KJWY-LP channel 21 is a religious television station based in Salem, Oregon. The station is owned by Northwest Christian Broadcasting, a non-profit organization. Their website states that they are "the first Christian TV station in Oregon".

Their schedule is primarily filled with Christian programming, although there are a few classic TV shows and movies. They also offer a few hours of Russian and Spanish programs each week.

KJWY-LP also operates a digital companion channel, KJWY-LD, on channel 36.

KJWY-LP formerly had a repeater, KJYY-LD channel 26, in Portland, Oregon. KJYY-LD, which (as K26GJ) formerly operated in analog, had been digital-only since September 2, 2009. KJYY-LD's license was cancelled by the Federal Communications Commission on February 16, 2017, due to having been silent since January 11, 2016.