Louis King Johnson Jr., better known by his stage name King L or King Louie (born December 27, 1987) is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. [3] Spin Magazine attributed King Louie as being one of the Chicago rappers who made Chicago the "hottest hip-hop" scene in 2012.[4]

Life and Music Career

King Louie was born Louis King Johnson Jr. in the Eastside of Chicago, Illinois on December 27, 1987. He attended Hyde Park Academy High School for a while before graduating from alternative school. After attending high school, King Louie began building a following through one-on-one mixtapes. He would hand out CDs at bus stops and parties.[4] King Louie released his debut mixtape entitled Boss Shit in September 2007,[5] and the next year released his second mixtape Cloud 9 on December 2009.

However, his career was put on hold after he was hit by a car. He was hospitalized with both of his legs broken with various other injuries and had to learn to walk again after his injuries were healed.[2] He later returned to music, releasing a series of mixtapes that he made available online. Songs from his releases received regular air time, including his song "Too Cool" which was placed in regular rotation at WGCI-FM.[5] To promote his mixtapes, King Louie launched a series of music videos on YouTube. His first video was for the song I'm Arrogant which was the lead track from his 2010 mixtape Man Up, Band Up. He released additional music videos and quickly grew a large following.[2] It was his promotional methods on YouTube that helped him be one of the newer Chicago rappers to get noticed nationally.[3]

In 2012, during a trip to Los Angeles, California, King Louie met and signed with Epic Records. While on his trip, Kanye West's record label GOOD Music released a remix of a song by Chicago hip-hop artist Chief Keef. During the release, West took time to mention numerous other up and coming artists, including King L.[2] King Louie was later quoted on MTV's Sucker Free program that he was shocked and not aware that West was a fan.[6] He would later appear on West's Yeezus, performing a verse and the hook on the track "Send It Up". He was shot in the head in Chicago on December 23, 2015 and survived the shooting. [7][8]


  • Boss Shit (2007)
  • Cloud 9 (2008)
  • Man Up Band Up (2010)
  • More Boss Shit (2011)
  • #ManUpBandUp (2011)
  • #ManUpBandUp 2 (2011)
  • The Motion Picture (2012)
  • Showtime (2012)
  • Drilluminati (2012)
  • Jeep Music (2013)
  • Drilluminati 2 (2013)
  • Soprano EP (2014)
  • Tony (2014)
  • Drilluminati 3: God of Drill
  • 6 God Tony (2015) [9]
  • Play Dat Again (2015)

Guest appearances

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
TitleYearOther artist(s)Album
"Fucked Up"2012Chin Chilla Meek, ShawnnaIt Feels Good To Be Great
"Money Mayweather"Chin Chilla Meek
"Touch Em"Bo Deal, TroubleThe Chicago Code 2
"How We Do"Rockie FreshDriving 88
"I Get Money"Lil DurkI'm Still A Hitta
"I Get Paid"
"Winning"Chief KeefBack From The Dead
"Screamin"Soulja Boy, Chief KeefN/A
"Flat Line"Chief Keef
"Just Be Cool"Fredo SantanaIt's a Scary Site
"Got Myself"
"Conceited" (Remix)SDLife Of A Savage
"Koolin"2013DJ Victorious, TwistaN/A
"My Niggaz"HearonTrackzXX: The Chicago Ghetto D
"Pop Out"Katie Got BandzDrillary Clinton
"2 The Moon (Send It Up)"HearonTrackzBuck 50z & Jay's: The Chicago Ghetto D
"Send It Up"Kanye WestYeezus
"Bitches and Bottles"Lil DurkN/A
"Shout Out"Lil Bibby, Lil HerbFree Crack
"Another Day"2014Lil HerbWelcome to Fazoland
"Chicago Conscious (Remix)"Reem, Lil Herb, SpenzoN/A
"Differences"2015HearonTrackz, SlittaXX: The Chicago Ghetto D
"Faneto (Remix)"Chief Keef, Lil Bibby, Lil HerbN/A