Kaori Sakagami ( 坂上 香織 , Sakagami Kaori , born 29 July 1974) is a Japanese singer and actress who is noted for singing Platonic Tsuranuite, the first ending of Ranma 1/2 . Also in Kiteretsu Daihyakka, she sang "Race no Cardigan" for the ending theme in the first season. In 1991, she portrayed Ai Amano in the live-action version of the popular manga series Video Girl Ai . She also portrays Deputy Captain Shinobu Mizuki in Ultraman Cosmos . She retired from the music industry at 15 years old. In 1993, she was in Japanese Playboy at the age of 19.


  • Platonic Tsuranuite (Let's Keep It Platonic)
  • Race no Cardigan (Lace Cardigan)
  • Good-bye My Love
  • Boyfriend
  • Privacy
  • Summer Kiss