Natália Camurça Carvalho (born March 17, 1992), better known by her stage name Natalia Damini is an international singer, songwriter. Born in Fortaleza, Brazil.[2][3][4] Natalia Damini started her career at 17 years old with her first single Feeling The Love which became a very popular song in Brazil.


At 18 Natalia moved to São Paulo and released her second single Your Lies which went #1 on the international dance sales charts[5] and she was nominated for best dance artist at the Dj Sound Awards. Natalia teamed up with Charve The Don, Concore Entertainment CEO and released her Bad Girl EP which debut on iTunes Music Pop Charts at #32[6][7][8][9] and then she went on to release her debut album Beautiful in 2014 which reach #16 on iTunes Music Pop Charts, the album features Nicki Minaj,[2][2] Gucci Mane and The Shop Boyz.[2] Natalia also teamed up with Lil Wayne and Rezzo on the single Can't Stop Me.[2] Natalia Damini is the first artist from Brazil to have a major presence in the American music scene and has been featured in some of the biggest publications in music and also graces the cover of numerous magazines.[2] Natalia Damini's single Crazy reached #1 in September 2015 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart, #9 on Billboard Trending 140 and #1 on Spotify Top 25 Most Played Songs.[2]


2013Bad Girl - EP
2014Beautiful - Album


201625 DANCE HITS - Hot Fire ft. Nicki Minaj Dance MIx - Album


2010Feelin' The Love
2011Your Lies
It´s Over
2012Pisces (Feel The Music)
2013One More Chance
Bad Girl
2014Kiss It
Hot Fire feat. Nicki Minaj
Can't Stop Me feat. Lil Wayne, Rezzo
Can't Be Without You feat. Mister Jam
2015Give Me The Night


  • 2011 - 2012 Natalia Damini
  • 2013 - Feel The Music
  • 2013 - Sublimation Tour

Music videos

2011It's Over
2012Can't Be Without You feat. Mister Jam
2013One More Chance
2015Give Me The Night


Underground Music Awards


  • Best Female R&B/POP artist[2][2]