Jayne is used both as a surname and as a given name.


  • Benjamin A. Jayne, Author and Professor of Wood Physics and Associate Dean of the College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
  • Billy Jayne, American television and film actor
  • Caroline Furness Jayne (1873–1909), American ethnologist
  • David Jayne (1751–1837), Baptist Minister and Church Planter in Northeast Pennsylvania after serving as Chaplain in Revolutionary War
  • David Jayne (1799–1866), medical doctor in Philadelphia, Founder of Dr. Jayne's Family Medicines
  • Dylan Stephen Jayne, Pennsylvania resident who filed suit against Google for $5 billion for alleged crimes against humanity
  • Ebenezer Jayne (1754–1826), Baptist minister, author of hymns, publisher of Baptist Hymnal
  • Edgar P. Jayne (-1998), professor at the University of Connecticut
  • Erika Jayne, American dance/club music performer
  • Francis Jayne (1845–1921), British bishop and academic
  • Horace Jayne (1859–1913), American biologist, zoologist, professor at the University of Pennsylvania and author
  • Horace Howard Furness Jayne (1898–1975), was the first curator of Chinese art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  • Ira W. Jayne (born 1882), American judge
  • Jennifer Jayne (1931–2006), English film and television actress
  • Joey Jayne, Democratic Party member of the Montana House of Representatives
  • John E. Jayne (born 1943), Professor of Mathematics at University College London, President of the International Mathematics Competition for University Students
  • John W. Jayne (1820–1908), Founder of Lone Tree, Iowa
  • Joseph Lee Jayne (1863–1928), rear admiral in the United States Navy, veteran of the Spanish-American War and World War I
  • Keith Jayne (born 1960), a British television actor
  • Mark Jayne, American wrestler
  • Mitchell F. Jayne (1928–2010), emcee and upright bass player in The Dillards bluegrass band
  • Nikki Jayne (born 1985), the stage name of a former British pornographic actress
  • Randy Jayne (born 1944), Managing Partner at Heidrick & Struggles
  • Robert Jayne (born 1973), American actor
  • Roland Everett Jayne (1886–1937), Methodist clergyman and biographer
  • Sam Jayne, vocalist/guitarist of indie band Love as Laughter, formerly of Lync.
  • Samuel Jayne, Jr., Member of New York state assembly from Yates County, New York, 1851.
  • Scudder Jayne (1824–1902), Shipbuilder and Captain on Long Island, New York
  • Silas Carter Jayne (1907–1987), implicated in the 1955 murder of three young boys in Chicago
  • Timothy Jayne (1741–1790), Captain, 4th Company, First Battalion, from the County of Northampton, Province of Pennsylvania, Revolutionary War, 1776.
  • Wilfred H. Jayne, Jr., Member of New Jersey state senate from Ocean County, 1932.
  • William Jayne (1618–1714), pioneer settler of Setauket, Long Island, Suffolk County, New York
  • William Jayne (1826–1916), Abraham Lincoln’s personal physician, first Governor of the Dakota Territory, Delegate to the House of Representatives, three terms as mayor of Springfield, Il, from 1876
  • William Jayne (1843–1917), Baptist minister and founder of the Flat Gap Enterprise Academy
  • William H. Jayne (1823–1906), pioneer homesteader and civic leader
  • William Legrande Jayne, PhD, (1873–1930), noted educator, dean of Morehead State University in Kentucky

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