mr. Pam (born December 8, 1972) is an American female director of gay pornography. Openly bisexual, mr. Pam holds a unique position as gay adult's only female videographer.

Between 1996 and 2008, Pam shot and edited for a variety of gay pornographic studios, including Black Scorpion Video, COLT Studio Group, Hot House Entertainment, Jet Set Men, and Studio 2000. In addition, Pam edited movies directed by Chi Chi LaRue, John Rutherford, and Steven Scarborough. Her reputation in the industry took a significant upturn after she became a familiar on-camera personality in the online adult entertainment talk show Tim & Roma! Show. She presently works with San-Francisco gay pornographic studio Naked Sword.


mr. Pam was born on December 8, 1972 in San Francisco, California and given the name Pam Doré.

In 1996 when she was 24, Pam worked part-time as a video editor at the San Francisco, California pornographic film studio Falcon Studios, one of the world's largest producers of gay pornography. At that time, she lived on 18th Street in San Francisco. After Falcon's president/director John Rutherford became concerned that the studio’s founder, Chuck Holmes, might think that a woman would not know what was male-male hot, he quickly gave the male pseudonym "mr. Pam", with the lower case "m" signifying her gender and giving additional marketability.

In 2000 at age 27, mr. Pam worked as a Web designer for ZDNet, the first online information service to be created by a major print publishing company. To make additional money (approximately $350 a month), she had her car wrapped by with the logo of MobileEngines, a Silicon Valley based provider of wireless entertainment services for Internet-enabled mobile phones and PDAs founded in January 1999.

In 2003, Pam began working with the online adult entertainment talk show Tim & Roma! Show. In 2004, Pam took on the task of both directing and editing eXposed: The Making of a Legend, a chronicling of the COLT Studio Group three-week shoot of the gay porn extravaganza "Buckleroos." Pam maintained a "family" vibe on the set of eXposed and Buckleroos, something both the cast and crew found comforting. Her work on eXposed was lauded by Variety magazine, which said that the picture benefitted "from female helmer Pam's light touch, leavening content that's sometimes close to glorified in-house promotion."

In February 2008, Pam was nominated for Best Editing/Hunger and Best Videographer/Gigolo at the 2008 GayVN Awards, but lost out to Chris Ward/Ben Leon and to Brian Mills and Paul Wilde/FEAR, respectively. Also in 2008, Pan shot "Brothers' Reunion" for New York-based gay pornographic studio Lucas Entertainment, which finished production in June 2008 and was available in August 2008. At this same time, Pam served in a variety of positions on the online adult entertainment talk show Tim & Roma! Show, including director, lead videographer, lighting designer, video and audio editor, and graphic designer.

By this time, Pam had gained a reputation in adult entertainment as a creative professional who brings "a strong positive energy to the set," a desired quality especially on gay pornographic shoots that are literal daylong shoots. From her view, she sees her onset persona as a "kick-ass cameraman, slutty friend, or ‘Mommy’ if the boys need a hug or someone to talk with." In addition, her open-minded nature and congenial attitudes extends to a willingness to "wipe their ass [and] clean up accidents, piss, cum." In August 2008, New York-based gay pornographic studio Lucas Entertainment signed Pam to an exclusive videographer contract as its creative director of film and production. In September 2008, she relocated from San Francisco to New York City.


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