Leonora or Leonara may refer to:



Arts and entertainment

  • Leonora (opera), the original title of Ludwig van Beethoven's opera Fidelio, in which the heroine is named Leonora (or Leonore in German)
  • Leonora (opera), the 1804 opera by Ferdinando Paer based on the same source as the work by Beethoven
  • Leonora, heroine of the opera Il trovatore, the 1853 opera by Giuseppe Verdi based on the 1836 drama El trovador by Antonio García Gutiérrez
  • Leonora, heroine of the opera La forza del destino, the 1862 opera by Giuseppe Verdi based on the 1835 drama Don Álvaro o la fuerza del sino by Ángel de Saavedra, 3rd Duke of Rivas
  • Leonora, another name for Lenore (ballad), by Gottfried August Bürger
  • Leonora (novel), by Maria Edgeworth
  • Leonora (film), a 1984 Australian film
  • Leonora (Fry), an opera by William Henry Fry
  • Leonora (Hazel Holt novel), by Hazel Holt
  • Leonora (Arnold Bennett novel), by Arnold Bennett
  • Leonora, the main character of a brief narrative pocket in Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews