Kaori Kobayashi ( 小林 香織 , Kobayashi Kaori , born October 20, 1981) , is a Japanese jazz saxophonist and flautist. She grew up in Tokyo. [2]


Kobayashi was born on October 20, 1981 in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Her father was a photographer and her mother, a piano teacher. Beginning at a very young age, Kobayashi learned to play the piano. When she was 13 years old she joined a brass band and started to play the flute. Four years later she stopped playing in the band, instead choosing to start a relationship with the saxophone. After that she turned to jazz. [3]

After four years, having learned from Bob Zangu how to play the saxophone in a jazz setting, she entered the Senzoku College of Music. After graduating, she got a contract with the label Victor Entertainment and her first album, Solar , appeared. [4]


  • Solar, Kaori's Collection (2005)
  • Fine (2006)
  • Glow (2007)
  • Shiny (2008)
  • The Golden Best (2009)
  • Luv Sax (2009) [5]
  • Precious (2011)
  • Seventh (2012)
  • Urban Stream (2013)
  • Spirit (2014)
  • Melody (2016)