Jason Sechrest (born November 26, 1979, Columbus, Indiana) is an on-screen personality and writer in the adult industry. He has starred in numerous adult films, straight and gay, but only in non-sexual roles. In 2005 he was nominated by the Grabby Awards and GAYVN Awards for his comedic, nonsexual performance in Wet Palms (Jet Set Productions). He also appeared in a role in gay-themed feature film Dog Tags.

In 2011, Sechrest retired from adult entertainment.


He is best known for his website, JasonCurious.com. The website caters to straight, gay and bisexual adult markets. Sechrest himself is bisexual.[3]

In 2011, Jason Sechrest closed his web site.

Radio shows

He hosted of one of the longest running shows on the now defunct KSEX Radio, The Jason Sechrest Show (formerly titled The Young & the Curious).

In July 2008, he launched an iteration of his previous internet radio show, now titled Bottoms Up!, via RudeTV.com.[5]

  • Arena magazine listed him as one of the "50 Most Powerful People in Porn" list[6] along with Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner. He has also been called "The Oprah of Porn".[7]
  • His writing career began as a writer for , an entertainment publication focusing on the actresses in horror B movies.


  • 2000: Julia Wept as Scott (video short)
  • 2003: Bill and Stace as Josh (video)
  • 2004: American Porn Star as host (video)
  • 2004: The Best of Jason Ridge as interviewer (video)
  • 2004-2006: Wet Palms as himself (TV series) - in all 9 episodes of the series
  • 2005: Phone Sex as caller (video documentary)
  • 2005: Open Call as himself (TV series) - in episode "TV's Next Paris and Nicole"
  • 2005: The Naked Monster as Cat Scan Tech
  • 2005: On Q Live as reporter (TV series)
  • 2007: Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League III
  • 2008: Dog Tags as Alan's friend (feature film directed by Damion Dietz)
  • 2008: November Son as Interviewer on TV