Love Radio Network is a broadcast radio network in the Philippines owned by Manila Broadcasting Company. Its headquarters are located at Cultural Center of the Philippine Complex, Pasay City, Manila. Its flagship station is DZMB in Metro Manila.

Love Radio is currently #1 in the FM radio ratings for 14 years (since 2003), according to Radio Research Council.


Love Radio was previously known by its call letters DZMB when it began broadcasts on the FM band in 1975 from its first broadcast days on the AM band. Back then, it played mainstream pop, later gravitating to easy listening music. As DZMB, it also introduced and institutionalized the deep-voiced radio announcers.

Some of the radio DJs who worked are Chris Tsuper, Nicole Hyala, Papa Jack, Shai Tisai, Diego Bandido, Raqi Tera, and Kristine Dera.

Nationwide programming

  • Tambalan with Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala (Monday-Friday 8am-9:30am)
  • TLC: The Drama Special with Kristine Dera and Tanya Chinita (Monday-Friday 1pm-2pm)×^^
  • TLC: True Love Conversations/The Letter with Papa Jack (Monday-Friday 9pm-12am)

× - Broadcast in all Love Radio stations

Love Radio stations

BrandingCallsignFrequencyPower (kW)Location
90.7 Love Radio ManilaDZMB90.7 MHz25 kWMetro Manila
95.1 Love Radio BaguioDWMB95.1 MHz10 kWBaguio
90.7 Love Radio LaoagDWIL90.7 MHz5 kWLaoag
101.7 Love Radio La UnionDWST101.7 MHz5 kWSan Fernando, La Union
98.3 Love Radio DagupanDWID98.3 MHz10 kWDagupan
94.1 Love Radio TuguegaraoDWMN94.1 MHz10 kWTuguegarao City
94.5 Love Radio SantiagoDWIP94.5 MHz5 kWSantiago City
97.7 Love Radio TarlacDZLT97.7 MHz10 kWTarlac City, Tarlac
100.7 Love Radio LucenaDWLW100.7 MHz5 kWLucena
98.3 Love Radio PalawanDYEZ98.3 MHz10 kWPuerto Princesa City, Palawan
95.3 Love Radio DaetDWKS95.3 MHz5 kWDaet, Camarines Norte
99.1 Love Radio NagaDWYN99.1 MHz10 kWNaga
99.5 Love Radio LegaspiDWCM99.5 MHz5 kWLegaspi
100.1 Love Radio KaliboDYSM100.1 MHz5 kWKalibo
105.7 Love Radio RoxasDYML105.7 MHz5 kWRoxas
97.5 Love Radio IloiloDYMB97.5 MHz10 kWIloilo
91.9 Love Radio BacolodDYKS91.9 MHz10 kWBacolod City
97.9 Love Radio CebuDYBU97.9 MHz25 kWCebu
91.1 Love Radio TaclobanDYTM91.1 MHz5 kWTacloban
97.9 Love Radio ZamboangaDXCM97.9 MHz5 kWZamboanga
106.3 Love Radio MalaybalayDXIQ106.3 MHz10 kWMalaybalay
107.1 Love Radio IliganDXLS107.1 MHz5 kWIligan
90.7 Love Radio DavaoDXBM90.7 MHz25 kWDavao
K101 Love Radio General SantosDXWK101.5 MHz10 kWGeneral Santos
E100.1 Love Radio KoronadalDXME100.1 MHz5 kWKoronadal
95.1 Love Radio ButuanDXMB95.1 MHz5 kWButuan
102.7 Love Radio CotabatoDXVC102.7 MHz5 kWCotabato

*Originating Stations of Love Radio Manila & Provincial