Kera or KERA may refer to:


  • Tiiu Kera (born 1945), retired United States Air Force (USAF) major general


  • Kera, Kutch, a village in Bhuj Taluka of Kutch district of Gujarat, India
  • Kera railway station in Espoo, Finland
  • Kera (Bondokuy, Burkina Faso), a village in the Bondokuy department of Burkina Faso
  • Kera (Yaba, Burkina Faso)|fr|Kera}}, a village in the Yaba Department of Burkina Faso
  • Keras Kardiotissas Monastery, a monastery in Crete


  • KERA (FM), a radio station (90.1 FM) licensed to Dallas, Texas, United States
  • KERA-TV, a television station (virtual channel 13/RF channel 14) licensed to Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Keratocan, a human protein found in the cornea
  • Kera language, a language spoken in Southwest Chad and North Cameroon
  • Kera, a cloth belt which is used to tie the gho, the national dress for men in Bhutan
  • Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA)

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