Elizabeth Clayton "Liz" Nolan and Julia Anne Nolan (born December 23, 1991), are twin sisters notable for competing in the seventeenth season of the American reality television program Big Brother, Liz being the runner-up and last female contestant. Originally known as one contestant called "Liz", the twins would switch out every few days until after the fifth eviction on Day 43, when both started competing as separate players.


Early life

The twins were born December 23, 1991 in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, where they both currently reside. They are of Irish-Italian and German ancestry and have an elder sister named Angela. Julia had leukemia from the age of 4 to 6 when she recovered. They attended Coconut Grove Elementary, South Miami Middle and Immaculata-LaSalle High School before heading off to college at Loyola University New Orleans. Liz works as a marketing coordinator and Julia works as a marketing intern. Both of them appeared in a crowd scene at the end the film Hoot which was shot in Florida.

Big Brother 17

The contestant known as Liz entered the house on the second episode. She was one of seven HouseGuests to compete in the second episode Head of Household competition, losing to Jason. As part of the BB Takeover twist of week one, Liz was granted immunity from nomination by Da'Vonne. During week two, HoH Shelli considered nominating Liz to replace Johnny Mac on the block, but Liz's ally, Austin, convinced Shelli to nominate Meg instead.

During the first eviction episode, Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed Liz and Julia as the season's Twin Twist Houseguests. Liz and Julia had been playing the game as one HouseGuest, switching places in the Diary Room every few days, with only fifteen minutes to change outfits and brief each other on what was going on in the house. If able to survive the first five evictions, both twins would be allowed to enter the house and play the game as individuals. During week two, Da'Vonne Rogers began noticing small differences in the way Liz looked and acted around the house and became suspicious that Liz might be playing the game with a twin. Da'Vonne confided in Jason, who agreed with her suspicions. Together, Da'Vonne and Jason began telling other HouseGuests about the possibility that Liz was a twin.

When Vanessa approached Julia with the rumor, she admitted that the rumors were true. Vanessa then approached Austin, Shelli and Clay, who agreed to form an alliance with the twins, with the ultimate goal of keeping them safe until week five, when they would be allowed to enter the house as individuals. They titled this alliance "The Sixth Sense."

Liz won the week four HoH competition alongside her ally, Shelli. Liz nominated Jackie and James for eviction, while Shelli targeted Jason and Johnny Mac. Liz's nominees won the BoB competition, dethroning her and removing themselves from danger. Liz was nominated by Jackie in week five. Unaware that she was part of a greater plan to backdoor Austin, Liz worked her hardest during the BoB competition and successfully beat Clay and Becky, despite her partner James's attempts to throw the competition. Since Liz won the BoB competition, both she and Julia reached their goal of surviving five evictions and Julia entered the house. On Day 43, after surviving the first five evictions, Julia earned the right to enter the house as a houseguest. When Julia came in as a houseguest, her picture was placed on the memory wall, replacing Jace's photo. During week 7 Liz won HOH, and nominated Becky and John. Liz ended up being the runner-up in a 6-3 vote against Steve Moses, only receiving votes from Julia, Austin, and Vanessa.

Post Big Brother

Liz and Austin, who had been in a relationship on the show, were reportedly still dating in October 2015. They moved to Los Angeles and broke up in February 2016.