Power Rangers Dino Charge, and its second season Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, is an American children's television series that airs on Nickelodeon. It is the 2015 and 2016 entry in the Power Rangers franchise. The show follows the Power Rangers Tyler Navarro (Brennan Mejia), Shelby Watkins (Camille Hyde), Koda the caveman (Yoshi Sudarso), Riley Griffin (Michael Taber), and Chase Randall (James Davies) who protect the Earth from the evil alien bounty hunter Sledge who seeks the Energems to become invincible. The Power Rangers are later joined by the medieval knight Sir Ivan of Zandar (Davi Santos), his modern liege Prince Phillip III (Jarred Blakiston), their own tech expert Kendall Morgan (Claire Blackwelder), Tyler's long lost father James (Reuben Turner, Dan Musgrove), and Keeper's apprentice Zenowing who also become Power Rangers to stop Sledge, only to find his former prisoner Heckyl (Ryan Carter) has transformed into the more powerful evil alien Snide and he now wants to finish what Sledge has started and take over the Earth.

Dino Charge Power Rangers

Based at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum in the city of Amber Beach, the Dino Charge Rangers' arsenal revolves around being powered by the Energems, ten items of great power. As the spirits of dinosaurs that Keeper initially entrusted the Energems to have bonded into them, they manifest as Zords that the Dino Charge Rangers use to fight enlarged monsters. Having only five Energems, the Power Rangers' mission is to find the remaining five before their enemies do. But, as a series progress, the Power Rangers has successfully obtained five more Energems, thus completing all 10 Energems.

Tyler Navarro

Tyler Navarro is the enthusiastic and adventurous leader of the Dino Charge Power Rangers. He works as a chef at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum's restaurant, the Dino Bite Cafe. He has been searching for his father who mysteriously disappeared ten years ago while on an archaeological dig site. His father had left Tyler a journal that had a sketch of a monster (Fury), whom Tyler has been seeking for clues of his father's disappearance. His search ultimately leads him to a cave where he finds the Red Energem in a Tyrannosaurus fossil, and becomes the Dino Charge Red Ranger after he saves Shelby from the evil monster Iceage. Tyler is very outgoing, gregarious and affectionate, nicknaming his T-Rex Zord "Rexy". He is also fond of taking selfies.

As the Dino Charge Red Ranger, Tyler commands the T-Rex Zord that forms the main body of nearly all of the Dino Charge Megazord formations, as well as combining with the Plesio Zord alongside Pachy Zord into Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation.

Tyler Navarro is portrayed by Brennan Mejia.[4][5][6] Mejia was a fan of Power Rangers going in to the show, particularly Power Rangers Time Force. He, and other members of the cast, were all surprised by the producers when they did a cold read of the script and were instructed to open up treasure chests as part of the reading, inside which contained their official new role.[7] He previously auditioned for Power Rangers Samurai, and had also tried out for the Blue and Green Ranger roles in Dino Charge as part of the audition process. Before working on Power Rangers, he worked as an acrobat at the San Diego Zoo.[9] Mejia spoke in interviews of how he and the other cast members trained with Japanese stunt actors from the Super Sentai shows to prepare for action scenes. He also joked of how he and the other cast members became accustomed to wearing their signature colors offset.[10]

Shelby Watkins

Shelby Watkins is a clumsy, slightly ditzy girl who works as a waitress at the Dino Bite Cafe inside the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. Shelby has a vast knowledge of dinosaurs, with her favorite being the Triceratops. When she stows away in the back of one of the museum's trucks heading for a dig site, she spots the Pink Energem being stolen by the monster Iceage. She takes it from him, and it chooses her to become the Dino Charge Pink Ranger. Shelby develops a crush on Tyler.

As the Dino Charge Pink Ranger, Shelby can command the Tricera Zord that forms the left arm of the Dino Charge Megazord.

Shelby Watkins is portrayed by Camille Hyde.[4][5][6] Hyde is the first African-American woman to portray a Pink Power Ranger.[11] Hyde felt that her part in Dino Charge would become a part of the long legacy of Power Rangers by continuing with the dinosaur theme. She also remarked that being able to stay on her feet was one of the hardest parts of the physical training as part of the role, and was just as surprised as her castmates when she was given the role at what they thought was their final audition.[7] Prior to the show, Hyde was a student at Chapman University majoring in policy and environmental science.[12] She left her studies early in order to go to an audition. In an interview, she mentioned the camaraderie she felt from the actresses who portrayed the Yellow and Pink Rangers in Power Rangers Megaforce, who wrote to her to ask if she was feeling all right when she began filming in New Zealand for the first time. She also spoke of how the young fans have treated her when they realize who she is, bringing up a time she was recognized by two little boys in a pizzeria in her hometown of Washington, D.C..[9] The Shelby Watkins character has been described as a "stubborn tomboy".[11] In her role, Hyde wears a stretchy pink body suit, matching helmet, and battles an evil alien named Sledge.[12] While filming in New Zealand, Hyde received martial arts training, and continued to pursue her academics through online courses. Hyde attributed her success to her determination to stay focused, and to acting courses she took at Chapman University.[12] Hyde considered herself a tomboy growing up, and never wore pink, but now that she had been filming as Shelby for a year, she began to wear more pink outside of the role.[10]


Koda is a Cro-Magnon caveman who a hundred thousand years ago found the Blue Energem in a Stegosaurus fossil and used its powers to save his little brother from a Smilodon attack. However, he fell off a cliff and ended up frozen in a glacier, but the Energem's powers kept him from dying. He is unfrozen in modern times upon being found by Kendall and Chase, ultimately becoming the Dino Charge Blue Ranger alongside the others (making him the oldest Power Ranger ever), using his extraordinary strength and sharp reflexes and senses to help in fights. He now works for the Amber Beach Museum as a digger on paleontological expeditions and as a dishwasher for the Dino Bite Cafe, while he tries to adapt to modern customs and technology. Koda speaks in broken, minimalist sentences as he is still learning the English language. Over time, he comes to see the other Dino Charge Rangers as not just his friends, but as his family. He is also the only Ranger whom Kendall allows to address her by her given name.

As the Dino Charge Blue Ranger, taking advantage of his superhuman strength in a fight, he commands the Stego Zord that forms the right arm of the Dino Charge Megazord.

Koda is portrayed by Yoshi Sudarso.[4][5][6] Sudarso has been a fan of Power Rangers since a child, and also enjoyed Time Force. On auditioning for the role, he said that he had known it was a caveman and had used a particular speech pattern when auditioning, but was thrown off by the cold read on the day that he was given the role.[7] Sudarso is also a fan of the Japanese television series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger on which Dino Charge was based, and hooked Brennan Mejia on the show as well, leading the two of them and fellow cast member James Davies to leave their own ad libbed references to the show that made it into the final cut.[9]

Riley Griffin

Riley Griffin is the youngest member of the Dino Charge Power Rangers, a cool headed 17 year old. Before moving to Amber Beach, he lived on a farm with his mother and older brother Matt. One day, he found the Green Energem in a Velociraptor fossil, and was then suddenly attacked by Fury, before the Energem turned him into the Dino Charge Green Ranger. He has since moved to Amber Beach and is a summer intern at the museum where he works as a waiter at the Dino Bite Cafe. Riley is calm, sensible and intellectual. He is rather regimental in his demeanour, but over time learns to be able to relax.

As the Dino Charge Green Ranger, Riley is an expert swordsman who uses a backhanded grip in battle, and commands the Raptor Zord. It has a sword for a tail and it forms the Dino Charge Megazord/Ptera Charge Megazord's left arm for the Para-Raptor formation.

Riley Griffin is portrayed by Michael Taber.[4][5][6] In an interview, Taber brought up how the production team tricked them all at the final cold read audition, and how they had not heard from the producers in over a month when they were all finally called in, again. When asked about his favorite episode, he said it was one that had not yet aired when the interview was held at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, but aside from that one it was when his character became a Power Ranger in the second episode.[7]

Chase Randall

Chase Randall is a laid-back and flirtatious young man from New Zealand who is skilled at riding a skateboard around. Prior to meeting the other Rangers, he received the Black Energem as a reward from the Māori fortune-teller Moana after he saved her cat. Chase works at the Amber Beach Museum as a janitor, and is an expert paleontology digger. Chase also has a younger sister Chloe back in New Zealand. Chase is second-in-command of the team as he usually takes charge of leadership in Tyler's absence.

As the Dino Charge Black Ranger, Chase is skilled at firearm-based combat and he commands the Para Zord. It has a rifle for a tail and forms the Dino Charge Megazord/Ptera Charge Megazord's right arm for the Para-Raptor formation.

Chase Randall is portrayed by James Davies.[4][5][6] When interviewed about the audition process, Davies said that the last fake-out audition was the worst for him, because he was so nervous about the cold reading. During filming, he enjoyed learning how to do tricks with the blaster prop, as his character was skilled with its use.[7]

Sir Ivan of Zandar

Sir Ivan of Zandar is a medieval knight who served the royal family of the small country of Zandar some 800 years ago. When escorting Zandar's Prince Colin through the woods, he came upon the Gold Energem in a lake when he was suddenly attacked by Fury. The two fought, and the Energem chose him as its bearer, but Fury, out of pure frustration, absorbed Ivan into his body and kept him prisoner, while the Gold Energem was lost in the fight. In the modern day, Fury finds the Gold Energem once more and uses Ivan still trapped within him to summon the Ptera Zord, but this gave Ivan the chance to escape and become the Dino Charge Gold Ranger. He initially chooses not team up with the Power Rangers as he did not consider them a worthy enough team after some of them had their courage stolen by Bones, but he eventually joins them when they save him from the monster Bones. Ivan is very kind, brave and humble. Though he does not understand many modern day customs, he is honest and loyal to a fault. He speaks in an English accent and uses many archaic phrases, continually clashing with today's culture, for example, he refers to the male Rangers with the honorific "Sir", and the female Rangers with "Lady". It is revealed that Ivan has a descendant named Zach, as Ivan had a family back in his time before he found the Gold Energem with Prince Colin and his first encounter with Fury in the same time.

As the Dino Charge Gold Ranger, he uses the unique wrist worn Gold Ptera Morpher, wields a sword in battle called the Gold Ptera Saber, and commands the Ptera Zord, which can transform into Ptera Charge Megazord.

Sir Ivan is portrayed by Davi Santos. In interviews, Brennan Mejia (Tyler) and Camille Hyde (Shelby) spoke about how difficult it was to keep the secret of Santos's appearance in the show until after his character's debut. They and the other cast members would regularly take photos to post to Power Rangers social media and would have to keep him out of the shot, and then they would take another photo with him in the group.[10]

Prince Phillip III

Prince Phillip III is the wealthy crown prince of Zandar and the descendant of Prince Colin. Sir Ivan initially offers the Gold Energem to him, but he declines knowing it had chosen Sir Ivan as its wielder. Inspired by the Dino Charge Rangers, he later starts his own path to become a Power Ranger as well to honor his ancestor's memory. He discovers the Graphite Energem in a Pachycephalosaurus fossil and tries to get it to choose him after he performs acts of charity. But it is only after he saves Chase's sister Chloe from a Vivix attack, that it chooses him to become the Dino Charge Graphite Ranger. He later returns to his home country, but still returns to Amber Beach whenever the other Rangers need him. Prince Phillip was initially very rude and dismissive of the other Rangers, but soon reveals himself to be courageous and generous.

As the Dino Charge Graphite Ranger, Prince Phillip III commands the Pachy Zord.

Prince Phillip is portrayed by Jarred Blakiston.

Albert Smith

Albert Smith is an explorer and Bigfoot hunter from New Zealand who runs a tourist spot in the woods. A year ago, he found the Purple Energem and was chosen by it to become the Dino Charge Purple Ranger after he saved a little girl who was lost in the mountains during a blizzard. After fighting Iceage and Stingrage, Keeper helps him retire as a Power Ranger due to his unwillingness to leave his home country of New Zealand and his bond to the Purple Energem is severed. Albert is eccentric and energetic. He used his Purple Energem to perform simple good deeds around the city of Auckland like stopping criminals, but was never really adept at fighting monsters. However, he is still a warm-hearted man who is willing to help other people.

Albert is portrayed by Arthur Ranford, who is the oldest actor to be cast as a Power Ranger in the history of the series.

Kendall Morgan

Kendall Morgan is a 26 year old scientist who manages the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, and is the head of its paleontology digging group. Prior to the start of the television series, Kendall met Keeper while she was digging for fossils, and she promised him that she would help him find the Energems. She used her position as a scientist at the museum to set up an underground research lab where she built the various gadgets, robots, and weapons for the yet-to-be-chosen Dino Charge Power Rangers. After the Purple Energem is stolen by Sledge and Keeper is kidnapped, Kendall goes to rescue him on her own. Once she finds him, the Purple Energem bonds with her making her the new Dino Charge Purple Ranger. Kendall is confident, direct and rarely gets emotional. She is very blunt with her words and gets easily impatient. She often insists that the Rangers address her by "Ms. Morgan" and not by her first name, though she does allow Koda to call her "Kendall". Though she may not always show it, Kendall clearly cares about the other Rangers and is invaluable as their technical advisor.

As the Dino Charge Purple Ranger, Kendall commands the Plesio Zord, which can transform into Plesio Charge Megazord.

Kendall Morgan is portrayed by Claire Blackwelder.

James Navarro

James Navarro is Tyler's long lost father. He was thought to have died in a cave-in when fighting Fury ten years before. When he risked his life to save his friend Rusty, he instead discovered and bonded to the Aqua Energem which prevented him from aging. He first appears as the Dino Charge Aqua Ranger to save Tyler from the alien Ninja. When Singe's virus drives Tyler's T-Rex Supercharge Mode to act like a Tyrannosaurus, Chase gets help from James to cure Tyler. When he is saved, James reveals who he is breaking Tyler free from the virus. Then they help the other Power Rangers fight Ninja. After the Rangers defeat Hunter, James leaves on an archaeological dig to use his geological expertise to find the Silver Energem which is now the team's top priority. James and Tyler take one photo of each other before going their separate ways.

As the Dino Charge Aqua Ranger, James commands the Ankylo Zord.

James Navarro is portrayed by Reuben Turner and voiced by Dan Musgrove.


Zenowing is a bird-like alien who was Keeper's apprentice. After a failed fight with Lord Arcanon, his hand was forcefully placed on the Dark Energem which causes him to develop his Doomwing side that was loyal to Lord Arcanon.

Arriving on Earth, the Rangers encounter Zenowing in the McCadden Forest only to find that Doomwing is in control of his body. Zenowing regained control of his body and explained his past while stating that Doomwing has the Silver Energem in his sword. Doomwing then took control of Zenowing's body again and attacked the Rangers before fleeing. After Keeper heard about what had happened with Zenowing, the Rangers pretend to not know that Doomwing and Wrench are listening in so that they can come up with a plan to separate Zenowing and Doomwing as part of an ambush. The Rangers are successful at using the Split Emitter to separate Zenowing and Doomwing. After Doomwing was defeated, Zenowing reunites with Keeper and tells him that Lord Arcanon has the Dark Energem.

As the Dino Charge Silver Ranger, Zenowing commands the Titano Zord, which can transform into the Titano Charge Megazord.

Zenowing is voiced by Alistair Browning.




Keeper is a dinosauroid alien who 65 million years ago brought the ten Energems to Earth while trying to escape Sledge. He directed a Tyrannosaurus to gather several dinosaurs and other ancient creatures to bond the Energems with so they would be safe from Sledge and his evil forces. However, the bomb sent to Sledge's ship caused the asteroids he rounded up to bombard the Earth, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. After escaping a battle with Fury, Keeper is caught in the destruction and is buried alive. He is discovered by Kendall Morgan in the modern day whom he instructs to prepare for Sledge's return in creating the Dino Charge Power Rangers' arsenal. Once the Power Rangers are gathered, he offers them his wisdom when they deal with various personal and alien monster problems. Though he is capable of fighting, he rarely takes part in battle and disappears from time to time for unknown reasons.

Keeper's voice is provided by Richard Simpson while Eve Gordon serves as the suit actor.

Recurring characters

Matt Griffin

Matt Griffin is Riley's older brother who lives with their mother on the family farm. When they lived together, Matt was always protective of Riley.

Matt is portrayed by Alex Walker.


Moana is a Maori fortune teller who runs an antique shop, and played a part in Chase obtaining the Black Energem. Her shop is later targeted by one of Sledge's monsters, Spellbinder, due to an artifact existing inside that could increase his hypnotic powers. After Chase falls under his spell, Moana helps the Power Rangers see that the key to freeing Chase is getting him to focus, which he always does while riding a skateboard.

Moana is portrayed by Patricia Vichmann.

Dr. Runga

Dr. Runga is a world renowned paleontologist, who has become more interested in becoming a celebrity for his discoveries rather than the discoveries themselves. He is in New Zealand when he witnesses the Plesio Zord's activation, and is then forced by Fury into helping him find it for Sledge. He initially plans to use a video on Shelby's phone to show the world the existence of the Plesio Zord, but she manages to convince him otherwise and he helps her and the Power Rangers reunite the Plesio Zord and the Purple Energem.

Dr. Runga is portrayed by Kirk Torrance.

Mr. Watkins

Mr. Watkins is Shelby's father and the owner of Watkins Ice Cream. He is a self-made entrepreneur who always dreamed of having his own business. Shelby's father deeply loves his daughter, but wishes she would focus more on her studies than on her obsession with paleontology. To this end, he encourages her to study business in the hopes that she will one day follow in his footsteps. However, he eventually comes to realize that he is forcing his daughter to follow his passion rather than her own, and backs away from his efforts to force her to do so.

Mr. Watkins is portrayed James Gaylyn.


Rusty is an old friend of James Navarro, the pair of them having worked together as archaeologists. The pair were on a dig together when they were attacked by Fury, which led to a cave-in in which James was supposedly buried. Ten years later Rusty contacted James' son Tyler and told him much of what had happened. He also expressed considerable interest in Tyler's Energem, calling it a "once in a lifetime find." Tyler briefly suspected Rusty of being the Aqua Ranger, before it was revealed that James had bonded with the Aqua Energem. After James joined the Rangers, Rusty joined him in revealing to the Rangers that James had bonded with the Energem all those years ago and ceased aging, prompting him to remain in hiding until he learned that Tyler had also become a Ranger.

Rusty is portrayed by Arlo MacDiarmid.


Sledge's Crew


Sledge is an intergalactic bounty hunter who prides himself on capturing monsters and collecting the bounty on their heads, which is offered by a mysterious employer who is later revealed to be Lord Arcanon. He is rather ill-tempered to his subordinates, but he shows a softer side for his fiancé Poisandra. He plans to collect the ten Energems and gain their ultimate power for himself, having chased Keeper across the galaxy to Earth 65 million years ago and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs with his asteroid collection after he failed to get his hands on the Energems then. In the modern day, he sends his collection of jailed monsters to the Earth to fight the Power Rangers and steal the Energems from them, offering the various monsters freedom should they succeed. After several defeats, he manages to obtain the Purple Energem and kidnaps Keeper. The Power Rangers mount a successful infiltration on Sledge's ship to free Keeper and take back the Purple Energem. In the ensuing battle, the ship is damaged and crashes to Earth with Sledge seemingly perishing in the crash. It is later revealed that no surviving fragments of him are known to remain, making it impossible for Wrench to use the Reanimator to revive him.

Thanks to some information from Snide, Poisandra and Curio were able to find Sledge alive. When Lord Arcanon is crawling through the forest to the Dark Energem upon his defeat against the Rangers, he is confronted by Sledge where Lord Arcanon is pleased to see his old friend. Sledge states that they aren't friends and he has been collecting bounties for him for a millennia. When Lord Arcanon plans to give him the bullion that he promised, Sledge takes the Dark Energem instead. As Singe, Conductro, and Screech go to Lord Arcanon's aid, Sledge is joined by Poisandra, Fury, Wrench, Curio, and Snide as Sledge uses the Dark Energem to power his laser gun enough to destroy Lord Arcanon's group. Sledge is pleased that the group is finally back together.

After returning, he reveals that he was planting Greenzilla Eggs around the world. Shortly after returning, Sledge later betrays Snide by denying him the Dark Energem and abandons him as the Dino Charge Rangers and Heckyl who destroyed Snide. Sledge marries his longtime fiance Poisandra. After Sledge attempts to sell the Earth to the scrapyards on Kamen 5 but Sledge should had destroyed Snide himself when he had the chance. Sledge and his crew are sucked into a Black Hole, the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past to destroy him. They succeed at this task after he is captured by a net on his ship and hurled into the Sun, killing him.

Sledge is voiced by Adam Gardiner.


Fury is Sledge's ill-tempered oni general who wields a lightning-empowered Seven-Branched Sword in battle. Fury is the one who is usually sent to Earth to do Sledge's bidding, having been present to attempt to capture Keeper 65 million years ago, only to accidentally bring a booby trapped bomb back with him to the ship, leaving him stranded on Earth as a result. Fury continually chased Keeper over the following millions of years, at one point capturing Sir Ivan of Zandar into his body and also meeting Tyler's missing father, who managed to make a sketch of Fury in his journal before his disappearance. Following the battle on Sledge's ship, Fury seemingly perishes with the rest of the crew after it crashes to Earth. However, he is revealed to be among the survivors of the crash and soon takes his place as an enforcer under Heckyl/Snide and later Lord Arcanon.

Fury is sucked to his doom alongside with the others Sledge's Crew by the Black Hole created by the destroyed Dark Energem. After the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past, Fury is killed by the bomb that originally was used on Sledge’s Ship.

Fury is voiced by Paul Harrop.


Wrench is Sledge's bumbling ship technician who can hold his own in fights with a battle axe and displays something of a rivalry with the Black Ranger. He is responsible for the creation of Curio for Poisandra as well as the Reanimator that brings the destroyed monsters back to life. He is last seen frantically trying to get Sledge's malfunctioning ship under control after the battle with the Power Rangers leaves it severely damaged, and seemingly perishes with the rest of the crew after it crashes to Earth. However, he survives only to find themselves in the position of having Heckyl/Snide and later Lord Arcanon as their new leader. Wrench is very nasty and petty, and is also a bit of a crybaby.

Wrench later officiates Sledge and Poisandra’s Wedding before he is sucked to his doom along with Sledge and the others Sledge's Crew by the Black Hole. After the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past, Wrench is killed when Sledge’s Ship is hurled into the Sun.

It was also shown that Wrench tried to get to an escape pod only for Heximas to escape from the ship's destruction in it.

Wrench is voiced by Estevez Gillespie.


Poisandra is another of Sledge's generals and his vain, air headed fiancé. Her one goal in life is for Sledge to finally marry her, but he continually postpones their wedding because of his desire to get the Energems, only upsetting her. She threatens to leave him after he gets the Purple Energem, but he promises he will marry her after the Power Rangers are defeated. However, the Power Rangers' fight on Sledge's ship leads to its near destruction, and Poisandra and the others seemingly perish when it crashes to the Earth. Despite being furious with Sledge for putting obtaining the Energems over her, she appears to have true feelings for him. Poisandra is later heartbroken when she learns that Sledge cannot be resurrected as there is nothing left of him to restore him from.

When Sledge returns after planting Greenzilla Eggs around the world, Poisandra finally gets her wish by marrying him but they were killed by the Black Hole. However. In the past, Poisandra is destroyed after Sledge’s Ship is hurled into the Sun.

Poisandra is voiced by Jackie Clarke.


Curio is a doll-like companion that Wrench created for Poisandra as an early wedding present from Sledge. Although constantly at her side, Curio also acts on his own as one of Sledge's subordinates. Following the battle on Sledge's ship, Curio seemingly perishes with the rest of the crew when the ship crashes to the Earth. However, he is later revealed to have survived along with Poisandra.

Like Rygog, Kegler, and Jinxer, Curio's final fate is never on screen when he wasn't seen in the final episode but he is sucked to his doom alongside with the others Sledge's Crew by the Black Hole created by the destroyed Dark Energem. After the Dino Charge Rangers travel to the past, Curio didn't appear because Sledge didn't having the order to Wrench of create him and when Sledge's Crew is hurled in the Sun, Curio is erased from the timeline.

Curio is voiced by Estevez Gillespie.

Heckyl and Snide

Heckyl is a humanoid alien with the ability to fire energy blasts from his hands. He was from the planet Sentai 6 where he was transformed into Snide upon touching the Dark Energem during an attempt to keep Lord Arcanon from getting his hands on it. After Heckyl transforms into Snide, Lord Arcanon suppresses Heckyl's memories.

He becomes one of Sledge's prisoners who was locked in solitary confinement, and is chosen by Sledge to help him obtain the Purple Energem. In exchange, Heckyl demands that he become Sledge's partner in ruling the universe together. However, Fury steals the Purple Energem first, leading to Heckyl being double-crossed and thrown back in his cell. After Sledge's spaceship crashes on Earth, Heckyl escapes from his cell and transforms into the monstrous Zeltrax-like Snide who proclaims he will now try to take over the Earth. After asserting his authority over the remaining monsters on Sledge's ship, Heckyl sets out to obtain the Power Rangers' Energems by infiltrating the Power Rangers, getting a job at the museum where they all work. Snide refers to the Energems as the key to his "past, present, and future." When Snide is not in control of Heckyl's body, Snide speaks to him through Heckyl's pocket watch; a similar ornament on Snide's sword allows Heckyl to speak to him when their positions are reversed. Snide and Heckyl have clashing personalities, but Snide can only maintain control of their body for a limited time. This led to complications in one of Heckyl's plans to find the Rangers' lair, in which he managed to succeed, only for he and his minions to have their short term memory erased due to Curio's bungling.

During the plot by the monster Nightmare, Shelby finds Heckyl using one of Nightmare's pillows on the others. After destroying it, Shelby reveals Heckyl's true intentions and claims that Heckyl is working for Snide. Heckyl states that he doesn't work for Snide as he transforms into Snide stating that he is Snide. Before escaping, Snide states that his group will find their lair soon. Their group was then unexpectedly joined by Singe, whom Heckyl took a liking to but Snide mistrusted, as they continued their efforts to claim the Energems.

When Lord Arcanon came to Earth, Heckyl was re-incarcerated in his cell following Fortress' destruction. As part of a deal with Poisandra, Heckyl would tell Poisandra a secret. Upon receiving an explosive that blew up the door to his cell, Heckyl made his way to where Lord Arcanon and Singe have gotten the Dark Energem. Upon recalling his past, Heckyl got angry and lashed out at Lord Arcanon for what he did to Sentai 6 only for him to be restrained by Singe. Lord Arcanon tells Singe to have Heckyl shackled. Snide offers his plan to Lord Arcanon to use Professor Strickler, Game Face and Nightmare. He and Heckyl are separated by Wrench who uses the split-emitters.

After Heckyl escapes, Snide reminds Poisandra and Curio about the information that he told him. Following Lord Arcanon's defeat, Snide sides with Sledge as he destroys Lord Arcanon, Singe, Conductro, and Screech.

While Heckyl works to enjoy the "End of the World," Snide figures out that Sledge is going to get rid of him. Snide traces the destroyed Greenzilla egg to the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum where he finds the Power Rangers' base as he prepares to attack Kendall and Keeper. Snide then starts wrecking the base as Kendall tries to fight him. In the nick of time, Heckyl shows up and fights Snide who makes his way outside. The rest of the Rangers arrive at the junkyard and assist Kendall and Heckyl into fighting Snide. As Sledge doesn't want to fire the Magnabeam on him, Snide angrily curses Sledge with hatred. Snide should had destroyed Sledge after Arcanon when he had the chance, the Rangers use the Titano Zord's Titano Cannon and their lasers to kill Snide. Heckyl then offers to let him help the Rangers destroy the Dark Energem.

At the end of the series, Heckyl is made a Keeper, charged with Zenowing to keep the Dark Energem from falling into the wrong hands again.

Heckyl is portrayed by Ryan Carter and Snide is voiced by Campbell Cooley.

Lord Arcanon's Crew

The crew is led by Lord Arcanon, a longtime enemy of Zenowing and Heckyl.

Lord Arcanon

Lord Arcanon is a multi-faced Statue of Liberty-themed intergalactic warlord who is power hungry, ruthless, calculating, and is the one Singe actually works for. Millions of years ago, he went off to search for the Energems on the planet Sentai 6, before destroying it in the process. He was the one who forced Zenowing's hand to touch the Dark Energem, which resulted in the creation of his Doomwing side, and was unintentionally responsible for Snide's creation.

At some point, Lord Arcanon sent his minion Singe to infiltrate Heckyl's group and to keep him posted on Heckyl's activities. He was also revealed to be Sledge's employer who ordered him to capture outlaws to create an army to rule the universe.

Lord Arcanon then arrives on Earth with Singe and Doomwing in order to get the bounties Sledge was supposed to bring to him. After Fortress is defeated, Lord Arcanon has Singe and Doomwing capture Heckyl, and they lock him up. Singe tells Fury, Poisandra, Wrench, and Curio that they now work for Lord Arcanon. When Singe asks about the Rangers, Lord Arcanon says that they won't have a problem as he has a special book with him.

Using the Dark Energem that was in his book, Lord Arcanon got stronger upon assuming a green-faced appearance and getting enlarged by the Magnabeam. He gave the Dino Charge Ultrazord a hard time before being defeated by the Ultra Plasma Beam Final Blast. Crawling through the forest to the Dark Energem, he is confronted by Sledge where Lord Arcanon is pleased to see his old friend. Sledge states that they aren't friends and he has been collecting bounties for him for a millennia. When Lord Arcanon plans to give him the bullion that he promised, Sledge takes the Dark Energem instead. As Singe, Conductro, and Screech go to Lord Arcanon's aid, Sledge is joined by Poisandra, Fury, Wrench, Curio, and Snide as Sledge uses the Dark Energem to power his laser gun enough to obliterate Lord Arcanon's group.

Lord Arcanon is voiced by Andy Grainger.


Singe is an arrogant fire-elemental candle monster who wields a candle gun that doubles as the hilt of a sword. He arrived on Earth in an asteroid to work with Snide and Fury who recruited him into helping obtaining the Energems. Singe is a very powerful monster, easily able to take on the Rangers. He is very boastful and proud which leads to him forming a rivalry with Fury.

Singe is revealed to be working as a double agent for Lord Arcanon.

After Heckyl gets suspicious about Singe knowing the location of the Titano Zord, Singe leaves, stating that he wouldn't want to anger his master. Singe then retreats back to Lord Arcanon.

Some time later, Singe returns with Lord Arcanon and Doomwing. After Fortress is destroyed, Singe assisted Lord Arcanon into re-incarcerating Heckyl and then tells Fury, Poisandra, Wrench, and Curio that they now work for Lord Arcanon.

During Zenowing's fight with Doomwing, Singe finds the Dark Energem and gives it to Lord Arcanon.

Upon Sledge's return, Singe alongside Lord Arcanon, Conductro, and Screech are obliterated by Sledge's laser gun which is powered by the Dark Energem.

Singe is voiced by Mark Mitchinson.


Doomwing is a bird-like alien who is the evil half of Zenowing. He is the result of Lord Arcanon forcing Zenowing's hand to touch the Dark Energem.

Because he is Zenowing's negative counterpart, he had stored the Silver Energem in the tip of his sword in order to access the Silver Ranger powers for evil purposes.

He is cocky, arrogant, manipulative (when taking on the form of the Silver Ranger), and overly proud of his worth. When he was posing as the Silver Ranger, he tricked Kendall and the rangers into giving out information of their technology to him. He was shown to have created the Dino Chargers for Lord Arcanon to access the Zords and Megazord combinations.

Arriving on Earth, the Rangers encounter Zenowing in the McCadden Forest only to find that Doomwing is in control of his body. Zenowing regained control of his body and explained his past while stating that Doomwing has the Silver Energem in his sword. Doomwing then took control of Zenowing's body again and attacked the Rangers before fleeing. Doomwing placed a listening device on the Rangers as they plan to separate Zenowing and Doomwing. He and Wrench are unaware that the Rangers have figured out that the Rangers are onto them as they plan an ambush. When it comes to the next encounter at McCadden Forest, the Rangers work to get Doomwing into the Split Emitters by the ambush. When Doomwing arrives to fight Tyler, they transform as Tyler works to wear down Doomwing as Zenowing starts to take control of his body. Once the Split Emitters are activated, Doomwing is separated from Zenowing as Lord Arcanon uses the Magnabeam on Doomwing. The Dino Charge Ultrazord is formed as it uses its Titano Cannon Final Strike to defeat Doomwing who gets away. Because Doomwing is separated from Zenowing, he is unable to transform into the Silver Ranger and Lord Arcanon loses faith in Doomwing.

Lord Arcanon gave Doomwing a second chance upon being told of his plans to merge with Zenowing. Upon confronting Zenowing and the Rangers present with Lord Arcanon and Fury present, Doomwing engaged Zenowing again as he claims that he is Zenowing's destiny. Before Doomwing can finish off Zenowing, Riley uses his sword to block Doomwing's attack. Doomwing then defeats Riley. Keeper arrives and teleports himself and the Rangers away. Doomwing is told by Lord Arcanon to capture Zenowing or else he will destroy him and claim the Silver Energem from his ashes. By his next plot, Doomwing has Wrench revive Iceage, Scrapper, Slammer, Puzzler, Stingrage, Duplicon, Bones, Gold Digger, Shearfear, Meteor, Ninja, and Hunter in order to keep the Rangers busy. The sped-up revival done by Doomwing and Wrench rendered the monsters unable to speak. While the monsters fought the Rangers, Zenowing is ambushed by Doomwing and Lord Arcanon. Upon the Rangers arriving after destroying most of the monsters, Doomwing is left to fight the Rangers. Tyler then confronted Doomwing while the others fought the remaining monsters. As Doomwing prepares to defeat Tyler, he is caught by surprise when Tyler assumes his T-Rex Super Charge Ankylo-Pachy formation as Doomwing summons Iceage, Stingrage, and Meteor as Zenowing arrives. Upon reclaiming the Silver Energem, Zenowing transforms into the Silver Ranger to fight Doomwing. After the Rangers destroy the remaining monsters, Zenowing uses the Titano Saber Final Strike to destroy Doomwing.

Doomwing is voiced by Mark Wright


The Vivix are Sledge's footsoldiers, who are often seen doing menial chores on his spaceship. They can combine together to form large monsters called Vivizords that can fight the Power Rangers' Dino Zords.


The Spikeballs are Sledge's elite footsoldiers and prison guards. Their toothy weapons are used for both attack and self-defense and are used like security guards' batons.

The Spikeballs are voiced by Campbell Cooley.


Sledge's various monsters are outlaws that he has collected as a bounty hunter across the universe. He and his subordinates offer the monsters freedom to fight the Power Rangers and get the Energems. To make a monster grow, Sledge has the Magnabeam fired on them, requiring the Power Rangers to summon the Dino Zords and form the Dino Charge Megazord to stop them. When Heckyl/Snide and later Lord Arcanon took control of Sledge's crashed ship and the surviving monsters, the Magnabeam was fired up to the satellite to be directed at the monster.

  • Iceage (voiced by Gerald Urquhart)
    An impact winter monster who is the first of Sledge's captives to be offered freedom for the Energems. He has powerful icy attacks. After a failed attempt to take the Pink Energem sends him flying off into the horizon by means of the T-Rex Zord, Iceage resolves to attack the city with a horde of Vivix and two Vivizords. Iceage is destroyed when the T-Rex Zord gives Tyler an added boost to his Dino Morpher Blast's Final Strike. Iceage and Stingrage are later revived by Wrench's Reanimator to help Meteor claim the Purple Energem. He and Stingrage later end up caught in one of Albert Smith's traps. He is later brought back again and is sent to capture the Power Rangers, who in the wake of Sledge's presumed demise have ceased carrying their Energems around with them. He manages to freeze five of the Power Rangers, but Koda and Tyler manage to escape him and free their friends. They destroy him once more with the Plesio Charge Megazord.
  • Scrapper (voiced by Jeff Szusterman)
    A car crusher monster who can tuck his body into his right arm for swift mobility and shoot lasers from his arms. After Sledge catches him trying to escape, Scrapper is offered freedom to any galaxy he wants if he assists Sledge in obtaining the Energems from the Power Rangers. He is destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Formation's Final Strike.
  • Slammer (voiced by Nic Sampson)
    A prison monster who can trap anyone in his laser cages. He is sent down by Fury to find the Energems, and is later destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Stego-Raptor Formation's Final Flame Strike.
  • Spellbinder (voiced by Callum Stembridge)
    A raven/bank vault monster that wears a cape that blocks all attacks and he can shoot out feathers like arrows. He is sent by Sledge to obtain a pendant from Moana that enables the user to control people's minds. He is destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation's Fireball Finish. The pendant is later obtained by Sledge and Wrench.
  • Cavity (voiced by Kelson Henderson)
    A pastry chef monster that has a whisk instead of a right hand and a gun shaped like a pastry bag instead of a left hand. He is first freed by Poisandra because she wants him to bake a cake for her wedding to Sledge, but Sledge later decides to use him against the Power Rangers after seeing his cake give Fury a bad toothache. He is destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Formation.
  • Stingrage (voiced by Peter Daube)
    A virus monster who can infect people to go berserk with his stinger-firing staff. Poisandra commands him to attack the Power Rangers, and one of his stingers hits Koda and also the Ankylo Zord. Shelby frees both Koda and the Ankylo Zord, and Stingrage is destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Ankylo Formation's Final Hammer Punch. Later, Stingrage is revived alongside Iceage by Wrench's Reanimator to help Meteor claim the Purple Energem. He and Iceage later end up caught in one of Albert Smith's traps. Wrench later uses the Reanimator to resurrect Stingrage again in order to make the Power Rangers forget who they are. Snide instead arranges for an attack that would enable his Heckyl side to apparently forget who he is as well as trick the Power Rangers into revealing their secret base. The plan succeeds but Stingrage is destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord and his venom causes the villains to forget the location of the Power Rangers' base.
  • Duplicon (voiced by Paolo Rotondo)
    A molding iron monster who can turn the Vivix and the Vivizords into clones of people. He is released by Poisandra to help steal the e-Tracer, find the Energems, and get control of the Ptera Zord. He is destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Ankylo Formation's Final Hammer Punch. Later, Duplicon is revived by Wrench's Reanimator to assist Memorella in her plot to infiltrate the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum. While guarding the captive Power Ranger, Duplicon abandons his post to go trick-or-treating with Curio. After Memorella is destroyed, Duplicon is re-imprisoned in his cell by Sledge.
  • Puzzler (voiced by Phil Brown)
    A maze monster who can defeat nearly anyone at any game. He is sent to challenge Riley to a game of chance, but Riley's superior logic leads to Puzzler's defeat. He is later destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Para-Raptor Formation's Final Attack and the Ptera Zord.
  • Bones (voiced by Robert Mignault)
    A bone monster who steal someone's bravery by stealing a part of their backbone, as well as trap people with bone clamps. Poisandra commands him to attack the Power Rangers, making them cowards, but Shelby and Ivan escape his control and help their friends conquer their fears to overcome Bones' control. He is destroyed by the Ptera Charge Megazord Lightning Blitz and the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Formation's Final Strike.
  • Smokescreen (voiced by Brendan Lovell)
    A Children's Day-themed monster that Wrench frees to help him set a bomb with his red smog producing powers. When the plan to set the bomb in a buggy fails, Wrench retreats and Smokescreen is defeated by Tyler and Ivan. When enlarged by the Magnabeam, Smokescreen is shown to have the ability to turn his legs into a long fish tail and also gains the ability to fly. Smokescreen destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation's Final Slash.
  • Gold Digger (voiced by Scott Wills)
    A buried treasure monster that attacks with exploding golden coins, a pickaxe, and stone slabs can bury his enemies underground. He is sent with Wrench to lure the Power Rangers into a trap and succeeds in trapping Ivan, Tyler, and Shelby underground with his stone slabs. Chase manages to free them after activating his Dino Armor X Charger powers that can break through Gold Digger's Stone Slabs. He is defeated by the Dino Spike and then destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation.
  • G-BO
    A robot created by Prince Phillip that he used to train in fighting to become a Power Ranger himself. Fury captures G-BO and has Wrench reprogram him, turning him against the Power Rangers. He is defeated after Prince Phillip becomes the Graphite Power Ranger and destroys G-BO with a special powerful punch.
  • Shearfear (voiced by Sean Lynch)
    A monster that has blades within his body, such as his special scissors which can even cut apart the Bonds of Friendship. Sledge catches him using his abilities on Poisandra and Curio, leading him to plan to use Shearfear on the Power Rangers. Shearfear uses his special blades on the Power Rangers, leaving only Koda and Riley unaffected. After two fights, Koda and Riley manage to completely destroy Shearfear's scissors and they bring the blades to Kendall to reverse their effects on the other Power Rangers. He is ultimately destroyed by the Ptera Megazord Para-Raptor Formation's Fireball Finish.
  • Meteor (voiced by Stephen Butterworth)
    A meteorite monster that attacks with meteors. He is sent by Slege to look for the Purple Energem in New Zealand, only to find the Purple Ranger Albert fighting back against him. The other Power Rangers travel to Auckland to stop him. To assist Meteor, Wrench uses the Reanimator to revive Iceage and Stingrage. After a deflected attack from Meteor destroys Iceage and Stingrage, the Power Rangers destroy Meteor with the Dino Charge Megazord's Ankylo-Pachy Formation's Wrecking Ball Final Strike. Wrench later revived Meteor to destroy the Plesio Zord. When Meteor grows, he fights the Power Rangers in space until he is destroyed by the Plesio Charge Megazord.
  • Wish Star (voiced by Ross Girven)
    A monster that grants people's wishes by writing them on strips of paper, but they always come out slightly wrong. He is sent with Fury to get the Purple Energem after Albert has given it up, but Wish Star escapes with one of his own wishes prompting Sledge to release Heckyl to track him down. He attacks the Power Rangers by trapping them with some wishes, who soon realize the negative effects of his powers, forcing them to stop Kendall from using a wish to find the new Purple Ranger. The Power Rangers defeat Wish Star by exhausting his supply of wishes and then destroy him with the Dino Charge Megazord Ankylo-Pachy Formation's Wrecking Ball Final Strike.
  • Greenzilla
    A feral monster who is one of the worst monsters in Sledge's possession. He can attack with his tendrils. Greenzilla was so dangerous that he was kept in one of the few solitary confinement cells. Poisandra and Wrench were once ensnared in its tendrils until Fury freed them from Greenzilla's tendrils. He is eventually destroyed by the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation's Galactic Blast. Sledge later found six of Greenzilla's eggs and placed them in six locations like Amber Beach, Tokyo, New York, England, Hawaii, and China. While the one at Amber Beach was destroyed before it can hatch, each of the Greenzillas were destroyed by the different Megazord combinations.
  • Memorella (voiced by Lori Dungey)
    A vampire monster that can read minds and can also turn into a bat. She is sent by Sledge and Curio to help Duplicon in stealing the Energems from the Power Rangers during the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum's Halloween party. After Koda is captured, Duplicon disguises Memorella as Koda, but Kendall's lie detector reveals Memorella's identity after Koda escapes on his own. She is defeated after the Power Rangers use the Dino Cupid Charger to make her Vivix subordinates fall in love with each other, and she is ultimately destroyed by the Ptera Charge Megazord Pachy Formation's Final Strike.
  • Nightmare (voiced by Jacque Drew)
    A sleep-themed sheep monster with dream-controlling abilities. Snide has Nightmare send Shelby a special pillow so that Nightmare can control her in her sleep. Following the first use on Shelby, the other Rangers snapped her out of it. Nightmare then leaves stating that they got to fall asleep sometime. Due to the Rangers not falling asleep, Nightmare could not even get into their causing Heckyl to order Fury to unleash Vivix wave after Vivix wave to wear them down. Ivan fell asleep causing Nightmare to take control of him until Koda destroys the pillow. However, Heckyl and Curio use the pillows to put the other Rangers to sleep. After Heckyl's plan was exposed upon Shelby's return and escapes, the other Rangers work to keep Nightmare from controlling Riley into giving Fury and Curio his Energem. Due to the Rangers' interference, Nightmare emerged from Riley and fights him alongside Curio. After being taken down by the Dino Chargers, Nightmare is hit by the Magnabeam. The Ranger form the Dino Charge Megazord Stego-Raptor formation, Plesio Charge Megazord, and Ptera Charge Megazord. The Dino Charge Megazord Stego-Raptor Formation's Final Flame Strike destroys Nightmare.
  • Ninja (voiced by Adrian Smith)
    A sword-wielding ninja monster. He possesses super-speed, uses throwing stars, and can perform shadow ninja attacks. Singe dispatches him to plant a computer virus in the Dino Charge Rangers' weapons. Ninja later attacks Tyler who without his Energem is helpless, but he is saved by the Dino Charge Aqua Ranger who fights off Ninja. Ninja later accompanies Hunter to track down Tyler who has been infected with a virus that makes him act like a Tyrannosaurus. During the fight against the Power Rangers, Tyler recovers and joins the others in the fight against Ninja while Hunter retreats. Tyler uses the purified T-Rex Super Charge Mode to fight Ninja and defeats him. Ninja is ultimately destroyed by the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex formation's Galactic Blast.
  • Hunter (voiced by Jay Simon)
    A crossbow-wielding spider monster who is sent out by Singe to help hunt Tyler, who has been infected with a virus that makes him act like a Tyrannosaurus. Hunter fights the Dino Charge Power Rangers alongside Ninja until Tyler and James appear together. Hunter escapes leaving Ninja to fight the many Power Rangers on his own. Heckyl decides to destroy Hunter for his failure, but Singe stops him, saying that they need to use Hunter as bait for a new trap to get the Power Rangers. Singe later uses Hunter to lure the Power Rangers so that he can place Zotax Rings on their Energems. After Tyler destroys Singe's control of the Zotax Rings, the Power Rangers work together to destroy Hunter.
  • Game Face (voiced by Michael Saccente)
    A sports equipment-themed monster who was summoned by Fury to tangle with the Rangers. He wields an explosive bat that can perform explosive attacks. When Game Face is thwarted the first time, he persuades Heckyl not to destroy him since the reason for his failure is because the Vivix are out of shape. Upon being persuaded, Heckyl gives Game Face another chance where he, Fury, Wrench, and the Spikeballs oversee the training. When the heavily trained Vivix overwhelms the Rangers, they use Victory Charger which defeats Game Face and the Vivix. Upon the group being enlarged, they fought the Plesio Charge Megazord, the Dino Charge Megazord, and Ptera Charge Megazords to engage them. Game Face was destroyed by the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation's Galactic Blast.
  • Spell Digger (voiced by Scott Wills)
    A hybrid monster with the head, mind, and pickaxe of Gold Digger and the body of Spellbinder minus the cape. Fury and Wrench created Spell Digger from Spellbinder's pendant and Gold Digger's coins. In this form, Spell Digger uses his coins as part of Heckyl's plot to induce greed upon anyone who touches them. This starts to affect Tyler and Chase as they follow Spell Digger to his "vast treasure." Wrench later upgraded Spell Digger's pendant to emit a portal that would suck the Rangers in. Upon luring the Rangers down two different traps, Spell Digger ambushed the Rangers where he starts to suck them into his portal. Tyler used the T-Rex Super Charge Tri-Ankylo Formation to destroy Spell Digger's portal and then uses the T-Rex Super Charge's Final Strike. Upon being enlarged by the Magnabeam, Spell Digger's pendant was wrecked by the T-Rex Zord. Spell Digger was then destroyed by the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation's Galactic Blast.
  • Halfbake (voiced by Kevin Keys)
    An Autumn-themed monster who wields a mortar and pestle. He served as Heckyl's chef. When Halfbake's cookies were not good enough for Heckyl because one of the Spikeballs he sent to get cinnamon was destroyed by the Rangers, Halfbake wanted Heckyl to approve his plan to let him get his revenge on the Rangers. Heckyl and those present laughed at Halfbake's proposal. After short-circuiting Wrench while everyone else was asleep, Halfbake snuck out of the ship and seeks out the Rangers even when Wrench catches up to him. Thinking that Shelby's friend Erin is the Pink Ranger after claiming that she is, Halfbake believes this and captures Erin who he takes underground. While the Rangers fight Halfbake, Shelby gets Erin to safety. Once that was done, the Rangers destroyed Halfbake with the T-Rex Super Charge Victory Maximum Final Strike.
  • Hookbeard (voiced by Mark Wright)
    A fishing-themed monster who wields an electrical fishing rod and a laser-shooting harpoon. He was sent by Snide where he accompany Fury and Wrench to a fishing spot to find and destroy the Titano Zord. When Hookbeard uses his fishing rod on the lake, he sinks Matt Griffin's ship stranding him into the dormant Titano Zord. The Rangers discover Hookbeard's activity and fight him, Fury, Wrench, and the Spikeballs. Once Keeper lifts the water, he reactivates the Titano Zord in order to keep it from being destroyed. After being taken down by the T-Rex Super Charge Victory Maximum Final Strike, Hookbeard is enlarged by the Magnabeam and attacks the Titano Zord to no avail. The Rangers form the Titano Megazord where its Final Colossal Crush destroys Hookbeard.
  • Beauticruel (voiced by Marissa Stott)
    A drag queen-themed monster created by Poisandra from a female Vivix who used magic makeup on her. She wields a magical paintbrush and magical makeup that enables her to weaken victims and transfer them to some Vivix, switch their bodies, and make them fall crazily in love with her. Heckyl used Beauticruel in a plot to make them fall in love with her enough to give up their Energems. She accompanies Poisandra and Wrench into attacking the Rangers. Then Poisandra uses the body-switching makeup to switch Beauticruel with a local woman named Britney Baines in order to further Heckyl's plot by making Tyler fall in love with her with the love makeup while trapping Britney in Beauticruel's body in a dumpster. Upon the other Rangers figuring out what Poisandra and Beauticruel were up to, they work on a plan to get Beauticruel to switch back to her own body. Once that was done, Chase destroys Beauticruel's magic makeup as Poisandra, Wrench, and the Vivix assist her in battle. Tyler takes Beauticruel down with the T-Rex Super Charger Tri-Stego formation's Final Strike. Upon Beauticruel being enlarged, the Rangers form the Titano Megazord and fight Beauticruel, the Vivizords, and the Spikeballs causing the Ptera Charge Megazord Tricera Formation to be formed. Beauticruel, the Spikeballs, and the Vivizords are then destroyed by the Ptera Charge Megazord Tricera Formation's Power Drill Final Strike.
  • Leisure (voiced by Penny Ashton)
    A summer-themed monster that was sealed away by Koda's grandfather back in prehistoric times and is the twin sister of Loafer. She can manipulate the sunlight into her Vacation Beam which makes the humans lazy and the entire areas very sunny. In addition, Leisure can shoot lasers from her ice cream cone-shaped hand. When she was accidentally freed by Ivan, Leisure made her way to the sun as Koda advised everyone to get back into the cave. Only Koda and Kendall were unaffected by Leisure's Vacation Beam. Leisure's actions attracted the attention to Heckyl. With Kendall's grandmother substituting her glasses lens for the other part of the invention that would negate Leisure's effect, Kendall uses the Plesio Zord to go into space to shine into space Forming the Plesio Charge Megazord, Kendall used its Final Rocket Punch to destroy Leisure and aligns the rays to free everyone from Leisure's effect.
  • Loafer (voiced by Aaron Ward)
    A summer-themed monster who is the twin brother of Leisure. He has the same abilities as her, shoot lasers from its ice cream cone-shaped hand, and can then throw explosive beach balls. Loafer was the one who told Heckyl about his sister while stating that the monsters are immune to Leisure's attacks. Loafer accompanied Fury in an attempt to get the Energems from the other Rangers. Loafer then accompanied Fury and Poisandra into confronting Koda. After Leisure was destroyed and her effects are neutrilized, Loafer is assisted by the Vivix in fighting the Rangers. Tyler's Dino Super Charge Ankylo-Packy Formation uses the T-Rex Super Blast Final Strike to destroy Loafer.
  • Fortress is a graveyard-themed monster created by Wrench to mesmerize the Megazord's moves and counter them. Besides having strong punches, it can shoot eye beams. Wrench tells Heckyl that when Fortress is hit by the Magnabeam, he will have a cockpit for Heckyl to ride in. Fortress accompanied Heckyl, Wrench, and Fury into confronting Lord Arcanon, Singe, and Doomwing. Upon transforming Heckyl transforming into Snide, Fortress was enlarged as Snide goes into Fortress. Doomwing then activated the Dino Zords where it forms the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation to fight Fortress. Fortress breaks up the Megazord formation with one punch causing Doomwing to summon more Dino Zords as the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Formation and the Ptera Charge Para-Raptor Formation are formed. Fortress even defeated those formations and continues it rampage. The Rangers arrive and reclaim both Megazords and resume the fight against Fortress even when the Titano Charge Megazord is summoned. Upon forming the Dino Charge Ultra Zord with the Titano Charge Megazord and the six main Dino Zord, Fortress was destroyed by the Ultra Plasma Final Blast.
  • Scumlaw (voiced by Jason Hood)
    A prosecutor monster who was unleashed by Poisandra and Curio. He transported the Rangers to the Halloween Intergalactic Court where they are accused of destroying innocent monsters where 10 strikes will result in their destruction. At the trial, Scum Law summons the ghosts of Ninja and Hunter where they tell their side of their fight with the Rangers. The jury finds the Rangers guilty for the destruction of Ninja and Hunter. Scumlaw then summons the ghost of Spellbinder and Gold Digger who tell their side of their fight and a reference to their fusion of Spell Digger. The jury finds the Rangers guilty for the destruction of Spellbinder, Gold Digger, and Spell Digger. Scumlaw then summons the ghosts of Iceage, Stingrage, and Meteor where they tell their sides of the story. The jury finds them guilty. Before they can be vaporized, Kendall and Ivan arrived where the jury are unmasked to be Poisandra, Curio, and the Vivix. Scumlaw is then sentenced to be vaporized only for him to escape. The Rangers fight Scumlaw and the Vivix. While the Zords fight the Vivizords, the Rangers use their Dino Morpher Blast Final Strikes to destroy Scumlaw.
    • Mummy Guards
      They are mummy-like police officers that work for the Halloween Intergalactic Court. Two Mummy Guards named Rot (voiced by Robert Mignault) and Decay (voiced by Andrew Gazdik) help Scumlaw to bring the original five Dino Charge Rangers to the Halloween Intergalactic Court. Kendall and Sir Ivan lure Rot and Decay into a trap with the help of Prince Philip and James so that they can get to the Halloween Intergalactic Court. There were also some other Mummy Guards that were present during the trial.
  • Professor Strickler (voiced by Emmett Skilton)
    A classroom-themed monster. In "When Evil Stirs," Professor Strickler was among the prisoners released by Heckyl during his rise to power where it was mentioned that Heckyl destroyed his planet. In "Freaky Fightday," Professor Strickler presented Lord Arcanon with a body-switching device against the Rangers. He is destroyed with Game Face and Nightmare.
  • Conductro (voiced by Kevin Keys) is a conductor-themed monster used by Lord Arcanon. His baton can conduct anything. Conductro and Screech were used by Lord Arcanon in his plan to turn the Rangers and anyone else who hears their music into zombies that obey their every command. Following their first fight with the Rangers, Lord Arcanon tells them to broadcast their music over the city. Conductro and Screech return to broadcast their music downtown as the Rangers wear special headphones to filter out the music in order to confront them. After getting through the mesmerized civilians with the help of the robotic caveman Worg, the Rangers fight Conductro and Screech where the Dino Strike Final Strike was countered by Conductro. After the music was stopped, Lord Arcanon arrives where uses the Dark Energem's power to power up to help Conductro and Screech. The Rangers combine their Final Strikes which couldn't affect the three monsters. Conductro and Screech are later destroyed by Sledge alongside Lord Arcanon and Singe.
  • Screech
    A trumpet-playing monster used by Lord Arcanon. His trumpet can cause anyone who hears it to act like zombies that obey their every command. Screech and Conductro were used by Lord Arcanon into turning the Rangers and anyone into zombies. Following their first fight with the Rangers, Lord Arcanon tells them to broadcast their music over the city. Screech and Conductro return to broadcast their music downtown as the Rangers wear special headphones to filter out the music in order to confront them. After getting through the mesmerized civilians with the help of the robotic caveman Worg, the Rangers fight Screech and Conductro where the Dino Strike Final Strike was countered by Conductro. Screech and Conductro are later destroyed by Sledge alongside Lord Arcanon and Singe.
  • Badussa (voiced by Ross Girven)
    A dog-themed knight monster that once destroyed the Kyoruger Galaxy. He wields a demonic sword and a pendant that can turn anyone to stone. Sledge orders Fury to send Badussa in order to stop the Rangers from getting close to the ship. Accompanying the Vivix into battle, Badussa started turning most of the Rangers to stone. Heckyl showed up to fight off Badussa before he could turn Shelby, James, and Prince Philip III into stone as he knows how he felt how his home was destroyed. Badussa later confronts Heckyl at his camp as the remaining Rangers and Keeper fight him. Shelby and Heckyl combine their attacks to destroy Badussa's amulet. Badussa is then enlarged by the Magnabeam as the recently created Spinozord arrives to help fight Badussa. The Spino Charge Megazord Ankylo-Pachy Formation. Badussa is then defeated by the Spino Boomerang Whirlwind Finish. As Badussa gets to his feet and summoned the Vivix and Spikeballs to aid, the other Rangers show up to help fight them. Badussa is then destroyed by the T-Rex Super Charge Maximum Victory Final Strike.
  • Heximas (voiced by Andrew Laing)
    A Christmas-themed monster. The day when Sledge was destroyed, Heximas escaped from the destruction of Sledge's ship, with Wrench 's escape pod, and spent 65,000,000 years growing his own Vivix. The coal he gives out that was stolen from Santa Claus was applied with a special formula that turns anyone who touches it into evil elves that work for Heximas in his plot to make toys for naughty children. The coal-filled presents affected Tyler, Shelby, Riley, and Chase. After Tyler is freed from Heximas' control, he, Koda, Ivan, and Kendall traced the stolen coal to a factory where Heximas and the remaining Vivix are planning to distribute the coals all around the world to make more evil elves. After freeing Riley, Chase, and Shelby from Heximas' control, the Rangers fight Heximas and the Vivix in order to stop his rocket sleigh from taking off. Upon his sleigh being destroyed by the Victory Maximum Final Strike, Heximas activated his own Magnabeam as the Rangers summon their Zords. Heximas is destroyed by the Dino Charge Ultrazord Ultra Plasma Final Blast.