KCBI is an FM radio station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, transmitting on 90.9 FM and is owned under a joint venture of Criswell College and First Baptist Church in Dallas.

The station's call letters represent Criswell Bible Institute, now Criswell College, as the station operates under the College leadership and direction.[2]

KCBI began with its antenna atop the First International Building in downtown Dallas. Power was 1,500 watts at 660 feet above average terrain.

The 90.9 spot traces its beginning to KCHU, a non-commercial FM that went on air August 29, 1975. KCHU operated until September 1977 when it went off air owing to financial shortfalls. The station remained silent through 1980, license renewal year in Texas. (Radio stations then operated on a three-year license cycle.) At the same time, Criswell operated KCBI-FM from a downtown Dallas rooftop with a power of 1,500 watts on 89.3. They aspired to raise power and height by relocating to the Cedar Hill, Texas, tower farm, and applied to take over the 90.9 frequency of KCHU. A legal and FCC struggle ensued. The result was a swap of frequencies, a settlement of litigation, and return of KCHU (renamed KNON) to the air.

On July 30, 2010, the First Baptist Church in Dallas ended its 40-year oversight of Criswell College, which was known as "First Dallas Media", and as a result the station's license is under a 50-50 joint ownership of First Baptist and Criswell College, but managed by First Baptist.

Starting on March 19, 2014; KCBI rebranded itself as KCBI Radio Network and began simulcasting on San Angelo sister station KCRN-FM. The stations are positioning as "encouraging music & words of hope for Central and West Texas and Southern Oklahoma". It is likely that the Wichita Falls area might join in the simulcast as KSYE changed its callsign to KCBK.[3]