The International Tennis Hall of Fame is located in Newport, Rhode Island, United States. It honors players and contributors to the sport of tennis and includes a museum, grass tennis courts, an indoor tennis facility, and a court tennis (or real tennis) facility.


The hall of fame and museum are located in the Newport Casino, which was commissioned in 1879 by James Gordon Bennett, Jr. as an exclusive resort for wealthy Newport summer residents, and was designed by Charles McKim along with Stanford White, who did the interiors. In 1881, the Real Tennis Court (housing the National Tennis Club) and the Casino Theatre were constructed at the east end of the campus. The club was opened on July 1, 1880 after just a six month construction period and quickly became a fashionable venue for Newport Summer residents. The United States Lawn Tennis Association had held its first championships at the Newport Casino in 1881, an event that would continue through 1914, by which time tennis had become the key attraction at the resort.

However, by the 1950s, the retreat was struggling financially and was in danger of being demolished for modern retail space, but the building was purchased and saved by Jimmy Van Alen, a wealthy Newport summer resident and sportsman, and his wife Candy. In 1954, Jimmy Van Alen established the Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum in the Casino.[2] The combination of tennis matches and the museum allowed the building to be saved. It is an example of Victorian Shingle Style architecture.

Van Alen intended the facility to be "a shrine to the ideals of the game", and was elected president of the hall in 1957. The International Tennis Hall of Fame was officially sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association on its foundation in 1954, and recognized by the International Tennis Federation in 1986. The first Hall of Fame members were inducted in 1955; as of 2017, there are 252 inductees from 23 countries[260].

Martina Hingis became the first Global Ambassador for the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2015.[4]


The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts and memorabilia – including videos, photographs, audio recordings, tennis equipment and apparel, trophies, and art – highlighting the history of tennis from its origins up through the modern era. The collection is displayed year-round in the museum's 13,000 square feet (1,200 m2) of exhibit space.[5]


For a description of each award and a list of its recipients, see footnote.[6]
  • Chairman's Award
  • Davis Cup Award of Excellence
  • Eugene L. Scott Award
  • Fed Cup Award of Excellence
  • Golden Achievement Award
  • Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Award
  • Samuel Hardy Award
  • Tennis Educational Merit Award

Hall of Fame Tennis Championships

The Hall of Fame hosts several tournaments, including the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships. Part of the men's ATP World Tour, the tournament is the only grass court event in North America. Top male players come to Newport directly from Wimbledon to compete for the Van Alen Cup at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Past champions include Americans John Isner, and Mardy Fish, as well as two-time champion Fabrice Santoro of France.


For a list of inductees—alphabetically, by country, and by year of induction—see footnote.[7]
Note: Inductees are listed below in two categories (Player category and ).

Player category

NameNationalityCategoryYear inductedRef
Agassi, AndreUnited StatesRecent Player2011[8]
Akhurst, DaphneAustraliaMaster Player2013[9]
Anderson, JamesAustraliaMaster Player2013[10]
Alexander, Frederick "Fred"United StatesPlayer1961[11]
Allison, WilmerUnited StatesPlayer1963[12]
Alonso, ManuelSpainMaster Player1977[13]
Anderson, MalcolmAustraliaMaster Player2000[14]
Ashe, ArthurUnited StatesRecent Player1985[9]
Atkinson, JulietteUnited StatesPlayer1974[16]
Austin, Henry "Bunny"Great BritainMaster Player1997[17]
Austin, TracyUnited StatesRecent Player1992[18]
Baddeley, WilfredGreat BritainMaster Player2013[19]
Barger-Wallach, MaudUnited StatesPlayer1958[20]
Becker, BorisGermanyRecent Player2003[21]
Behr, KarlUnited StatesPlayer1969[22]
Betz Addie, PaulineUnited StatesPlayer1965[23]
Bingley Hillyard, BlancheGreat BritainMaster Player2013[24]
Bjurstedt Mallory, MollaNorway/United StatesPlayer1958[25]
Borg, BjörnSwedenRecent Player1987[26]
Borotra, JeanFranceMaster Player1976[27]
Bromwich, JohnAustraliaMaster Player1984[28]
Brookes, NormanAustraliaMaster Player1977[29]
Brough Clapp, LouiseUnited StatesPlayer1967[30]
Browne, Mary K.United StatesPlayer1957[31]
Brugnon, JacquesFranceMaster Player1976[32]
Budge, John Donald "Don"United StatesPlayer1964[33]
Bueno, Maria EstherBrazilRecent Player1978[34]
Bundy Cheney, DorothyUnited StatesMaster Player2004[35]
Cahill, MabelIrelandPlayer1976[36]
Campbell, OliverUnited StatesPlayer1955[37]
Capriati, JenniferUnited StatesRecent Player2012[38]
Casals, RosemaryUnited StatesRecent Player1996[260]
Chance, MalcolmUnited StatesPlayer1961[260]
Chang, MichaelUnited StatesRecent Player2008[260]
Clark, ClarenceUnited StatesMaster Player1983[260]
Clark, JosephUnited StatesPlayer1955[260]
Clijsters, KimBelgiumRecent Player2017[260]
Clothier, WilliamUnited StatesPlayer1956[260]
Cochet, HenriFranceMaster Player1976[260]
Connolly Brinker, MaureenUnited StatesPlayer1968[260]
Connors, James "Jimmy"United StatesRecent Player1998[260]
Cooper, AshleyAustraliaMaster Player1991[48]
Cooper Sterry, CharlotteGreat BritainMaster Player2013[11]
Courier, JimUnited StatesRecent Player2005[50]
Coyne Long, ThelmaAustraliaMaster Player2013[51]
Crawford, JackAustraliaMaster Player1979[52]
Davenport, LindsayUnited StatesRecent Player2014[53]
Davidson, OwenAustraliaMaster Player2010[54]
Davidson, SvenSwedenMaster Player2007[4]
Davis, Dwight F.United StatesPlayer1956[56]
Dod, Charlotte "Lottie"Great BritainPlayer1983[57]
Doeg, JohnUnited StatesPlayer1962[5]
Doherty, LaurenceGreat BritainPlayer1980[5]
Doherty, ReginaldGreat BritainPlayer1980[5]
Douglass Chambers, DorotheaGreat BritainPlayer1981[5]
Drobný, JaroslavEgyptMaster Player1983[5]
Dürr, FrançoiseFranceMaster Player2003[5]
Dwight, JamesUnited StatesPlayer1955[5]
Edberg, StefanSwedenRecent Player2004[5]
Emerson, RoyAustraliaRecent Player1982[5]
Etchebaster, PierreFranceCourt Tennis Player1978[5]
Evert, Christine "Chris"United StatesRecent Player1995[6]
Falkenburg, Robert "Bob"United States/BrazilPlayer1974[6]
Fernández, Beatriz "Gigi"United States (Puerto Rico)Recent Player2010[6]
Fraser, NealeAustraliaMaster Player1984[6]
Fry-Irvin, ShirleyUnited StatesPlayer1970[6]
Garland, ChuckUnited StatesMaster Player1969[6]
Gibson, AltheaUnited StatesPlayer1971[6]
Gimeno, AndresSpainMaster Player2009[6]
Gonzalez, Richard "Pancho"United StatesPlayer1968[6]
Goolagong Cawley, EvonneAustraliaRecent Player1988[6]
Gore, ArthurGreat BritainMaster Player2006[7]
Graf, Stefanie "Steffi"GermanyRecent Player2004[7]
Grant, Bryan "Bitsy"United StatesMaster Player1972[7]
Hackett, HaroldUnited StatesPlayer1961[7]
Hall, DavidAustraliaRecent Player2015[7]
Hansell, EllenUnited StatesPlayer1965[7]
Hard, DarleneUnited StatesPlayer1973[7]
Hart, DorisUnited StatesPlayer1969[7]
Haydon Jones, AnnGreat BritainPlayer1985[7]
Henin, JustineBelgiumRecent Player2016[7]
Hingis, MartinaSwitzerlandRecent Player2013[8]
Hoad, Lewis "Lew"AustraliaMaster Player1980[8]
Hopman, HarryAustraliaMaster Player1978[8]
Hotchkiss Wightman, HazelUnited StatesPlayer1957[8]
Hovey, FrederickUnited StatesMaster Player1974[8]
Hunt, Joseph "Joe"United StatesPlayer1966[8]
Hunter, FrankUnited StatesPlayer1961[8]
Hull Jacobs, HelenUnited StatesPlayer1962[8]
Johnston, William "Bill"United StatesPlayer1958[8]
Jones Farquhar, MarionUnited StatesMaster Player2006[8]
King, Billie Jean MoffittUnited StatesRecent Player1987[9]
Kodeš, JanCzechoslovakiaRecent Player1990[9]
Koželuh, KarelCzechoslovakiaMaster Player2006[9]
Krahwinkel Sperling, HildeGermany/DenmarkMaster Player2013[9]
Kramer, John Albert "Jack"United StatesPlayer1968[9]
Kuerten, Gustavo "Guga"BrazilRecent Player2012[9]
Lacoste, RenéFranceMaster Player1976[9]
Larned, William "Bill"United StatesPlayer1956[9]
Larsen, Arthur "Art"United StatesPlayer1969[9]
Laver, Rodney "Rod"AustraliaRecent Player1981[9]
Lawford, HerbertGreat BritainMaster Player2006[10]
Lendl, IvanCzechoslovakia/United StatesRecent Player2001[10]
Lenglen, SuzanneFranceMaster Player1978[10]
Lott, GeorgeUnited StatesPlayer1964[10]
Mako, Constantine "Gene"United StatesMaster Player1973[10]
Mandlíková, HanaCzechoslovakia/AustraliaRecent Player1994[10]
Marble, AliceUnited StatesPlayer1964[10]
Mathieu, SimonneFranceMaster Player2006[10]
Mauresmo, AmélieFranceRecent Player2015[10]
McEnroe, JohnUnited StatesRecent Player1999[10]
McGregor, Kenneth "Ken"AustraliaMaster Player1999[11]
McKane Godfree, Kathleen "Kitty"Great BritainMaster Player1978[11]
McKinley, Charles Robert "Chuck"United StatesRecent Player1986[11]
McLoughlin, MauriceUnited StatesPlayer1957[11]
McMillan, FrewSouth AfricaRecent Player1992[11]
McNeill, DonUnited StatesRecent Player1965[11]
Moore, ElisabethUnited StatesMaster Player1971[11]
Mortimer Barrett, AngelaGreat BritainMaster Player1993[11]
Mulloy, GardnarUnited StatesRecent Player1972[11]
Murray, R. LindleyUnited StatesMaster Player1958[11]
Năstase, IlieRomaniaRecent Player1991[12]
Navratilova, MartinaCzechoslovakia/United StatesRecent Player2000[12]
Newcombe, JohnAustraliaRecent Player1986[12]
Noah, YannickFranceRecent Player2005[12]
Novotná, JanaCzech RepublicRecent Player2005[12]
Nüsslein, HansGermanyMaster Player2006[12]
Nuthall Shoemaker, BettyGreat BritainMaster Player1977[12]
Olmedo, AlexPeru/United StatesMaster Player1987[12]
Orantes, ManuelSpainMaster Player2012[12]
Osborne duPont, MargaretUnited StatesRecent Player1967[12]
Osuna, RafaelMexicoRecent Player1979[13]
Palfrey Danzig, SarahUnited StatesPlayer1963[13]
Parker, FrankUnited StatesPlayer1966[13]
Patterson, GeraldAustraliaMaster Player1989[13]
Patty, John Edward "Budge"United StatesRecent Player1977[13]
Pell, TheodoreUnited StatesMaster Player1966[13]
Perry, Frederick "Fred"Great BritainMaster Player1975[13]
Pettitt, TomGreat BritainCourt Tennis Player1982[13]
Pietrangeli, NicolaItalyRecent Player1986[13]
Quist, AdrianAustraliaMaster Player1984[13]
Rafter, Patrick "Pat"AustraliaRecent Player2006[14]
Ralston, DennisUnited StatesRecent Player1987[14]
Renshaw, ErnestGreat BritainMaster Player1983[14]
Renshaw, WilliamGreat BritainMaster Player1983[14]
Richards, VincentUnited StatesPlayer1961[14]
Richey, NancyUnited StatesMaster Player2003[14]
Riggs, Robert "Bobby"United StatesPlayer1967[14]
Roche, Anthony "Tony"AustraliaRecent Player1986[14]
Roddick, AndyUnited StatesRecent Player2017[14]
Roosevelt, EllenUnited StatesMaster Player1975[14]
Rose, MervynAustraliaMaster Player2001[9]
Rosewall, Kenneth "Ken"AustraliaRecent Player1980[9]
Round Little, DorothyGreat BritainMaster Player1986[9]
Ryan, ElizabethUnited StatesMaster Player1972[9]
Sabatini, GabrielaArgentinaRecent Player2006[9]
Safin, MaratRussiaRecent Player2016[9]
Sampras, PeteUnited StatesRecent Player2007[9]
Sánchez Vicario, ArantxaSpainRecent Player2007[9]
Santana, ManuelSpainRecent Player1984[9]
Savitt, Richard "Dick"United StatesRecent Player1976[9]
Schroeder, Frederick "Ted"United StatesPlayer1966[16]
Sears, EleonoraUnited StatesMaster Player1968[16]
Sears, RichardUnited StatesPlayer1955[16]
Sedgman, FrankAustraliaMaster Player1979[16]
Segura, PanchoEcuadorMaster Player1984[16]
Seixas, Elias Victor "Vic"United StatesRecent Player1971[16]
Seles, MonicaYugoslavia/United StatesRecent Player2009[16]
Shields, FrankUnited StatesPlayer1964[16]
Shriver, Pamela "Pam"United StatesRecent Player2002[16]
Slocum, HenryUnited StatesPlayer1955[16]
Smith, Stanley "Stan"United StatesRecent Player1987[17]
Smith Court, MargaretAustraliaRecent Player1979[17]
Snow, RandyUnited StatesRecent Player2012[17]
Stolle, Frederick "Fred"AustraliaRecent Player1985[17]
Sutton Bundy, MayUnited StatesPlayer1956[17]
Talbert, William "Bill"United StatesPlayer1967[17]
Tilden, William "Bill"United StatesPlayer1959[17]
Townsend Toulmin, BerthaUnited StatesMaster Player1974[17]
Trabert, Anthony "Tony"United StatesRecent Player1970[17]
Turner Bowrey, LesleyAustraliaMaster Player1997[17]
Van Ryn, JohnUnited StatesPlayer1963[18]
Vandierendonck, ChantalNetherlandsRecent Player2014[18]
Vilas, GuillermoArgentinaRecent Player1991[18]
Vines, Henry EllsworthUnited StatesPlayer1962[18]
von Cramm, GottfriedGermanyMaster Player1977[18]
Wade, VirginiaGreat BritainRecent Player1989[18]
Wagner, MarieUnited StatesMaster Player1969[18]
Ward, HolcombeUnited StatesPlayer1956[18]
Washburn, WatsonUnited StatesPlayer1965[18]
Whitman, MalcolmUnited StatesPlayer1955[18]
Wilander, MatsSwedenRecent Player2002[19]
Wilding, Anthony "Tony"New ZealandMaster Player1978[19]
Williams, RichardUnited StatesPlayer1957[19]
Wills Moody Roark, HelenUnited StatesPlayer1959[19]
Wood, SidneyUnited StatesPlayer1964[19]
Woodbridge, ToddAustraliaRecent Player2010[19]
Woodforde, MarkAustraliaRecent Player2010[19]
Wrenn, Robert "Bob"United StatesPlayer1955[19]
Wright, BealsUnited StatesPlayer1956[19]
Wynne Bolton, NancyeAustraliaMaster Player2006[19]
Zvereva, Natalya "Natasha"BelarusRecent Player2010[20]
  • note - Bob Hewitt of South Africa was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1992, but he was suspended indefinitely in 2012 and expelled from the Hall in 2016 after being convicted of child sexual offences.[208][20]

Contributor category

NameLife spanNationalityYear inductedRef
Adams, Russ1930–2017United States2007[20]
Adee, George1874–1948United States1964[20]
Baker, Lawrence1890–1980United States1975[20]
Barrett, John1931–Great Britain2014[20]
Bollettieri, Nick1931–United States2014[20]
Brown Grimes, Jane1941–United States2014[20]
Buchholz, Jr., Earl1940–United States2005[20]
Chatrier, Philippe1926–2000France1992[21]
Clerici, Gianni1930–Italy2006[21]
Collins, Arthur "Bud"1929–2016United States1994[21]
Cullman III, Joseph1912–2004United States1990[21]
Danzig, Allison1898–1987United States1968[21]
Davies, Michael1936–Wales2012[21]
David, Herman1905–1974Great Britain1998[21]
Dell, Donald1937–United States2009[21]
Drysdale, Cliff1941–South Africa2013[21]
Gray, David1927–1983Great Britain1985[21]
Griffin, Clarence1888–1973United States1970[22]
Gustav V of Sweden1858–1950Sweden1980[22]
Hardwick, Derek1921–1987Great Britain2010[22]
Heldman, Gladys1922–2003United States1979[22]
Hester, William1912–1993United States1981[22]
Hunt, Lamar1932–2006United States1993[22]
Jeffett, Nancy1928–2017United States2015[22]
Johnson, Robert1899–1971United States2009[22]
Jones, Perry1890–1970United States1970[22]
Kelleher, Robert1913–2012United States2000[22]
Kellmeyer, Fern "Peachy"1944–United States2011[23]
Laney, Al1895–1988United States1979[23]
Martin, Alastair1915–2010United States1973[23]
Maskell, Dan1908–1992Great Britain1996[23]
McChesney Martin, William1906–1998United States1982[23]
McCormack, Mark1930–2003United States2008[23]
Myrick, Julian1880–1969United States1963[23]
Nielsen, Arthur1923–1980United States1971[23]
Outerbridge, Mary1852–1886United States1979[23]
Parks, Brad1957–United States2010[23]
Pasarell, Charlie1944–United States2013[24]
Scott, Eugene "Gene"1937–2006United States2008[24]
Tingay, Lance1915–1990Great Britain1982[24]
Tinling, Ted1910–1990Great Britain1986[24]
Ţiriac, Ion1939–Romania2013[24]
Tobin, Brian1930–Australia2003[24]
Van Alen, James1902–1991United States1965[24]
Wingfield, Walter Clopton1833–1912Great Britain1997[24]

Global Ambassador category

NameNationalityYear appointedRef
Hingis, MartinaSwitzerland2015[24]
Kuerten, GustavoBrazil2016[24]


Country# of members
Entrance from Bellevue Avenue
132 Australia32 Great Britain29 France11 Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic6 Sweden5 Spain Germany Argentina2 Belgium Brazil Italy South Africa Romania Belarus1 Ecuador Egypt Ireland Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Puerto Rico  Switzerland//Yugoslavia

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