Liddy may refer to:


  • Brian Liddy (fl. 1990-2006), former Los Angeles Police Department officer charged, but not convicted in the Rampart scandal
  • Ed Liddy (born 1946), American businessperson, former chairman and CEO of American International Group (2008-2009)
  • G. Gordon Liddy (born 1930), American former lawyer and Watergate conspirator
  • James Liddy (1934–2008), Irish poet
  • Pat Liddy (born 1944), Irish writer
  • Sean Liddy (1890–1965), Irish politician, founding member of the Garda Síochána (the police force of the Republic of Ireland)
  • Tom Liddy (born 1962), American attorney, politician and radio talk show host, son of G. Gordon Liddy

Given name or nickname

  • Liddie, a list of people with the surname
  • Lidy, a list of people with the given name or nickname