KLOA-LP is a low power television station broadcasting on VHF channel 6 and serving the Antelope Valley area in California. Because the allocation of channel 6 in NTSC System M falls approximately within the lower fringes of the FM broadcast band, KLOA-LP takes advantage of the station's audio carrier, broadcasting on 87.75 MHz, and markets itself as a radio station. It airs a Country format under the moniker "Kickin' Country 87.7". According to the Federal Communications Commission, television stations must operate both the audio and video carriers; however, the carriers are not required to "accompany" each other, meaning that the audio and video can operate independently of one another. This means that KLOA-LP need not broadcast any particular image, as long as they broadcast a video signal. It is currently unknown what video signal the station broadcasts.


KLOA-LP was originally K61AJ, a translator station on channel 61 owned by the Indian Wells Valley TV Booster, providing over-the-air reception of KTLA to Ridgecrest, California. On January 17, 2005, the station was sold to Roy William Mayhugh, who then moved the station to its present-day channel, under the call sign K06AJ. It is unknown what the station broadcast, or what the station's plans were during this time. On July 30, 2007, Roy William Mayhugh sold the station to Antelope Valley area broadcaster Robert D. Adelman. Soon after, the station converted operations to a radio station and flipped to a Spanish adult contemporary format. The call letters were changed to KLOA-LP on April 11, 2012.