KIXE-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 9, is a PBS member television station located in Redding, California, United States, that also serves Chico. The station is owned by the Northern California Educational Television Association. KIXE's studios are located along North Market Street on the north side of Redding and its transmitter is located atop Shasta Bally.


KIXE went on the air in black and white in 1964. In 1967 the station moved from Chico, California to Redding, California, and began broadcasting in color in 1971.

The station was originally located in Redding, on Industrial Street. It soon ran out of room and expanded to a bigger facility on N. Market Street (State Route 273), north of downtown. The new building had space for television broadcasting courses at Shasta College. Many local media personalities have appeared on KIXE over the years like Cal Hunter, Mike Mangas, Ray Roberts, Ken Murray and others.

1952 - First educational television station, KUHT, goes on air.

1954 - KIXE incorporation papers signed

1964 - KIXE signs on air with black and white programs only

1967 - Channel 9 moved from Chico to Redding

1969 - Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) begins in US

1971 - KIXE begins broadcasting network, color programs

1974 - KIXE begins to originate color programs

1981 - KIXE broadcasts programs with Closed Captions

1987 - KIXE moves from Industrial Way to North Market Street

1995 - KIXE installs new transmitter

1996 - KIXE broadcasts programs in stereo

1997 - KIXE broadcasts programs with Descriptive Video

2003 - KIXE installs a new digital transmitter and broadcasts programs in digital, simulcasting alongside analog

2008 - KIXE terminates analog broadcast and transmits in digital only, on VHF channel 9

2014 - KIXE celebrates their 50th Anniversary

Digital television

Digital channels

The station's digital signal is multiplexed:

ChannelVideoAspectPSIP Short NameProgramming[2]
9.1720p16:9KIXE-DTMain KIXE-TV programming / PBS
9.3WORLDWorld (7 p.m.-9 a.m.)
First Nations Experience (9 a.m.-7 p.m.)

Chico fill-in Translator

Viewers in the Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Magalia, Orland and surrounding areas who had originally had trouble receiving KIXE’s digital signal from Redding began to notice a substantial improvement with a new fill-in transmitter on Cohasset Ridge that went online Monday September 21 Template:Of what year?. The 4,000-watt transmitter is located 200 feet up on a transmission tower and is rebroadcast KIXE’s regular programming lineup as well as the popular CREATE channel. The transmitter is broadcast on Channel 18 (a UHF signal) but viewers’ TV sets should “see” it as Channel 9-1 (KIXE’s traditional lineup), 9-2 (CREATE) and 9-3 (WORLD).

Analog-to-digital conversion

KIXE-TV shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 9, on August 18, 2008, four days later. The station's digital signal relocated from its pre-transition UHF channel 18 to VHF channel 9 for post-transition operations.[34] Translators finally converted on September 1.

Early Switch

KIXE is broadcasting in a digital format on VHF channel 9. The exclusive digital broadcast began August 22, 2008, well before the then planned transition date in 2009. The early switch was mainly due to the transmission location being covered with snow on the original switchover mandate of February 2009.[4] KIXE became the second all-digital PBS station in California, after KCSM-TV in San Mateo (which serves the San Francisco Bay Area).


KIXE is rebroadcast on 12 digital translator stations:[5]

The cities served by translators, (except Canby and Big Bend) had cable headends nearby.

Local programs

Current Shows:

  • "KIXE Salute to Veterans" - aired June 2014, live music and interviews with veteran service groups.
  • "Christmas in the North State" - an annual Christmas program featuring local talent.
  • "" - a weekly local talk show
  • "" - a half-hour program telling the story of the Pioneer Baby's Grave near Old Shasta.

Past Shows:

  • "Northstate Profile" - a weekly public affairs program
  • "Jobs" - a continuing series on employment
  • "Seeking Solutions" - a public affairs program on drug abuse
  • "Love Thy Neighbor" - a public affairs special about tolerance
  • "Why a Will is Not Enough" - a public affairs special regarding estate planning
  • "Challenge of the Minds"
  • "Stage Nine"

The Forum is a gathering place of interesting people doing interesting things and making an impact in Northern California. Hosted by and the purpose of the show is to shine a light on those people and organizations who are positively influencing their communities whether it be through their business or volunteer organization. It is the goal of KIXE to feature guests from all reaches of our 10 county viewing area so that each community and viewer can feel as though they are a part of the larger Forum.[6] The first episode of The Forum aired in June 2013.[7]


  • 101: Judy Salter
  • 102: Brian Garcia - Grilla Bites
  • 103: Ilynne Davis –
  • 104: Ed Rullman –
  • 105: and – Local Singers
  • 106: Rick Osbrink –
  • 107: and – Local Authors
  • 108: Mayor of Oroville and Roplast Industries
  • 109:
  • 110:
  • 111: and
  • 112:
  • 113: Women in Media

Episodes: Show 201: Rachel Hatch- Faye Hall— Founder

Show 202: Kate Mahar— Kate Grissom and Kathy Garcia-

Show 203:

Show 204: , local author , local author

Show 205:

Show 206:

Show 207: and Onramp Dr. Jackson Corley—

Show 208:

Show 209: and Cascade Theater

Show 210: Rick Kern, Volunteer extraordinaire

Show 211:

Show 212: Arts for All

Show 213:

NATURE: Caught In The Act

NATURE: Caught In The Act is an online film festival hosted by KIXE, in which viewers from their 10-county viewing area were able go out and film footage of wildlife and scenery in Northern California and upload them to the dedicated website using YouTube. 8 of the 10 submissions were shown on KIXE on October 18 at 7:30 P.M., right before Nature. The program was part of Film Vista and was hosted by assistant producer Matthew Shoutte.

The program featured a variety of locations around Northern California including Lassen National Park, Lava Beds National Monument, and Modoc National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Stealhead Salmon (Brian Swierczynski)
  • Badger Pups At Play (Lon and Kat Yarbrough)
  • Caves Of Lava Beds (Brian Swierczynski)
  • Lizard Lunch (Tristan Howard)
  • Lassen Wildlife & Activity (Brian Swierczynski)
  • Postcards From Modoc (Lon and Kat Yarbrough)
  • Lassen Fantastic Lava Beds (Brian Swierczynski)
  • Duckling Dawn (Tristan Howard)