Mavi is a brand of denim and jeans-wear founded in 1991, based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company manufactures jeans for both women and men, targeting a younger age group. The global operation is headquartered in Turkey, with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Australia.

Mavi has flagship stores in New York, Vancouver, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.

Celebrities who wear this brand of jeans include Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton. In 2012, Adriana Lima signed a contract with Mavi for a marketing campaign, recording a series of commercials. The campaign was so successful, that the sales increased 50%.

The company's name derives from the fact that 'Mavi' is a Turkish word for blue. Its major factory in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ Province[1]