Libby is a feminine given name, usually a diminutive form of Elizabeth. It is also a surname.

Libby or Libbie may refer to:

Given name

Libby or Libbie

Elizabeth or Lisbeth


  • Aaron Libby (born 1983), American politician
  • Charles Libby (1844–1915), American politician and lawyer
  • Frederick Libby (1891–1970), first American flying ace of World War I
  • George D. Libby (1919–1950), U.S. Army soldier who received the Medal of Honor
  • Jake Libby (born 1993), English cricketer
  • Nate Libby, American politician, member of the Maine House of Representatives beginning 2012
  • Scooter Libby (born 1950), former Chief of Staff (2001–2005) to Vice President Dick Cheney
  • Willard Libby (1908–1980), American chemist

Fictional characters