John H. Auer (August 3, 1906 in Budapest, Hungary – March 15, 1975 in North Hollywood, Los Angeles) was a Hungarian-born child actor who, on coming to the Americas in 1928, became a movie director and producer, initially in Mexico but, from the early 1930s, in Hollywood.


With the crash of the most powerful family in Europe, the Habsburgs, the Hungarian-born, Vienna-educated, child artiste, Auer, tried his hand at business in Europe.[2]

Auer, however, soon returned to movies. He first tried to work as a director in Hollywood but luck did not seem to favour him. Next, he tried his hand at directing some Mexican films, which did quite well as they not only brought him critical acclaim but the films also fared well in box office receipts, some even brought him awards from the Mexican government.[3]

His success in Mexico helped Auer to make a re-entry into Hollywood and direct films. Although he worked mostly for the Republic Pictures who specialized in Westerns and B films, he stuck to crime thrillers and musicals. Besides directing, he also produced most of his directed films.[3]

The year 1934 saw Auer's Hollywood directorial venture, Frankie and Johnny, filmed at the Mascot Studios. His later years were spent mostly with the Republic Pictures. It was in the late 1940s and early 1950s when some of his B-rated movies such as Angel on the Amazon, Thunderbirds, and Hell's Half Acre were well accepted by the film lovers. He also did a film with RKO Pictures's Gangway for Tomorrow and Universal Studios's Johnny Doughboy.[2]


Selected Filmography
U.S. Marshals1959-1960Producer10 episodes
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse1959Producer1 Episode "Ballad for a Bad Man"
Whirlybirds1957-1960Producer35 episodes
Johnny Trouble1957Producer & Director
Sheriff of CochiseProducer1 Episode "Apache Kid"
The Eternal Sea1955Associate Producer
Hell's Half Acre1954Director & Producer
City That Never Sleeps1953Director & Producer
The Wild Blue Yonder1951Producer
Hit Parade of 19511950Producer
The AvengersProducer
Angel on the Amazon1948Producer
I, Jane DoeProducer & Director
The Flame1947Producer
Music in Manhattan1944Producer
Seven Days AshoreProducer
Gangway for Tomorrow1943Producer & Director
Tahiti HoneyProducer
Johnny Doughboy1942Producer
Moonlight MasqueradeProducer & Director
Women in War1940Director
Hit Parade of 19411940Director
Smuggled Cargo1939Producer & Director
Outside of Paradise1938Director
Rhythm in the Clouds1937Director