Ali Amel (Persian: علي عامل‎) (born June 16, 1982), professionally known as Lost & Found, is an electronic music producer and DJ.


Extended Plays

TitleEP details
New Beginnings
Horns of a Heart
Throwback: 2.0
Never Goodbye EP
Ich Bin EP
Trust Me
Ups N Downs


2013S.E.F."M-O-E"Lost & Found Remix
2014Denham Audio"Contact"Lost & Found Remix
2014The Orion Correlation"Character Assassination"Lost & Found Remix

Video Games

Video games
2017All Walls Must FallMusicHammy Havoc

Musical Style & Influence

Amel has a background in UK garage, having grown up seeing the likes of Laurent Garner and being particularly inspired by "The Man With The Red Face" because of the live saxophonist accompanying the DJ set.[15] Amel used to sneak out of his family home at the ages of fourteen and fifteen to go to local clubs, he states his influences as Derrick May, Leftfield, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, and A Guy Called Gerald.[7]

Critical Response

The response to Amel's first EP, Dedication, has been largely positive,[7][7] as it has also been for his New Beginnings EP.[7] Never Goodbye EP has been described as an "innovative, forward thinking EP".[7]

Personal life

Amel's brother is screenwriter and film producer Arash Amel,[7] who taught Amel to DJ.[7]

Amel founded the open-source record label Voidance Records with Hammy Havoc in October 2013.[7][7] The label is now officially based in Berlin, Germany after Amel moved from London, United Kingdom.[7]