Kisa or KISA may refer to:



  • Khisa, also known as Kisa, a village in Botswana
  • Kisa, Hiroshima, a former town in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, now merged with Miyoshi
  • Kisa, Iran, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran
  • Kisa, Sweden, a town in Östergötland County, Sweden


  • Kisa BK, a Swedish football club
  • KISA-LD, a low-power television station (channel 40) licensed to serve San Antonio, Texas, United States
  • KISA (NGO), the Movement for Equality, Support, Anti-Racism (Greek: Κίνηση για Ισότητα, Στήριξη, Αντιρατσισμό, abbreviated to ΚΙΣΑ), a Cypriot non-governmental organization established in 1998
  • KISA Phone, an Australian telecommunications services provider founded in 2013
  • The Korea Internet & Security Agency

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