Matty Mullins (born July 3, 1988) is an American rock musician. He is the lead vocalist of Dallas-based metalcore band Memphis May Fire.

Life and career

Early life

Matty Mullins was born on July 3, 1988 in Spokane, Washington. His father was a Pastor. He grew up in a Conservative Christian family and was only allowed to attend to the concerts of Christian rock bands. Matty Mullins graduated at Shadle Park High School. At the age of 18, he married Brittany Mullins. He is living in Nashville, TN.


Before joining Memphis May Fire through an open audition in 2008 Mullins played in several local music groups in Spokane. He worked on the Between the Lies EP and the albums Sleepwalking, The Hollow, Challenger and Unconditional.

He is featured as guest vocalist for several acts like Woe, Is Me, Hands Like Houses, Sleeping with Sirens, For Today and Yellowcard. In 2013 it was announced that Mullins started a solo project. His solo album was scheduled for release on September 23, 2014 via Rise Records. It debuted on 4 at Billboard 200 charts in the US at the week of October 11, 2014.

Musical influences

He stated being influenced by bands like Every Time I Die, Architects, Bring Me the Horizon and Asking Alexandria.


Mullins is the main songwriter for Memphis May Fire. His lyrics often deal with personal experiences, both as a person and a musician, and his religious beliefs.


Mullins wrote the song Prove Me Right against the former bands label Trustkill Records and is a critic on the younger music industry:

″The first single we released was called Prove Me Right. That song is about the music industry and what it does to me. And just kind of realizing that the 15 year old me that just wanted a record deal and thought that people in the music industry were just there to help support you and your dream when the reality of it is that it’s the complete opposite. It’s a bunch of money hungry suits that really don’t care – and I’m not saying that this is everybody – but some of the people that we worked with – people who don’t really care about the music or the art at all. All they see is dollar signs. So that song is about everyone who ever kicked me when I was down – tried to make me feel like I couldn’t accomplish what I have today. It’s kind of a middle finger to everybody who ever said I couldn’t do it – because I’m here doing it right now.″


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