KGNG-LP is a low power analog television station in Las Vegas, Nevada, broadcasting on UHF channel 47 as an affiliate of HSN.

KGNG-LD is a low power digital television station in Las Vegas, broadcasting on UHF channel 48, using virtual channel 47.x. As of January 2013, the station has a primary affiliation with HSN and carries eight subchannels total.

Both stations are owned by King Kong Broadcasting, with transmitter located outside of Henderson on Black Mountain.


The station began as K25DB, a construction permit granted in February 1992 to Terry Zick, for a low power operation to broadcast from Potosi Mountain, southwest of Las Vegas.[2] After several extensions of the construction permit, Zick sold the station in 1996 to King Kong Broadcasting, which had started the previous year with the goal of operating an Asian-language station.[3][4] The new owners immediately changed the station's call sign to KGNG-LP, and the following year, moved the station from Potosi Mountain to Black Mountain, and from channel 25 to channel 47.[5][6] Shortly thereafter, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted KGNG-LP its license to operate.[7]

The station filed for a digital companion channel construction permit in October 2006, to broadcast on UHF channel 48. Digital programming began December 31, 2008.

Digital sub-channels

The following sub-channels are as listed on the station's website as of early August 2016:

47.5Movies+the works
47.7QVC Over Air
47.8Justice Network