Amanda Rose Moseley[14] (born December 20, 1993) better known by her stage name Mandy Rain, is an American recording artist, dancer, and actress. Rain started her acting career at a young age. In 2007, Rain auditioned for Star Camp, a Nickelodeon television show that focuses on the making of a super star musical group. Rain was chosen along with seven other kids to join the show and The Giggle Club. The band disbanded shortly after the series' finale. Shortly afterwards, The Giggle Club's producer Nick Cannon decided to groom Rain for a solo career. Cannon started bringing Rain to recording studios to record songs while he was drafting a show for her called The Diaries of Mandy Rain. After hearing one of the tracks Rain had recorded, Cannon got inspired by it and decided to start drafting a different show about three private school girls. After several months, Canon formed School Gyrls. The original line up featured Rain, Monica Parales, and Jacque Pyles. In the summer of 2009, School Gyrls starred in a movie Canon had written called School Gyrls which premiered on Nickelodeon on February 21, 2010. Shortly afterwards, they released a self-titled album School Gyrls. Later that year, they also released a holiday album titled A Very School Gyrls Holla-Day. Rain and Pyles left the group shortly after the release of the holiday album to focus on their solo careers.

A year after the disbandment of the School Gyrls, Rain signed to Empire Distribution and released her debut single "Boogie". Her debut EP Riot was released in January 2015.

Early life

Mandy Rain was born as Amanda Moseley in Hollywood, Florida on December 20, 1993. Mosley is the daughter of actor and comedian Mark Moseley. Mosley has one brother named Matt Moseley who is a professional dancer.


2007–09: Career beginnings

When Rain was 13 years old, she auditioned for the Nickelodeon series "Star Camp". Rain was chosen along with seven other kids to be in a musical group called "The Giggle Club". Star Camp documented The Giggle Club as they recorded songs and performed live.[16] During the filming of Star Camp, Moseley was given her stage name "Mandy Rain" by Nick Cannon. Shortly after season one, the Giggle Club had broken up so all the members could focus on their solo careers. After the series ended, Nick Cannon decided to groom Rain for a solo career. Cannon brought Rain to several record producers to record solo tracks, while he drafted a sitcom concept, "The Diaries of Mandy Rain", that he would pitch to Nickelodeon and Disney.

Sometime during 2008, when Nick Cannon heard a demo that Rain had recorded called "Detention", Cannon thought of the idea of creating a TV show about three private school girls who meet in detention. Rain's version of "Detention" was later featured in the first School Gyrls' album "School Gyrls". Shortly after, Cannon created the girl group "School Gyrls" which featured Rain, Monica Parales, and Jasmine Villegas. After Villegas had announced her departure from the group to pursue a solo career, auditions were held for a new third member. The third member added to the group was Jacque Pyles . In the summer of 2009, Rain filmed the made-for-television film "School Gyrls with her fellow School Gyrls members. After a bit of convincing, Cannon's friend L.A. Reid allowed his newly signed artist Justin Bieber to make a cameo in the made for television film. By the time the movie aired on Nickelodeon, Justin Bieber had become an international star, ensuring dramatic ratings for the introduction of the "School Gyrls".

2010–14: Breakthrough with School Gyrls and solo career

In 2010, The School Gyrls released an album titled "School Gyrls which served as the soundtrack to the film along with their debut album. The album spawned three singles, the first and only charting single "Something Like A Party" was a club smash hit, reaching a peak of #5 on the Hot Dance/Club Play chart, and stayed on the chart for 13 consecutive weeks.[18] C

Later in 2010, Rain released her first holiday album and second studio album with The School Gyrls titled "A Very School Gyrls Holla-Day". A movie of the same name was used to promote the album and was premiered on Nickelodeon like the first film. After the holiday movie had aired in January 2011, Nick Cannon began planning for the School Gyrls to star in a reality series. Rain stated later in interviews that she did not want to participate in the reality show, and the group's manager Nick Cannon was understanding of this along with Rain's urge to have a solo career, and let her leave the group under her request. In an interview on January 25, 2011 when asked about the future of School Gyrls, Rain stated that she had planned to pursue a solo career.[20]

During an interview with Kevin Dees, when asked about her career, Rain said that there were several television pilots in the works and that she was currently working on her first solo album.[22] In late September, 2011, Rain announced that she would be releasing her debut single in October of that same year. She premiered a preview of the song on ClevverTV and also revealed that the song was called "Boogie".[24] Rain released "Boogie" in October, 2011. A music video was released several months later in March 2012 and was directed by Fernando Cordero. Boogie was supposed to be the first single off of an Extended Play by Rain, but after a year there has been no word whether she is still releasing the extended play.[25]

In 2012, Rain began working with manager and producer Shawn Campbell on an updated musical and marketing direction. Rain is currently unsigned, but is managed by Campbell and Darrien Henning of production company "Push Music Group".

In October 2013, It was announced that Rain had signed a singles deal with Empire Records.[27] Rain performed the National Anthem on December 23, 2013 at a L.A. Clippers game.[28][30]

On January 15, 2014, Rain publicly announced on her official Twitter account that her latest single would be called "Riot" and that it would be self-released on January 28, 2014. That same day Riot was made available for pre-oredering on iTunes.[31] Riot was released four days before planned on January 24. A few days prior to the release, Rain had a contest on Twitter where the first five to change their profile picture to Riot's cover art would get a phone call with Rain.[33] In one of the phone calls, Rain revealed that she would be releasing a video within the next few months.[35][37] Riot was co-written with Brandyn Burnette, Abraham Dean, and Issac Hasson.[39] On January 27, 2014, Rain appeared on CNN's "Showbiz Tonight".[41] On January 30, 2014, Rain released an official lyric video to her YouTube channel realmandyrain.[43] In an interview with the podcast "The Pat Stone Show", Rain announced her plans to release an extended play towards the middle of 2014.[44] In an episode of the podcast, Fancalls, Rain stated how she was currently in the middle of production for the music video for "Riot".

On March 30, 2014, Rain's management, All Star Music announced via social networking site Twitter that Rain would be touring later in the year also adding at the end of the tweet #RIOLIVE. It is unknown whether Riot Live is the name of the tour.[46] In April, Rain appeared on the cover of Dopeness Magazine and also did an interview with them.

On May 28, 2014, Rain announced that her debut extended play was finally available for pre-ordering through online music outlets.[48][50] Rain also announced that she was partnering with PledgeMusic to allow her fans to get up to date information and exclusive videos and pictures of the entire process of recording the extended play along with many other things to be bought such as a cover song of a fan's choice and a skype call with Rain. On July 23, Rain announced that her music video for "Riot" would be released on Friday of that same week on Rain's official Vevo account. Rain's label announced on the day of the video's original release that the video had been delayed for reasons not stated. The official video for "Riot" was released onto Rain's Vevo account on August 6 at 7:00 A.M. The video was removed from YouTube for unknown reasons. The video was re-uploaded onto YouTube on August 18. Rain announced on her Twitter that she would be releasing her single "Dare to Love" with Kenton Duty onto iTunes on September 16. Rain has announced that there will also be a music video and released several stills and behind the scenes photos from the video. Kenton Duty announced on Twitter that the music video for "Dare to Love" would be released on Monday September 29 on Vevo. On October 21, 2014, Rain released the Brooklyn remix of her single "Riot".[54] On October 25, Rain tweeted "11/11/14 new music. 12/2/14 more new music. 1/26/15 the EP drops. 1/27/15 the album begins." InRage Entertainment posted a photo with Rain and Bruce Vanderveer with the caption "11.11.14" which is believed to be a release date of some project involving the two.

On December 1, Rain released a cover of Justin Bieber's holiday song "Mistletoe" onto her SoundCloud page.[56]

2015–present: Riot

Rain made her debut extended play, Riot, for pre ordering on January 7, 2015. The EP featured singles "Riot" and "Dare to Love" along with four other songs and an "introduction" to the extended play. Rain made second appearance on web talk show "Pop Trigger" in an episode dated January 30, 2015.[58] Rain announced in late January that she was filming a new music video for "Just Want to Love You" from Riot. The video was intended to be released on Valentine's Day but was never released for unknown reasons. Another music video for the song "Back to Bad" was announced on April 11.



Rain performing with fellow School Gyrls' members in 2010.
Britney Spears and Janet Jackson (right) are two of Rain's biggest influences

Rain's early music was primarily pop rock with some R&B influences. Most of the music that Rain released with her former band, School Gyrls, was mainly dance and pop rock music. Rain described her debut single "Boogie" as a fun "modernized boogie" song.


Rain has stated in interviews that she was inspired to pursue music cause of Britney Spears, NSYNC, Spice Girls, and Janet Jackson.


In 2013 and 2014, Rain was listed as one of the twenty rising stars by TheWhosLookingList in September,[60] November, December,[62] January, and February.[64]

Rain was included in Ouch! magazine's "Most Beautiful 30 Under 30" list in October, 2014.[66]


Rain supports several organizations including Best Friend Animal Shelter. Rain started supporting organizations dealing with cancer after her grandfather died of cancer.


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