexstar. Mission Broadcasting then paid Nexstar to operate and control the production and news gathering operations while Mission kept the sales and management team.

In 2003, Nexstar acquired Quorum Broadcasting (owner of 10 television stations).[5]

On March 20, 2009, Nexstar operated television stations that were owned by Four Points Media Group, through and outsourcing agreement. However, on September 8, 2011, Sinclair Broadcast Group announced its intent of purchasing the Four Points stations outright and took over the MSA for the stations that October upon Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approval of the deal (the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave final approval of the group deal on December 21, and the Sinclair purchase of the Four Points stations was completed on January 1, 2012).[31]

In 2011, Nexstar and Fox entered into a dispute over terms of reverse compensation; this occurred as Fox began to aggressively seek shares of earnings from retransmission consent agreements with cable and satellite operators as part of affiliation agreement renewals between station groups with affiliates whose affiliation contracts already expired (and carrying the network's programming without a contractual agreement) or were near expiration. Reportedly, the amount from retransmission consent fees from cable and satellite operators that Fox wanted its affiliates to pay the network would be 25 cents per subscriber during the first year of the affiliation agreement, increasing to 50 cents by the fourth year.[33] President of affiliate sales and marketing for Fox, Mike Hopkins, had said earlier in the year that the network would consider moving its affiliation to another market station as a last resort, if existing affiliates did not agree to the terms for reverse compensation retrans sharing.[35]

Fox dropped its affiliation from Nexstar-owned/managed stations in four markets, with three of the replacement stations adding Fox in addition to existing affiliations with the MyNetworkTV program service (owned by Fox parent company News Corporation). In Indiana, two markets saw Fox go from a primary affiliation of one station to joining an existing MyNetworkTV-affiliated digital subchannel of a competing Big Three station, with MyNetworkTV going to a secondary affiliation: in Evansville, Fox moved from WTVW (which then became an independent station and later joined The CW) to a MyNetworkTV-affiliated subchannel of CBS affiliate WEVV-TV on July 1, while in Fort Wayne, the Fox affiliation moved from WFFT-TV to a MyNetworkTV-affiliated subchannel of NBC affiliate WISE-TV on August 1.[36] The network also moved its affiliation in Springfield, Missouri from KSFX-TV (operated in a duopoly with area CBS affiliate KOLR) to upstart MyNetworkTV affiliate KRBK on September 1, 2011, with both stations becoming Independents.[36] Nexstar chose to drop Fox from WFXW in Terre Haute, Indiana and re-affiliate with ABC on September 1, 2011 (becoming the only Nexstar station thus far to affiliate with another network following the removal of the Fox affiliation) as part of a long-term renewal agreement between Nexstar and ABC for the group's nine existing ABC stations, reversing a 1995 switch that saw Terre Haute losing over-the air carriage of ABC programs (since then, ABC has been seen in the market via Indianapolis affiliate WRTV on area cable and satellite providers);[38] the Fox affiliation then moved to a digital subchannel of CBS affiliate WTHI-TV which also added MyNetworkTV as a secondary affiliation. Nexstar's remaining Fox affiliates have since signed a renewal agreement through December 2013;[40] in addition, following the settlement of Nexstar's antitrust lawsuit against WISE-TV's then-owner Granite Broadcasting, WFFT-TV reclaimed the Fox affiliation on March 1, 2013.[41][43]

2012–2013: Acquisitions

In July 2012, Nexstar agreed to purchase 11 stations and Inergize Digital Media from Newport Television with two stations going to affiliate Mission Broadcasting.[13]

On April 24, 2013, Nexstar announced that it would acquire the entire group of Communications Corporation of America, KMSS-TV, KPEJ-TV, and most of the ComCorp-managed stations that are owned by White Knight Broadcasting would be sold to Mission Broadcasting while WEVV-TV and White Knight Broadcasting's KSHV-TV would be sold to a female-controlled company called Rocky Creek Communications, with Nexstar assuming operational control of those stations.[8]

On September 16, 2013, Nexstar announced that it would acquire WOI-DT, KCAU-TV, and WHBF-TV from Citadel Communications for $88 million. Nexstar immediately took over the stations' operations through a time brokerage agreement.[10] The deal followed Phil Lombardo's decision to "slow down," as well as a desire by Lynch Entertainment to divest its investments in WOI and WHBF; Citadel would continue to own KLKN, WLNE-TV, and its Sarasota properties.[11] On March 5, 2014, the Federal Communications Commission approved the sale of these stations to Nexstar outright and the deal was completed on March 13. KCAU continued to use Citadel's standardized news sets, graphics and logos.

On November 6, 2013, Nexstar announced that it would purchase the Grant Broadcasting stations for $87.5 million. Due to Federal Communications Commission ownership regulations, one of the stations, KLJB, was spun off to Marshall Broadcasting, but will be operated by Nexstar through a shared services agreement.[12] The sale was completed on December 1, 2014.[3]

2015–2017: Acquisition of Media General

On September 28, 2015, Nexstar announced that it presented an unsolicited offer to buy Media General for $4.1 billion (including debt). Per share, shareholders of Media General would receive $10.50 in cash and 0.0898 shares of Nexstar, a total equivalent of $14.50 per share. Nexstar's offer was seen by analysts as a maneuver to torpedo the merger of Media General with Meredith Corporation (announced on September 8). If Media General agreed to the counter-offer within a 20-day period, Nexstar would expand its portfolio to 114 television stations, pending spin-offs in markets where both own stations and federal approval.[19][21][23] On November 16, Media General rejected the offer but agreed to negotiate after concluding its merge with Meredith.[24]

On January 27, 2016, Media General announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Nexstar in a deal valued at $17.14 per-share, valuing the company at $4.6 billion plus the assumption of $2.3 billion debt. The combined company became known as Nexstar Media Group, and owns 171 stations, serving an estimated 39% of U.S. households. The company paid Meredith Corporation (whom Media General had previously proposed a merger with) a termination fee of $60 million, and gave Meredith right of first refusal to acquire any broadcast or digital properties that may be divested during the purchase. The deal also included contingent value rights for Media General shareholders if it sold spectrum from its stations during the FCC's spectrum incentive auction.[26]

On May 27, 2016, Nexstar announced the sales of five stations. WCWJ in Jacksonville, Florida, along with WSLS-TV in Roanoke, Virginia, was sold to the Graham Media Group, and KADN-TV, as well as KLAF-LD in Lafayette, Louisiana, was sold to Bayou City Broadcasting, with KREG-TV in Glenwood Springs, Colorado going to Marquee Broadcasting as part of a series of divestitures required following Nexstar's acquisition of Media General due to Federal Communications Commission ownership caps (the sale of the Roanoke and Lafayette stations are required as Media General and Nexstar both own stations in those markets). On June 3, 2016, it was announced that Nexstar would spin-off WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin and KWQC-TV in Davenport, Iowa to Gray Television for $270 million.[51][52]

On June 13, 2016, Nexstar announced that it would sell WFFT in Fort Wayne, Indiana, KQTV in St. Joseph, Missouri, KIMT in Rochester, Minnesota, WTHI in Terre Haute, and WLFI in Lafayette, Indiana to Heartland Media, through its USA Television MidAmerica Holdings joint venture with MSouth Equity Partners, for $115 million. The divestitures will allow Nexstar to comply with FCC ownership rules (specifically pertaining to national market coverage for station owners) in advance of the approval proceedings of the merger of both groups (Nexstar already owns NBC affiliate WTWO and operates ABC affiliate WAWV-TV in Terre Haute, and plans to acquire Media General-owned CBS affiliate WANE-TV in Fort Wayne).

The transaction was approved by the FCC on January 11, 2017. And the sale was completed on January 17.

2014–2017: Other events

On March 13, 2014, Nexstar announced that it would purchase Internet Broadcasting, for $20 million. The company had also recently acquired competitor Inergize Digital through its purchase of assets from Newport Television, followed by Enterprise Technology Group, a spun-out joint venture between LIN Media and Fox Television Stations). The providers were merged to form Lakana, led by former ETG CEO Phillip Hyun.[5][6][16][17]

On February 2, 2015, Nexstar finalized its acquisition of Yashi, a location focused video advertising and programmatic technology company, for $33 million.[18] On November 17, 2015, Nexstar announced its intent to purchase West Virginia Media Holdings' stations for $130 million. The company took over the stations' non-license assets under a time brokerage agreement in December 2015 pending the formal completion of the deal, expected in late 2016. The two companies viewed the acquisition as being a complement to Nexstar's WHAG-TV, whose coverage area includes the Eastern Panhandle region. Nexstar CEO Perry A. Sook is an alumnus of WVMH–owned WOWK-TV.[47] The sale was completed on January 31, 2017.[47]

On April 30, 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported that there were competing bids for Tribune Media from Nexstar and a partnership between 21st Century Fox and private equity firm Blackstone Group.[54][55][47][47] However, on May 8, 2017, it was announced that Tribune reached a deal to be acquired by Sinclair Broadcast Group.[47] On May 26, 2017, it was reported by DealReporter that Nexstar may be considering a bid to acquire Tegna, Inc. (although such a deal would likely require significant divestments due to ownership conflicts and exceeding the ownership cap).[47]

Television stations

These stations are either owned and operated by Nexstar, or controlled by Nexstar through management services agreements (MSAs) with affiliated companies like Mission Broadcasting and Marshall Broadcasting, among others, to comply with current FCC ownership limits.[47] Until November 2015, Nexstar also held the license of one station which was operated by Sinclair through an MSA. Most of the stations Nexstar owns and operates were acquired through acquisitions of Quorum Broadcasting in 2003, Newport Television in 2012, Communications Corporation of America in 2015, and Media General in 2017.

Each Nexstar cluster also operates its own news website, although they do not use their station branding or call letters in the addresses, choosing to use a slogan related to their area (though in all cases call letter-specific addresses are retained by Nexstar and redirect to a station's site for familiarity to site visitors and to discourage cybersquatting). Most local Nexstar sites also have a related .biz site separate from the news site to promote Nexstar's daily local deal efforts, paid "ask the experts" sections, any advertorial programming a station may air, and local advertisers in each market. However, the Media General stations acquired by Nexstar have retained their previous addresses, including call letter-specific addresses.

Current Nexstar stations

Stations are arranged alphabetically by state and by city of license.


  • (Q) – Indicates a station owned by Quorum Broadcasting prior to its acquisition by Nexstar in 2003.
  • (¤¤) – Indicates a station acquired by Nexstar from Newport Television in 2012 & 2013. WXXA was sold concurrently to Shield Media in 2012. Nexstar would eventually operate the station in 2017.
  • (~~) – Indicates a station acquired by Nexstar from Citadel Communications in 2014.
  • (≈≈) – Indicates a station owned by Grant Broadcasting prior to its acquisition by Nexstar in 2014.
  • (##) – Indicates a station owned by Communications Corporation of America prior to its acquisition by Nexstar in 2015.
  • (λ) – Indicates a station acquired by Nexstar from Landmark Media Enterprises in 2015.
  • (§§) – Indicates a station owned by Media General prior to its merger by Nexstar in 2017.
  • (++) – Indicates a station owned by West Virginia Media Holdings prior to its acquisition by Nexstar in 2017.
City of License / MarketStationChannel
Owned sinceCurrent affiliation
Birmingham - Tuscaloosa - AnnistonWIAT §§42 (30)2017CBS
Dothan - OzarkWDHN18 (21)2003ABC
HuntsvilleWZDX ≈≈54 (41)2014Fox
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
MeTV (DT3)
Mobile - PensacolaWKRG-TV §§5 (27)2017CBS
MeTV (DT3)
WFNA §§55 (25)2017The CW
PhoenixKASW61 (49)2015The CW
Fort Smith - Fayetteville - Springdale - RogersKNWA-TV51 (50)2004NBC
Fox (DT2)
KFTA-TV 124 (27)2004Fox
Little Rock - Pine BluffKARK-TV4 (32)2003NBC
KARZ-TV42 (44)2009MyNetworkTV
KLRT-TV ¤¤ 216 (30)2013Fox
KASN ¤¤ 238 (39)2013The CW
BakersfieldKGET-TV ¤¤17 (25)2013NBC
The CW (DT2)
KKEY-LP ¤¤11 (17.3)2013Telemundo
FresnoKSEE24 (38)2013NBC
KGPE ¤¤47 (34)2013CBS
San FranciscoKRON-TV §§4 (38)2017MyNetworkTV
Colorado Springs - PuebloKXRM-TV §§21 (22)2017Fox
KXTU-LD §§57 (20)2017The CW
Grand JunctionKFQX 24 (15)2014Fox
KREX-TV5 (2)2014CBS
MyNetworkTV (DT3)
KGJT-CD27 (27)2014MyNetworkTV
(Satellite of KREX-TV)
10 (13)2014CBS (DT3)
Fox (DT4)
New Haven - HartfordWTNH §§8 (10)2017ABC
WCTX §§59 (39)2017MyNetworkTV
Panama CityWMBB13 (13)2014ABC
MeTV (DT2)
Tampa - St. PetersburgWFLA-TV §§8 (7)2017NBC
MeTV (DT2)
WTTA §§38 (32)2017MyNetworkTV
AugustaWJBF §§6 (42)2017ABC
MeTV (DT2)
Columbus, GeorgiaWRBL §§3 (15)2017CBS
MeTV (DT2)
Savannah - Hilton HeadWSAV-TV §§3 (39)2017NBC
The CW (DT2)
MyNetworkTV/MeTV (DT3)
HonoluluKHON-TV §§2 (8)2017Fox
The CW (DT2)
HiloKHAW-TV §§
(Satellite of KHON-TV)
11 (11)2017Fox
The CW (DT2)
WailukuKAII-TV §§
(Satellite of KHON-TV)
7 (7)2017Fox
The CW (DT2)
Champaign - Urbana - Springfield - DecaturWCIA3 (48)1999CBS
WCIX49 (13)1999MyNetworkTV
Peoria - BloomingtonWMBD-TV31 (30)1999CBS
WYZZ-TV43 (28)3Fox
RockfordWQRF-TV Q39 (42)2003Fox
WTVO 217 (16)2004ABC
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
Davenport - Burlington - Rock IslandWHBF-TV ~~4 (4)2013CBS
KLJB ≈≈18 (49)4Fox
MeTV (DT2)
KGCW ≈≈26 (41)2014The CW
EvansvilleWEHT25 (7)2011ABC
WTVW Q 27 (28)2003The CW
Fort WayneWANE-TV §§15 (31)2017CBS
Indianapolis - MarionWISH-TV §§8 (9)2017The CW
WNDY-TV §§23 (32)2017MyNetworkTV
(Translator for WISH)
17 (8)2017The CW
Terre HauteWTWO2 (36)1997NBC
WAWV-TV 238 (39)2003ABC
Ames - Des MoinesWOI-DT ~~5 (5)2013ABC
KCWI-TV23 (23)2016The CW
Sioux CityKCAU-TV ~~9 (9)2013ABC
TopekaKSNT §§27 (27)2017NBC
Fox (DT2)
KTMJ-CD §§43 (43)2017Fox
KTKA-TV49 (49)5ABC
The CW (DT3)
WichitaKSNW §§3 (45)2017NBC
Great BendKSNC §§
(Satellite of KSNW)
2 (22)2017NBC
Garden CityKSNG §§
(Satellite of KSNW)
11 (11)2017NBC
McCookKSNK §§
(Satellite of KSNW)
8 (12)2017NBC
SalinaKSNL-LD §§
(Satellite of KSNW)
47 (47)2017NBC
Baton RougeWGMB-TV ##44 (45)2015Fox
WBRL-CD ##21 (21)2015The CW
WVLA-TV33 (34)6NBC
KZUP-CD19 (20)2016 7Independent
LafayetteKLFY-TV §§10 (10)2017CBS
Monroe - El DoradoKARD Q14 (36)2003Fox
KTVE 210 (27)2007NBC
Shreveport - TexarkanaKTAL-TV6 (15)2000NBC
KMSS-TV ##33 (34)4Fox
KSHV-TV45 (44)6MyNetworkTV
Hagerstown - WashingtonWDVM-TV Q 925 (26)2003Independent/Heroes & Icons
Springfield, MassachusettsWWLP §§22 (11)2017NBC
The CW (DT2)
(Satellite of WWLP)
28 (28)2017NBC
The CW (DT2)
Escanaba - MarquetteWJMN-TV
(Semi-satellite of WFRV)
3 (48)2011CBS
Grand RapidsWOOD-TV §§8 (7)2017NBC
WXSP-CD §§15 (15)2017MyNetworkTV
Battle CreekWOTV §§41 (20)2017ABC
LansingWLNS-TV §§6 (36)2017CBS
WLAJ53 (25)9ABC
The CW (DT2)
JacksonWJTV §§12 (12)2017CBS
The CW (DT2)
Hattiesburg - LaurelWHLT §§
(Semi-satellite of WJTV)
22 (22)2017CBS
Natchez - AlexandriaWNTZ-TV ##48 (49)2015Fox/MyNetworkTV
Joplin - PittsburgKSNF16 (46)1998NBC
KODE-TV 212 (43)2002ABC
Springfield - BransonKOZL-TV Q27 (28)2003MyNetworkTV
KOLR 210 (10)2003CBS
Hardin - BillingsKSVI Q6 (18)2003ABC
KHMT 24 (22)2003Fox
Las VegasKLAS-TV λ8 (7)2015CBS
MeTV (DT2)
Albuquerque - Santa FeKRQE §§13 (13)2017CBS
Fox (DT2)
KWBQ19 (29)10The CW
KASY-TV50 (45)10MyNetworkTV
RoswellKBIM-TV §§
(Satellite of KRQE)
10 (10)2017CBS
Fox (DT2)
(Satellite of KWBQ)
21 (21)10The CW
DurangoKREZ-TV §§
(Satellite of KRQE)
6 (15)2017CBS
Fox (DT2)
Albany - Schenectady - TroyWTEN §§10 (26)2017ABC
WXXA-TV23 (7)9Fox
Adams, MassachusettsWCDC-TV §§
(Satellite of WTEN)
19 (36)2017ABC
BinghamtonWBGH-CD ¤¤20 (20)2012NBC
WIVT ¤¤34 (34)2012ABC
BuffaloWIVB-TV §§4 (39)2017CBS
WNLO §§23 (32)2017The CW
ElmiraWETM-TV ¤¤18 (18)2012NBC
Independent (DT2)
RochesterWROC-TV8 (45)1999CBS
SyracuseWSYR-TV ¤¤9 (17)2012ABC
MeTV (DT2)
Utica - RomeWFXV Q33 (27)2003Fox
WPNY-LP Q11 (20.2)2003MyNetworkTV
WUTR 220 (30)2004ABC
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
WatertownWWTI ¤¤
(Semi-satellite of WSYR-TV)
50 (21)2004ABC
The CW (DT2)
BismarckKXMB-TV12 (12)2016CBS
The CW (DT2)
(Satellite of KXMB-TV)
2 (19)2016The CW
(Satellite of KXMB-TV)
13 (13)2016CBS
The CW (DT2)
(Satellite of KXMB-TV)
11 (14)2016CBS
The CW (DT2)
Greenville - New Bern - WashingtonWNCT-TV §§9 (10)1997CBS
The CW (DT2)
Raleigh - Durham - FayettevilleWNCN §§17 (17)2017CBS
Columbus, OhioWCMH-TV §§4 (14)2017NBC
MeTV (DT2)
Dayton - SpringfieldWDTN §§2 (50)2017NBC
WBDT26 (26)5The CW
YoungstownWKBN-TV §§27 (41)2017CBS
WYFX-LD §§19 (19)2017Fox
WYTV33 (36)5ABC
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
Portland, OregonKOIN §§6 (40)2017CBS
Altoona - State College - JohnstownWTAJ-TV10 (32)2006CBS
ErieWJET-TV24 (24)1998ABC
WFXP 266 (22)1998Fox
Harrisburg - Lancaster - Lebanon - YorkWHTM-TV §§27 (10)2017ABC
Wilkes-Barre - ScrantonWBRE-TV28 (11)1998NBC
WYOU 222 (13)1996CBS
Providence - New BedfordWPRI-TV §§12 (13)2017CBS
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
WNAC-TV64 (12)11Fox
The CW (DT2)
Charleston, South CarolinaWCBD-TV §§2 (50)2017NBC
The CW (DT2)
Florence - Myrtle BeachWBTW §§13 (13)2017CBS
MyNetworkTV/Antenna TV (DT2)
Greenville - Spartanburg - Asheville - AndersonWSPA-TV §§7 (7)2017CBS
MeTV (DT2)
WYCW §§62 (45)2017The CW
Sioux FallsKELO-TV §§11 (11)2017CBS
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
Florence - AberdeenKDLO-TV §§
(Satellite of KELO)
3 (3)2017CBS
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
Reliance - PierreKPLO-TV §§
(Satellite of KELO)
6 (13)2017CBS
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
Rapid CityKCLO-TV §§
(Satellite of KELO)
16 (15)2017CBS
The CW (DT2)
JacksonWJKT ¤¤16 (39)2012Fox
Johnson City - Kingsport - BristolWJHL-TV §§11 (11)2017CBS
KnoxvilleWATE-TV §§6 (26)2017ABC
MemphisWATN-TV ¤¤24 (25)2012ABC
WLMT ¤¤30 (31)2012The CW
MeTV (DT2)
NashvilleWKRN-TV §§2 (27)2017ABC
MeTV (DT2)
Abilene - SweetwaterKTAB-TV32 (24)1999CBS
KRBC-TV 29 (29)2003NBC
AmarilloKAMR-TV Q4 (19)2003NBC
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
KCIT 214 (15)1999Fox
KCPN-LP 233 (4.2)1999MyNetworkTV
AustinKXAN-TV §§36 (21)2017NBC
KNVA54 (49)5The CW
(Satellite of KBVO)
51 (51)2017MyNetworkTV
Llano, TexasKBVO §§14 (27)2017MyNetworkTV
Brownsville - Harlingen - McAllenKVEO-TV ##23 (24)2015NBC
El PasoKTSM-TV ##9 (16)2015NBC
Jacksonville - Tyler - LongviewKETK-TV ##56 (22)2015NBC
KFXK-TV51 (31)6Fox
KTPN-LD47 (48)6MyNetworkTV
(satellite of KTPN-LD)
47 (47)6MyNetworkTV
Lufkin - NacogdochesKFXL-LP
(satellite of KFXK)
LubbockKLBK-TV Q13 (40)2003CBS
KAMC 228 (27)2003ABC
Odessa - MidlandKMID2 (26)2000ABC
KPEJ-TV ##24 (23)4Fox
San AngeloKLST8 (11)2004CBS
KSAN-TV 23 (16)2003NBC
Waco - TempleKWKT-TV ##44 (44)2015Fox
Bryan - College StationKYLE-TV ##28 (28)2015MyNetworkTV
Wichita Falls - LawtonKFDX-TV3 (28)1998NBC
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
KJTL 218 (15)1999Fox
KJBO-LP 235 (3.2)1999MyNetworkTV
Salt Lake CityKTVX ¤¤4 (40)2012ABC
MeTV (DT2)
KUCW ¤¤30 (48)2012The CW
Burlington - PlattsburghWFFF-TV44 (43)2013Fox
WVNY 222 (13)2013ABC
Norfolk - Portsmouth - Virginia BeachWAVY-TV §§10 (31)2017NBC
WVBT §§43 (29)2017Fox
Richmond - PetersburgWRIC-TV §§8 (22)2017ABC
Roanoke - LynchburgWFXR ≈≈27 (17)2014Fox
WWCW ≈≈21 (20)2014The CW
Clarksburg - Fairmont - MorgantownWBOY-TV ++12 (12)2017NBC
Huntington - CharlestonWOWK-TV ++13 (13)2017CBS
Lewisburg - Bluefield - BeckleyWVNS-TV ++59 (8)2017CBS
Fox/MyNetworkTV (DT2)
Wheeling - SteubenvilleWTRF-TV ++7 (7)2017CBS
MyNetworkTV (DT2)
Green Bay - AppletonWFRV-TV5 (39)2011CBS
La CrosseWLAX ≈≈25 (17)2014Fox
MeTV (DT2)
Chippewa Falls - Eau ClaireWEUX ≈≈
(satellite of WLAX)
48 (49)2014Fox
MeTV (DT2)

Other Notes:

  • 1 The sale of KFTA to Mission Broadcasting is pending; Nexstar will continue to operate the station after the sale.
  • 2 These stations are nominally owned by Mission Broadcasting and operated by Nexstar under local marketing agreements.
  • 3 WYZZ is owned by Cunningham Broadcasting and operated by Nexstar under a local marketing agreement.
  • 4 These stations are nominally owned by Marshall Broadcasting and operated by Nexstar under a shared service agreement.
  • 5 These stations are nominally owned by Vaughan Media and operated by Nexstar under a shared service agreement.
  • 6 These stations are nominally owned by White Knight Broadcasting and operated by Nexstar under a shared service agreement.
  • 7 KZUP was owned by White Knight Broadcasting and operated by Nexstar under a shared service agreement from 2015 to 2016, prior to its acquisition by Nexstar in 2016.
  • 8 WDVM-TV serves as a sub-market station to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
  • 9 These stations are nominally owned by Shield Media and operated by Nexstar under a shared service agreement.
  • 10 These stations are nominally owned by Tamer Media, LLC, and operated by Nexstar under a shared service agreement.
  • 11 WNAC is owned by Super Towers, Inc. and operated by Nexstar under a local marketing agreement.

Former Nexstar stations

City of License / MarketStationChannel
Years ownedCurrent ownership status
Glenwood SpringsKREG-TV
(Satellite of KREX)
3 (23)2014–2017Heroes & Icons affiliate owned by Marquee Broadcasting
JacksonvilleWCWJ17 (34)2009–2017The CW affiliate owned by Graham Media Group
West Palm BeachFort PierceWTVX34 (34)2009–2012 1The CW affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
WTCN-CA50 (34.3)2009–2012 1MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
WWHB-CA48 (34.2)2009–2012 1Azteca América affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
Fort WayneWFFT-TV Q55 (36)2003–2017Fox affiliate owned by Heartland Media
LafayetteKADN-TV ##15 (16)2015–2017Fox affiliate owned by Bayou City Broadcasting
KLAF-LD ##46 (46)2015–2017NBC affiliate owned by Bayou City Broadcasting
St. JosephKQTV2 (7)1997–2017ABC affiliate owned by Heartland Media
RochesterWUHF31 (28)2005–2013 2Fox affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
LebanonLancasterYorkHarrisburgWLYH-TV15 (23)2006–2015 3Grit TV affiliate, WXBU, owned by Howard Stirk Holdings
ProvidenceNew BedfordWLWC28 (22)2009–2012 1Ion Life affiliate owned by OTA Broadcasting
(Operated through a SSA by Ion Media Networks)
AustinKEYE-TV42 (43)2009–2012 1CBS affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
BeaumontPort ArthurKBTV-TV4 (40)1998–2012Fox affiliate owned by Deerfield Media
(Operated through a SSA by Sinclair Broadcast Group)
Salt Lake CitySt. GeorgeKUTV2 (34)2009–2012 1CBS affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
KMYU12 (9)2009–2012 1MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group

Other Notes: