The feminine name Jutta is a German form of Judith. In German it is pronounced Yutta—the u is pronounced like the u in "put."

It could also derive from the Germanic name Eutha, meaning "mankind, child, descendant", or from a short form of Henrietta.[2]

In Yiddish the name is pronounced Yitty[3] - in accordance with Galicia Yiddish pronunciation where the u is pronounced as an i.

Jutta name holders

Countess Jutta von Sponheim

See Jutta von Sponheim

Countess Jutta von Sponheim (December 22, 1091–1136) was the youngest of four noblewomen who were born into affluent surroundings in what is currently the Rhineland-Palatinate. She was the daughter of Count Stephen of Spanheim.

She tutored several female pupils from wealthy families and they lived with her in her hermitage. She taught and raised them all, but most notably the child Hildegard of Bingen.

Rebetzin Yitty Neustadt

Yitty Neustadt Rebetzin (wife of a rabbi) was writer and speaker on orthodox Jewish traditions.[4] A personal story about her is mentioned in several books on birthright and orthodox Jewish thought.[6]