Nabilla Leona Benattia, well known as Nabilla, (born February 5, 1992), is a Franco-Swiss model and personality on reality tv.[6] She has appeared in L'Amour est aveugle (2009), Hollywood Girls (2012–2014), Les Anges de la télé-réalité (2012–2013) and her own TV show Allo Nabilla (2013–2014).

She became known in France for her one-liner "non, mais allô quoi" on les Anges de la télé-réalité.[7] The line was subsequently used in ads from brands such as IKEA and Carrefour.[8] It gave rise to a number of parody videos viewed millions of times on YouTube, including a Downfall parody. She registered the phrase as a trademark at the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle.[9]


Nabilla was first hired by a modelling agency when she was 14 years old.[10] Soon after, she was elected Miss Salon international de l'automobile de Genève 2011 while working on the Peugeot stand, Benattia, aged 19 in October 2011, appeared in TF1's reality TV show l'Amour est aveugle ("love is blind"), in which the participants meet in total darkness.[11]

Following her first appearance on TV, Benattia underwent breast enlargement surgery, which she claims was to further her career, enabling her to appear in publications such as Maxim and Playboy.[12]

During 2012, she appeared in the fourth series of les Anges de la télé-réalité, shot in Hawaii.[11] The programme, which airs on NRJ 12, follows a group of reality TV personalities for ten weeks.[11] On the show she became romantically involved with Sofiane Tadjine-Lambert, who was in Star Academy 4.[11] He wrote a song for her Dingue de toi (Nabi… Nabilla), which reached number 25 in the French music charts.[13] Following the show, she was interviewed by Jeremstar, on the show La Conciergerie.

In early 2013, she finished filming on the fifth series in Florida.[11] For her participation in this series, Benattia purportedly earned €25,000.[14] In the fourth episode, after an argument with a participant regarding the purchasing of shampoo, Benattia uttered to the camera the words which led to the establishment of her celebrity status:[15]

"Euh, allô! non, mais allô, quoi. T'es une fille et t'as pas de shampooing ? Allô. Allô ! Je sais pas, moi, vous me recevez ? T'es une fille, t'as pas de shampooing ? C'est comme si je dis : t'es une fille, t'as pas de cheveux !" ("Er, hello! I mean, like, hello? You're a girl, you got no shampoo. Hello. Hello! I dunno, you receiving me? You're a girl, you got no shampoo? It's like I'd say: you're a girl, you got no hair".)

Nabilla's uttering caused a media buzz in France and generated many parodies, on the internet and in various media.[5] La Grosse Équipe, the production company behind les Anges, registered four trademarks in mid-March with l'Institut national de la propriété industrielle, the French intellectual property registry. These were "Allô, quoi", "Allô, t'es une fille, t'as pas de shampooing, c'est comme si je dis, t'es une fille, t'as pas de cheveux", "Allô, non mais allô quoi", and "Allô, Nabilla la vraie vie de la famille Benattia".[17] The last of these resulted in rumours discussed on Twitter that a new reality show was in the offing with her as the star.[17] In a TV interview on the talkshow Grand journal, watched by 1.8 million viewers, Benattia confirmed that there will be a reality TV show following her day-to-day.[15] La Grosse Équipe has also registered "Nabilla cherche l'amour" as a title for a TV show.[15]

A fifth trademark "Nabilla allô t'es une fille t'as pas de shampooing c' est comme si t'es une fille t'as pas de cheveux" was registered by Benattia herself.[17] The trademarks are registered across ten categories covering a wide range of products including scientific instruments, jewellery and linen but not shampoo.[17]

In April 2013, a French Wikipedia article about her was deleted after a debate resulted in the decision that she lacked encyclopedic interest, being merely the object of a "buzz" instead of proper "information";[5] this decision on the French-language Wikipedia generated some media attention[5][5][20] The page was redirected to that of Les Anges de la téléréalité.;[5] in January 2014, it was ultimately recreated and kept after another debate, which concluded that her notability had proved sufficiently durable.

On 12 November 2013, her own TV Reality show started on NRJ 12. Called Allô Nabilla, ma famille en Californie (in reference to her famous line "Non mais allô quoi"), the show follows her and her family in Los Angeles.[5] The show got mixed reviews.[6] While the premiere's ratings were disappointing[6], the show performed ultimately well, and was renewed for three other seasons.[6] In September 2014, she became a columnist for Touche pas à mon poste !, France's most popular talk show.[6]

She is often referred as the "French Kim Kardashian" by TMZ.[6]

In April 2016, she released an autobiographical book, Trop vite (Too fast).[6]

Personal life

Nabilla Benattia was born in Ambilly, France with an Algerian/Italian origin[6] near the border with Switzerland. Her father is a Frenchman of Algerian origin and her mother Algerian and Swiss Italian.[12] She has been in a relationship with Thomas Vergara since January 2013.[6]

In July 2009, Nabilla Benattia was arrested for her part in a fraud alongside three Congolese and sentenced to six months in prison.[31] She used a stolen passport to open three bank accounts under a false identity. Meanwhile, the Congolese individuals intercepted money transfers from public letter boxes and modified the bank account details to match the accounts Benattia had set up. She subsequently withdrew money from them. The victims were slow to realise the theft because most of them were elderly people. According to the department of justice, approximately 200,000 Swiss francs were stolen.[31][6] She was caught on CCTV in a branch of UBS Bank in January 2009 and was arrested at Geneva airport in July 2009, with the passport of her cousin, and used a false identity to the police. She spent a month in La Clairière youth detention centre for her part in the crimes.[7]

On 7 November 2014, she was arrested and subsequently detained for several weeks after wounding her boyfriend Thomas Vergara in the chest with a knife during an argument.[7] After keeping a low profile for several months, she made a media comeback in April 2016, by publishing her autobiography.[7] On 19 May 2016, she was sentenced to six months in jail, but avoided returning behind bars thanks to the French system of penalty adjustments.[7] She and Thomas Vergara reconciled before the trial.[7]


2007Turn Me UpWilly Denzey's music video
2008À la Vie ÉternellementUnknown roleSwiss TV movie
2011Dating in the DarkHerselfContestant, 8 episodes
2012Les Anges 4 : Club HawaïHerselfContestant, 55 episodes
2012Dingue de toiSofiane Tadjine's music video
2012Le MagHerselfChronicler
2012CelebrationThe Game's music video
2012–14Hollywood GirlsNabilla KleinSeries regular, 106 episodes
2013Les Anges 5 : Welcome To FloridaHerselfContestant, 90 episodes
2013Love Is What You Make Of ItMaude Harcheb's music video
2013Ocean Drive AvenueLes Anges 5's music video
2013GirlZMake The Girl Dance's music video
2013–14Allô NabillaHerselfMain role, 34 episodes
2014Les Anges 6 : Les RetrouvaillesHerself
2014It's Only TVHerselfChronicler
2016Les Anges 8 : Pacific DreamHerselfCameo, 1 episode
2017Orange Is the New BlackNabillaGuest
2017Les Incroyables Aventures de Nabilla et Thomas en AustralieHerselfLead role, 40 episodes