The Middle East Eye (MEE) is an online news portal covering events in the Middle East. According to its official website, the MEE is an "independently funded online news organization that was founded in February 2014". It aims to be the primary portal of Middle East news, and describes its target audience as "all those communities of readers living in and around the region that care deeply for its fate".[3] The MEE is edited by David Hearst, the former chief foreign leader writer for the British daily The Guardian.[4] The MEE is wholly owned by Middle East Eye Ltd, a UK company that was incorporated in October 2015 which claims to employ about 20 full-time staff in its London offices. It also claims to have a network of freelance journalists. The sole director of Middle East Eye Ltd is Jamal Bessasso (whose surname is alternatively spelled Bassasso), a former director of planning and human resources at Al Jazeera.

Despite Hearst's denial of affiliation between the MEE and any governments or organizations, several members of the Muslim Brotherhood are affiliated with the Middle East Eye,[5][6] and the MEE itself has supported the Brotherhood.[7][8] In April 2016, the Middle East Eye published an article defending the Muslim Brotherhood against its detractors.[9] In February 2017, the Middle East Eye also reported on potential measures against the Muslim Brotherhood by US senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), quoting criticism of such measures by Shadi Hamid.[10] Also in February 2017, the Middle East Eye published an article criticizing and attacking US proposals to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.[11] Hanan Chehata, a regular contributor to Middle East Eye, has also insulted people supporting secularism as "secular fanatics".[3] Rori Donaghy, a former MEE journalist, is connected to Anas Altikriti, the CEO and founder of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Cordoba Foundation.[3] Additionally, the MEE has been noted by Saudi Arabia as a news outlet funded by Qatar (both directly and indirectly),[3] the Qatari government itself being supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

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  • Middle East Monitor (another London-based news website which has also reported on Middle Eastern issues and is supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas)