Linda Anne Chapman (born 15 January 1969 in Liverpool) is a British writer, principally of series for younger children. She is particularly known for her fantasy books about unicorns, mermaids and magic. She also writes the Spell Sisters series as Amber Castle and the Superpowers series as Alex Cliff (her own pseudonyms). She has written several of the series books published under the names Lucy Daniels, Jenny Dale (Puppy Patrol), Katie Chase (Little Princesses), Daisy Meadows (Rainbow Magic), and Lauren Brooke, either as part of a collective pseudonym or as a ghostwriter. She has written "about 200" books. She currently lives in a Leicestershire village with her husband and three children.

The Superpowers series features boys and "I wrote it under the name Alex Cliff in case the name Linda Chapman put any boys off."


  • Bright Lights (2003)
  • Centre Stage (2004) – sequel to Bright Lights
  • The Last Phoenix (with Steve Cole) (2010)


  • My Secret Unicorn
  • Stardust
  • Not Quite a Mermaid
  • Unicorn School
  • Genie (with Steve Cole)
  • Sky Horses
  • Skating School
  • Loving Spirit
  • Sophie and the Shadow Woods (with Lee Weatherly)

As Alex Cliff

  • Superpowers

As Daisy Meadows

(with Sue Bentley, Narinder Dhami, and Sue Mongredien)

As Lauren Brooke

As Lucy Daniels