Jason Suecof (born April 3, 1980) is an American record producer, mixer, guitarist and songwriter.


Suecof is best known for his production and song-writing with the band Trivium. He produces most of his albums at his own Orlando, Florida based studio, Audio Hammer. [2] He has produced and/or mixed bands such as Austrian Death Machine, Battlecross, [3] Chelsea Grin, All That Remains, [4] Motionless in White, Bury Your Dead, [5] August Burns Red, [6] The Black Dahlia Murder, [7] Dååth, [8] The Autumn Offering, [9] Luna Mortis, [15] Chimaira, [2] DevilDriver, [2] God Forbid, [2] If Hope Dies, [2] Trivium, Job for a Cowboy, [2] Whitechapel, [2] Mutiny Within, [2] Dir En Grey, [2] Sanctity. [2] and Odd Crew. Suecof has been a member of the technical death metal band Capharnaum, [2] as well as the comic project Crotchduster (under the alias of Fornicus 'Fuckmouth' McFlappy). In 2010, he joined up with Howard Stern Show writer Richard Christy's (Ex-Iced Earth) new project, Charred Walls of the Damned as their guitarist. [22] Suecof is in a wheelchair due to spinal meningitis at age two, though he makes light of his condition and retains a sense of humor about it. [23]

Production discography

Year Band Album Type Label Role Released
2016 Carnifex Slow Death Album Nuclear Blast Producer 08.05.2016
2016 Death Angel The Evil Divide Album Nuclear Blast Producer 05.27.2016
2016 Drowning Pool Hellelujah Album eOne Producer 02.05.2016
2015 Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering - Tome 1 EP Self Release Mixing 10.30.2015
2015 Odd Crew Mark These Words Album Mixing 09.10.2015
2015 Battlecross Rise to Power Album Metal Blade Records Producer, recording, engineering 08.21.2015
2014 Job for a Cowboy Sun Eater Album Metal Blade Records Producer, engineering, mixing 11.11.2014
2014 Wretched Cannibal Album Victory Records Mixing 06.10.2014
2013 Deicide In the Minds of Evil Album Century Media Records Producer, engineer, mixer 26.11.2013
2013 Reflections Exi(s)t Album eOne, Good Fight Engineer 22.10.2013
2013 Death Angel The Dream Calls for Blood Album Nuclear Blast Producer, guest guitar solo 11.10.2013
2013 Battlecross War of Will Album Metal Blade Records Vocal producer [3] 07.09.2013
2012 The Defiled Daggers Album Nuclear Blast Producer [24] 05.08.2013
2012 Motionless in White Infamous Album Fearless Producer, [25] mixing 13.11.2012
2012 The Contortionist Intrinsic Album eOne, Good Fight Mixing, engineer 17.07.2012
2012 Chelsea Grin Evolve EP Artery Producer, [26] mixing 19.06.2012
2012 Six Feet Under Undead Album Metal Blade Mixing 22.05.2012
2012 Firewind Few Against Many Album Century Media Mixing 22.05.2012
2012 Job for a Cowboy Demonocracy Album Metal Blade Producer, [27] mixing, engineer 10.04.2012
2012 Demon Hunter True Defiance Album Solid State Mixing 10.04.2012
2012 God Forbid Equilibrium Album Victory Producer, [28] engineer 26.03.2012
2011 Draekon Prelude To Tragedy EP Self Release Engineer, mix engineer 2011
2011 Carnifex Until I Feel Nothing Album Victory Mixing 24.10.2011
2011 Dirge Within Absolution EP Big Time Mixing 16.08.2011
2011 Trivium In Waves Album Roadrunner Pre-production, songwriting [29] 02.08.2011
2011 August Burns Red Leveler Album Solid State Producer, [30] mixing 21.06.2011
2011 The Black Dahlia Murder Ritual Album Metal Blade Producer 17.06.2011
2011 Job for a Cowboy Gloom EP Metal Blade Producer, mixing, engineer 07.06.2011
2011 Emery We Do What We Want Album Solid State Mixing 29.03.2011
2011 Born of Osiris The Discovery Album Sumerian Mixing 22.03.2011
2010 As They Sleep Dynasty Album Solid State Mixing 23.11.2010
2010 Atheist Jupiter Album Season of Mist Executive producer, mixing, engineer 08.11.2010
2010 Dååth Dååth Album Century Media Vocal producer [4] 26.10.2010
2010 Death Angel Relentless Retribution Album Nuclear Blast Producer, mixing, engineer 14.09.2010
2010 Whitechapel A New Era of Corruption Album Metal Blade Producer, mixing 08.06.2010
2010 MyChildren MyBride Lost Boy Album Solid State Mixing [4] 08.06.2010
2010 To Speak of Wolves Myself Is Less Than Letting Go Album Solid State Mixing 18.05.2010
2010 Demon Hunter The World Is a Thorn Album Solid State Mixing 09.03.2010
2010 Mutiny Within Mutiny Within Album Roadrunner Additional producer, engineer [4] 23.02.2010
2010 Charred Walls of the Damned Charred Walls of the Damned Album Metal Blade Producer, engineer, guitarist 02.02.2010
2009 Evergreen Terrace Almost Home Album Metal Blade Vocal tracking 29.09.2009
2009 The Black Dahlia Murder Deflorate Album Metal Blade Producer 15.09.2009
2009 August Burns Red Constellations Album Solid State Producer, [4] mixing 14.07.2009
2009 Job for a Cowboy Ruination Album Metal Blade Producer, [4] mixing, engineer 07.07.2009
2009 The Autumn Offering Requiem Album Victory Composer, engineer [4] 09.06.2009
2009 Dååth The Concealers Album Century Media Producer, [4] mixing, engineer 21.04.2009
2009 Luna Mortis The Absence Album Century Media Producer, [4] mixing 10.02.2009
2008 Beneath the Massacre Dystopia Album Prosthetic Mixing 28.10.2008
2008 All That Remains Overcome Album Prosthetic Producer [4] 16.09.2008
2008 Devil's Gift Devil's Gift Album John Galt Entertainment Producer, [4] mixing 12.09.2008
2008 Kataklysm Prevail Album Nuclear Blast Mixing, engineer 23.05.2010
2008 Bury Your Dead Bury Your Dead Album Victory Producer, mixing, engineer 18.03.2008
2008 Beneath the Massacre Dystopia Album Interscope Composer [5] 18.03.2008
2008 Violence To Vegas Princess to Poison EP Feeding Ground Producer, mixing, engineer 22.01.2008
2007 The Autumn Offering Fear Will Cast No Shadow Album Victory Producer, mixing 30.10.2007
2007 All That Remains All That Remains: Live Live Album Prosthetic Mixing, engineer 30.10.2007
2007 The Black Dahlia Murder Nocturnal Album Metal Blade Producer 18.09.2007
2007 DevilDriver The Last Kind Words Album Roadrunner Producer 31.07.2007
2007 Sanctity Road to Bloodshed Album Roadrunner Producer, [5] engineer 07.04.2007
2007 Chimaira Resurrection Album Ferret Producer, [5] keyboards, sampling 06.03.2007
2006 Seemless What Have We Become Album Equal Vision Producer, engineer 05.09.2006
2006 Bury Your Dead Beauty and the Breakdown Album Victory Producer, [5] mixing 11.07.2006
2006 Trivium The Crusade Album Roadrunner Producer [5] 10.10.2006
2006 The Autumn Offering Embrace the Gutter Album Victory Producer, mixing 16.05.2006
2006 Failsafe A Black Tie Affair EP Feeding Ground Producer, [5] mixing, engineer, composer 11.04.2006
2006 If Hope Dies Life in Ruin Album Metal Blade Producer, [5] mixing, mastering, engineer 07.03.2006
2005 Roadrunner United The All-Star Sessions Album Roadrunner Producer, engineer 10.10.2005
2005 God Forbid IV: Constitution of Treason Album Century Media Producer, [5] engineer, programming 20.09.2005
2005 Neuraxis Trilateral Progression Album Willowtip Mixing 13.09.2005
2005 Cannae Gold Becomes Sacrifice Album Prosthetic Producer, [5] mixing, engineer 06.09.2005
2005 Trivium Ascendancy Album Roadrunner Producer [5] 15.03.2005
2004 Crotchduster Big Fat Box of Shit Album Willowtip Producer, mixing, engineer, composer, guitarist, vocalist 05.10.2004
2004 Capharnaum Fractured Album Willowtip Producer, mixing, engineer, composer, guitarist 09.02.2004
2003 Trivium Ember to Inferno Album Lifeforce Producer, [6] mixing 14.10.2003
2003 Monstrosity Rise to Power Album Conquest Engineer, guest guitar solo 23.09.2003
2003 Summon And the Blood Runs Black Album Moribund Mixing, engineer 25.02.2003