KNLA-CD, (digital channel 50, virtual channel 20) is a digital low-power Class A television station in Los Angeles, California, owned by NRJ TV, LLC and operated by Titan TV Broadcast Group. Transmitting from the Mt. Harvard Radio Site in the San Gabriel mountains, This station broadcasts in various ethnic languages as a Crossings TV affiliate as well as English-language infomercials during late-night hours.


The low power station started its life as KNLA-LP on channel 27, then eventually moved to physical channel 50, mapping to virtual channel 20, to make room for KHTV-CD in Los Angeles, California, until 2012.

The station started out broadcasting in Asian languages, similar to what KSCI and KXLA currently offer. Then KNLA changed its focus to target Los Angeles area residents of Central American heritage. (It is unknown when this change took place.) Most of these immigrants moved from El Salvador and Guatemala. This channel was home to broadcaster ZionTV during its time of broadcasting in Spanish. KNLA also produced its own live, local newscast at 7:00 PM on weeknights, prior to affiliating with HSN.

Current status

The station's digital signal is multiplexed:

ChannelVideoAspectPSIP Short NameProgramoming
20.1480i4:3KNLA-CDCrossings TV (Ethnic Programming)
20.3480i4:3DIYA TVDiya TV
20.6480i4:3TEST20LA 18.8 (Chinese)
20.7480i4:3TVUTV Unidos (ethnic programming)
20.8480i4:3GTVGrace TV USA

In March 2012, former owner Venture Technologies Group filed to sell KNLA-CD and sister station KNET-CA to Local Media TV Holdings.[2]

In October 6, 2012, Next TV America, which began it broadcast from 1 January 2012, had ceased it broadcast from channel 33.3.[3]